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Olivia Ruiz - J'Aime Pas L'Amour 2003
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Label: Polydor
Catalog#: 981 250-9
Format: CD, Album
Bit Rate: 320
Country: France
Released: 2003
Genre: Pop
Style: Chanson

1 Qui Sommes-Nous ? (3:29)
2 Enervé (2:51)
3 Petite Fable (2:50)
4 J'Aime Pas L'Amour (4:01)
5 Pas Si Vieille (3:20)
6 Le Tango Du Qui (4:00)
7 De L'Air (3:35)
8 De Toi A Moi (4:09)
9 La Dispute (2:36)
10 Les Vieux Amoureux (4:12)
11 L'Absente (4:22)

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              Olivia Ruiz - Miss Meteores          
  ARTiST: Olivia Ruiz                                  
   TiTLE: Miss Meteores                                
   LABEL: Polydor                                      
    DATE: 11/04/2009                                    
  TRACKS: 13                                            
  SOURCE: WEB                                          
   GENRE: Pop                                          
 QUALiTY: 208 kbps avg. Lame 3.97 (Vbr -V2 --Vbr-New)  
    SiZE: 61,5 MB                                      
    TiME: 41:17 min                                    
 01 Elle Panique                                  02:31
 02 Les Crepes Aux Champignons                    03:10
 03 Belle A En Crever                             03:31
 04 Spit The Devil                                02:29
 05 Les Meteores                                  02:52
 06 Mon Petit a Petit                             02:50
 07 When The Night Comes Feat Lonely Drifter      03:01
 08 Le Saule Pleureur                             03:34
 09 Quedate Feat Didier Blanc                     02:49
 10 La Mam'                                       03:26
 11 Don't Call Me Madam                           03:11
 12 Peur Du Noir                                  03:18
 13 Eight O'clock / Six Metres                    04:35
 Compose de 13 titres, ce nouvel opus reserve de belles
 surprises et des collaborations inattendues avec les  
 Coming Soon (bande originale du film Juno), The        
 Noisettes, Lonely Drifter Karen ou encore Buck 65...  
 Olivia Ruiz signe tous les textes en francais, soit la
 majeure partie de l'album, et co-compose la quasi-    
 totalite des titres avec Mathias Malzieu (Dionysos).

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господа, поделитесь альбом 2005-го года, прошу!

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Artist.......: Olivia Ruiz
Album........: Le Calme et la TempЙte
Label........: Polydor
Genre........: Chanson
Catnr........: n/a
Source.......: CD (LP) 2012-11-30 2012-12-03
Quality......: 239kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo
Url..........: _

1. My lomo and me 2:58
2. Le calme et la tempЙte 3:15
3. Plus j'aime, plus je pique 4:05
4. Volver 4:24
5. L.A Melancholy 3:09
6. La voleuse de baisers 3:17
7. Ironic rainbow 3:15
8. Larmes de crocodile 3:36
9. Question de pudeur 2:27
10. Crazy Christmas 2:50
11. Mon p'tit chat 2:51
12. La llorona 5:18
13. Le pirate (Bonus) 2:39
14. Calella (Bonus) 4:02
15. Mon p'tit chat (Buck 65's Remix) (Bonus) 3:41
16. My lomo and me (S. Everett Remix) (Bonus) 2:24

Runtime 54:11
Size 93.32

Release Notes:
Folk-punk chanteuse Olivia Ruiz vaulted to stardom in her native France with the
2003 release of her debut LP, J'aime Pas l'Amour. Born January 1, 1980, in
Carcassonne, she was the daughter of musician Didier Blanc, making her
professional debut at 12 with the MИdiИvales troupe and at 15 co-founding the
rock group Five. After earning a degree in communications from the University of
Montpellier, Ruiz auditioned for the inaugural series of the French television
amateur showcase Star Academy. Despite leaning more toward indie rock than
mainstream pop, she nevertheless advanced to the semifinals. Ruiz issued her
debut single, "Paris," in mid-2002. J'aime Pas l'Amour, which enlisted
contributions from French alt-rock stars including Weepers Circus, Nery, and
Philippe Prohom, followed more than a year later, selling more than 50,000
copies. The subject of the 2003 television documentary Olivia Ruiz,
Star'activiste, she toured until mid-2005, finally issuing her sophomore album,
La Femme Chocolat, at year's end. The lead single, "J'traНne des Pieds," proved
a blockbuster hit, and the LP was named Album of the Year at the annual
Victoires de la Musique honors. 2007 saw the release of Ruiz first live album,
Chocolate Show: Live, which was recorded at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris.

Three years after the release of her sophomore album, La Femme Chocolat, Ruiz
released her third studio album, Miss MИtИores in 2009. In a conscious move away
from her Star Academy beginnings, the album saw Ruiz work with longtime partner
Mathias Malzieu as well as The Noisettes, Lonely Drifter Karen and rapper Toan.
The live release Miss MИtИores Live quickly followed in 2010.

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Восемь альбомов одним архивом. Первый в 128, второй в 192. Остальные шесть штук - 320.

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Olivia Ruiz has released a new album and it sounds, again, very nice.

The first single is available with a clip

TALENT_______________ from France______________________
Olivia Blanc, known as Olivia Ruiz, is a female French pop singer of partial Spanish descent belonging to the nouvelle chanson genre. She gained fame after reaching the semi-finals of the French Star Academy series in 2001.

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2003 - J'Aime Pas L'Amour (46:09) (192)
2005 - La femme chocolat (52:47) (320)
2007 - 2007-VII-12 - La Rochelle, Francofolies (59:21) (320)
2008 - La Chica Chocolate (57:00) (192)
2009 - Miss Météores (41:20) (320)
2012 - Le Calme Et La Tempete (Limited Edition) (54:00) (320)
2012 - Olivia Sings for the Red Star (EP) (19:38) (320)

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