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01. Heat - Kronos Quartet
02. Always Forever Now - Brian Eno/U2
03. Condensers
04. Refinery Surveillance - Kronos Quartet
05. Last Nite - Terje Rypdal/The Chasers
06. Ultramarine - Michael Brook
07. Armenia - Einsturzende Neubauten
08. Of Helplessness
09. Steel Cello Lament
10. Mystery Man - Terje Rypdal
11. New Dawn Fades - Moby
12. Entrada & Shootout
13. Force Marker - Brian Eno
14. Coffee Shop
15. Fate Scrapes
16. La Bas - Lisa Gerrard
17. Gloradin - Lisa Gerrard
18. Run Uphill
19. Predator Diorama - Kronos Quartet
20. Of Separation
21. God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters - Moby
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hXc kid // sXe // freeride // mosh n roll // dh racing
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Heat - Soundtrack (Complete) (By Elliot Goldenthal) (1995)

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Heat is a 1995 American crime film written and directed by Michael Mann. It stars Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Val Kilmer. De Niro plays Neil McCauley, a professional burglar who is a calm and methodical introvert, while Pacino plays Lt. Vincent Hanna, veteran LAPD homicide detective whose explosive temper and devotion to his job causes him to neglect those closest to him. The central conflict of the film was based on the experiences of former Chicago police officer Chuck Adamson and his pursuit of a criminal named McCauley in the 1960s, from which the name of De Niro's character was derived.

The film is technically a remake of L.A. Takedown, a 1989 made-for-television film which was also written and directed by Mann; Mann had been trying to get Heat made for over a decade, and created L.A Takedown as a simplified version after his efforts were unsuccessful. Heat was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $187 million worldwide.
Career thief Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) leads a team of criminals, including longtime friends Chris Shiherlis (Val Kilmer), Michael Cheritto (Tom Sizemore), Trejo (Danny Trejo), and new member Waingro (Kevin Gage), who carry out a carefully planned armored car heist, stealing US$1.6 million in bearer bonds from Malibu Equity Investments, a shell company run by Roger Van Zant (William Fichtner) that launders drug money through offshore bank accounts. The robbery is complicated by Waingro's impulsive actions. After the robbery, McCauley meets with his fence, Nate (Jon Voight), who suggests selling the bonds back to Van Zant for 60% of their value instead of laundering them at 60% cost; since the bonds were insured for 100% of their value, Van Zant would make 40% of 1.6 million above his bond insurance while McCauley and his team would gain an additional 20% on top of their expected take.

Later, McCauley and his crew meet at a diner to discuss dividing the money from the robbery. Enraged that the robbery was complicated by Waingro, McCauley and his crew attempt to kill him, but when a passing police car distracts them, Waingro escapes. Meanwhile, Van Zant agrees to buy the bonds back, but instructs his men to ambush McCauley at the meeting and take the bonds back. With help from his crew, McCauley escapes the ambush and vows revenge.

Investigating the armored car heist, Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) of the elite LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division learns through informants and surveillance that McCauley and his crew are planning to steal precious metals from a warehouse. Hiding inside a parked truck, Hanna and his team stake out the warehouse and prepare to arrest McCauley and his crew, but the team is accidentally exposed. McCauley warns his crew, and they abandon the robbery. Realizing he cannot arrest the crew for robbery unless they have stolen something, Hanna allows them to escape.

McCauley meets with his crew and warns them of the surveillance, and tells them they must decide if their next robbery—a bank holdup with an estimated $12 million payoff, which would allow McCauley to retire—is worth the risk. Each crew member agrees to the robbery, and the investigation and subsequent planning highlight how some character's commitment to his profession has damaged his personal life: Hanna's third marriage to wife Justine (Diane Venora) is in the early stages of a breakdown, due to his grueling work schedule and troubled stepdaughter Lauren (Natalie Portman), Justine's child from a previous marriage; Shiherlis' relationship with his wife Charlene (Ashley Judd) is hampered by his crippling gambling addiction, pushing her into an extramarital affair with another man (Hank Azaria); McCauley lives a solitary existence that forbids attachments and stresses mobility. But he is affected by seeing the apparently happy relationship between Cheritto and his partner, which eventually leads to a budding relationship with Eady (Amy Brenneman), a graphics designer who initially believes him to be a metal salesman.

Hanna deliberately intercepts McCauley and invites him to coffee at a local diner. During their tense meeting, McCauley tells Hanna that he won't go back to prison, no matter the cost. They talk about their relations, and McCauley says that his rule is "never let yourself get attached to anything that you cannot walk out on in thirty seconds if you feel the heat around the corner". The two professionals examine each other; despite their positive impressions, each reveals that he would not hesitate to kill the other if the situation demands it.

After the meeting Hanna is shocked to find that McCauley's crew have managed to fool the police and shaken all surveillance, leaving the police completely oblivious to the criminals' whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Waingro approaches Van Zant and offers him a way to get rid of McCauley.

The next day McCauley and his unit meet up at a a small cafe before the robbery. Trejo, however, calls in and tells the team he cannot shake the police. In need of a new driver to replace Trejo, McCauley recognises an old inmate, Donald Breeden (Dennis Haysbert), at the café and approaches him with the offer of being the getaway driver in their heist. Donald, frustrated in his job where he is treated poorly due to his criminal record, accepts the job.

From a tipster, Hanna's team is alerted about the bank robbery. Hanna and his team, augmented by uniformed police officers, arrive at the bank, surprising McCauley and his crew as they are leaving with the loot. An intense gunfight breaks out in downtown L.A., the robbers using their superior firepower, including automatic weapons and massive supplies of ammunition, to blast their way past police blockades in a bid for freedom. Cherrito and Breeden are killed in the shootout; on the other side, several police officers are slain, including Bosko (Ted Levine), one of Hanna's teammates. McCauley escapes, and takes a wounded Shiherlis to an illegal doctor (Jeremy Piven).

Realizing he has been betrayed, McCauley visits Trejo's house and finds Trejo near death and his wife dead. They have been tortured and brutalised by Waingro and forced to reveal the plans of the robbery. With his last breaths, Trejo says Waingro and Van Zant leaked news of the robbery to the police. At Trejo's request, McCauley shoots the dying Trejo, then drives to Van Zant's house, where he demands to know Waingro's whereabouts. Van Zant is ignorant of his location, and McCauley executes him.

Learning about Van Zant's death, Hanna realizes McCauley will next seek revenge against Waingro, now hiding in a hotel room under a false name and monitored by police, and orders his team to spread information about Waingro's location to bait McCauley.

The police move Charlene Shiherlis and her son Dominic to a safe house where Sgt. Drucker (Mykelti Williamson) tells Charlene that if she does not surrender Chris to the police, she will be charged as an accessory to her husband's crime and her son relocated to a foster home, something Charlene is grimly familiar with. Chris appears hours later with an altered appearance to disguise his identity. Despite their marital problems, Charlene surreptitiously warns him about the police presence. Chris returns to his car and inconspicuously departs.

McCauley returns to Eady, who is now aware of his involvement in the robbery, compelling her to flee with him to New Zealand. As he finalizes his plans, Nate reveals Waingro's whereabouts to McCauley. Confident in his escape plan, McCauley impulsively takes the bait and detours to the hotel, leaving Eady to wait in his car. He infiltrates the hotel and activates the fire alarm to clear the premises. With the hotel security and police distracted, McCauley barges in to Waingro's room and murders Waingro before beginning his escape. Moments later, Hanna arrives at the hotel, spotting McCauley's car. As he approaches, McCauley emerges from the building and, noticing Hanna, hesitantly applies his "thirty seconds" rule and abandons Eady, disappearing into the crowd with Hanna in pursuit.

Following a tense chase in the darkness of the LAX freight terminal, Hanna eventually shoots McCauley, leaving him gravely wounded before he expires, with Hanna holding his hand in understanding.

CD 1 (OST)
1. Kronos Quartet - Heat
2. Passengers - Always Forever Now
3. Elliot Goldenthal - Condensers
4. Kronos Quartet - Refinery Surveillance
5. Terje Rypdal & The Chasers - Last Nite
6. Michael Brook - Ultramarine
7. Einsturzende Neubauten - Armenia
8. Elliot Goldenthal - Of Helplessness
9. Elliot Goldenthal - Steel Cello Lament
10. Terje Rypdal - Mystery Man
11. Moby - New Dawn Fades
12. Elliot Goldenthal - Entrada & Shootout
13. Brian Eno - Force Marker
14. Elliot Goldenthal - Coffee Shop
15. Elliot Goldenthal - Fate Scrapes
16. Lisa Gerrard - La Bas (Edited Version)
17. Lisa Gerrard - Gloradin
18. Elliot Goldenthal - Run Uphill
19. Kronos Quartet - Predator Diorama
20. Elliot Goldenthal - Of Separation
21. Moby - God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
CD 2 (Non Included In OST)
1. David Darling - In November
2. William Orbit - Gringatcho Demento
3. House of Pain - Top 0' The Morning To Ya
4. Jimmy Webb - By The Time I Get to Phoenix
5. B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone
6. Jean-Guihen Queyras - Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
7. Moby - New Dawn Fades
8. James - Arabic Agony
9. Solitaire - Black Cloud
10. Eric Clapton - Will Gaines
11. William Orbit - The Last Lagoon
12. William Orbit - The Mighty Limpopo
13. Lisa Gerrard - Celon
14. William Orbit - The Monkey King

Format: Mp3 320 kbps
Size: 346 MB



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