Oz Noy - Fuzzy (2007)

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Israeli-born guitarist Oz Noy has released his strongest solo album to date - a fine collection of jazz and funk instrumentals entitled Fuzzy (Magnatude Records, a division of Magna Carta). Joining Noy on this recording are Anton Fig, Will Lee, Keith Carlock, James Genus, Jimmy Johnson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jim Beard, George Whitty and Shai Bachar. Based in New York, Noy is an in-demand session player with numerous television, film and album credits on his resume. His solo albums are where he really gets to spread his wings though, and Fuzzy is undoubtedly his most creative effort yet. Noy's previous releases, Live (2003) and Ha! (2005) (both on Magnatude) were, for the most part, stripped-down raw productions. On Fuzzy, Noy takes a different approach. Each song is augmented with sound effects and loops to add texture to the music. As a result, Fuzzy turns out to be a very unique-sounding album. While these songs would have worked fine as straight-up performances, the post-production enhancements make things more interesting.

While Noy dabbled with this "experimental" approach on his first studio album, Ha! (e.g., the scratchy, skipping record shenanigans on "Hey You"), on Fuzzy he goes hog-wild with it. The writing is different here too. A few songs still use the hard-driving guitar/bass riff approach that Noy used to great effect on many songs from his previous albums. But there's less of that style on Fuzzy. Here, Noy's writing is generally deeper than what he's done in the past. The other thing that strikes me about this album is the stark contrast in the guitar tones. Most of the melodies and chords are played with a bright, natural clean tone that is almost grand piano-like at times. But when Noy does kick in the effects, he does so in a big way that would make Tom Morello proud.

Noy has a distinctive style as a soloist. Drawing from both jazz and blues influences, Noy often improvises with an "edge-of-his-seat" sense of abandon; like he's hanging on for dear life, and could lose the reins at any moment. Noy also has the impressive ability to play very fast runs with a relatively clean tone that come out strong and well defined. This is not an easy thing to do with a low-gain signal, and Noy does it well. Having said that, to me, Noy's greatest strength is his rhythm guitar work. Noy is simply one of the best funk rhythm players you are likely to hear, and there's ample evidence of that on this release.

One of the strongest tracks on Fuzzy is the opener, "Which Way Is Up?!". This uptempo tune has a great melody made up of fast, clean-toned chords. Noy plays some great jazz lines in his solo on this one also. "Cosmic Background" starts out with some "what the heck is that?" backwards guitar effects before settling into its slow groove. This tune also has some of Noy's bluesiest playing on the album.

"Fuzzy," "Intensity," and "EpistroFunk" are similar in style to songs like "Just Groove Me" and "Hit Me" from his previous releases. These are groove-centric tunes where the rhythm guitar and guitar/bass tandem riffs are the driving force. "EpistroFunk" is particularly good. With a rhythm section of Jimmy Johnson on bass, and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, this highly syncopated piece is a great showcase for Noy's stellar funk rhythm guitar work.

One of the best implementations of added sonic textures can be found on the ballad "Three Wishes." The subtle guitar loops than run throughout the song add a nice ambiance that deepens the experience for the listener. Another great track is Noy's version of the Prince song "Sometimes It Snows In April." It's reworked here into a great instrumental guitar piece that fits right in with the rest of this album. Again, Noy gives this track "the Fuzzy treatment" with guitar loops and sound effects, but the melody never gets lost, and his clean tone is beautiful as always.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" is a fairly straight-forward, mid-tempo jazz/blues song, and is the only track with no added loops or sound effects. It also contains one of Noy's best guitar solos on the album. Though it's heavily blues-based, Noy peels off some great outside lines on this track. "In a Simple Way," written by David Feldman, is a gorgeous song that sounds like something Michael Landau might come up with. This piece is a real gem, one of the best instrumental guitar ballads I've heard in some time. Noy's tone on this track is a perfect match for the chords and melody. Noy closes the album with Thelonious Monk's "Evidence." Noy's approach here is similar to what he did with the Monk classic "Blue Monk" on his Ha! album. Rife with "out there" tones and wah-wah pedal work, this is a great piece of contemporary guitar-oriented jazz.

Though he's certainly a great soloist with a mature jazz vocabulary, Noy is one of those rare guitarists who will grab your attention with his rhythm playing. The highly advanced funk rhythms he can lay down are simply second-to-none. With Fuzzy, Noy has combined those chops with some great compositions and a wildly creative sense of sound and texture to create a highly original, and enjoyable album.

Artist...............: Oz Noy
Album................: Fuzzy
Label.................:Magnatude Records
Genre................: Jazz
Category...........:Rock/Pop, Rock, Jazz, Instrumental, Guitar
Year.................: 2007
Released...........: 11-Sep-2007
Codec................: LAME 3.92
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: Insane, (CBR 320kbps)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3

1. Which Way Is Up?!
2. Cosmic Background
3. Fuzzy
4. Three Wishes
5. EpistroFunk
6. Intensity
7. Sometimes It Snows In April
8. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
9. In a Simple Way
10. Evidence

Playing Time.........: 01:07:24
Total Size...........: 154,30 MB
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а нет ли остальных его работ?
у товарища есть первый альбом Ha! - 2005. как возьму диск - рипну и залью. кроме этого сам ищу концертник Oz Live - 2006.
в каком качестве рипнуть Ha! - 2005?
P.S. для спасибов есть специальная кнопочка под иконкой wink.gif

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label........: Magna Carta
date ripped..: 01.10.2008
date released: 09.11.2007
url..........: n/a
release size.: 94,1 MB
encoder......: Lame 3.97 V2
bitrate......: avg. 188kbps
mode.........: Joint-Stereo
tracks.......: 10
source.......: CDDA
ripper.......: Associate

n o t e s

Oz Noy was born in Israel and became one of the most
famous guitar players in the country by the time he
was 16. He dabbled in all kinds of music from jazz to
rock finding that he was good at anything he tried.
His broad tastes in music and obvious musical
abilities combined to create a style all his own. As
Oz grew up in the Israeli music scene, he found
himself playing on many of Israel s top musicians
records as a studio guitarist. By the age of 24, he
was playing in the house band of Israel s equivalent
of the Letterman Show. He stayed on there for two
years until he decided to move to New York City in
Oz is one of the most celebrated studio guitarists in
the United States. He s performed, recorded and toured
with numerous artists such as Richard Bona, Chris
Botti, Mike Clark, Jeff Tain Watts, Harry Belafonte,
Toni Braxton, Phoebe Snow, Gavin Degraw, Nile Rogers
and Roger Glover.
Oz has played on numerous commercials and movie
soundtracks like Auto Focus and Undefeated (HBO)
with Angelo Badalamenti Queer as Folk (HBO), The
Drug Years (VH1) and recently wrote the sound track
for the highly acclaimed documentary A/K/A Tommy
Oz Noys solo album, Ha! features drummers Anton
Fig, Keith Carlock, and bassists Will Lee and James
Genus as well as guest guitarist Mike Stern and
keyboardist George Whitty.
Name-dropping aside, Oz is recognized by fellow
musicians as an amazing guitar player. By simply
looking at the roster of musicians that Oz has played
with one can see the level of talent that Oz
possesses. His previous releases on Magna Carta
Records HA! and Oz Live were met with praise from
audiences and critics across the globe. If, by chance,
you haven t had a chance to check him out yet, then
his new album Fuzzy will be the first step in your
musical education.
Fuzzy takes Oz s talent to the next level. His
playing, coupled with a vast knowledge of how to
exploit the wonders of technology, is astounding. He
is able to create sounds and musical textures that
would be impossible under normal circumstances. This
record is reminiscent of the visionary talent shared
by such artists as Jimi Hendrix and contemporary
players like Tom Morello.
Fuzzy offers listeners a chance to experience
something intriguing. It has a familiar, yet original
sound to it. The emotional dynamic is phenomenal
creating an intense energy that will challenge the
listener. Fuzzy is a record that won t allow you to
assign any genre. It is an art unto itself.

Publicity: http://www.magnacarta.net/oznoy/street.html

d a t a

t r a c k n a m e t i m e

01- Which Way Is Up?! 08:01
02- Cosmic Background 06:59
03- Fuzzy 07:11
04- Three Wishes 07:38
05- Epistro Funk 07:23
06- Intensity 06:36
07- Sometimes It Snows In April 06:36
08- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 04:57
09- In A Simple Way 07:46
10- Evidence 04:36

94,1 m e g s t o t a l 67:43

Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
Мажорный лейбл Magna Carta удивляет все больше и больше. Прославившаяся выпуском альбомов в стиле хеви-метал, фирма стала явно стала уделять внимание исполнителям фьюжна и джаз-рока (вспомнить хотя бы "Attention Deficit"). И теперь вот, выпустила очередной альбом американского гитариста еврейского происхождения по имени-фамилии Оз Ной. Музыка на диске - инструментальный джаз-рок с сильными фанковыми акцентами и намеками на психоделию. В принципе, тот же "Attention Deficit", только менее экспериментальный и чуть более занудный. Музыка хоть и техничная, но, в целом, неторопливая. Сам Оз Ной написал почти всю музыку к альбому и очень недурственно сыграл на гитаре. Никак не могу его сравнить с Алексом Школьником или Джоном Маклафлиным (стиль все же другой), но высокий класс игры все же ощущается. Ритм секция весьма прифанкованная и при этом очень изобретательная, хотя кое-где слышны чисто джазовые синкопы. В общем, очень неплохой альбом получился, хотя, если честно, материалу на диске не хватает свежести. © пресс-релиз

Лидер группы - гитарист из Израиля Оз Ной, начавший карьеру в 13 лет и играющий музыку в самых различных стилях - блюз, джаз, поп и рок - один из самых уважаемых и востребованных музыкантов своей страны. В своей группе OZ NOY он экспериментирует со смешением различных стилей, и этот микс, помноженный на виртуозную игру гитариста, воспринимается на "ура". Представьте себе, что Джеф Бек встречается с Джоном Скофилдом в составе группы Джеймса Брауна. Именно так можно охарактеризовать музыку Оз Ноя. (с) Тоже пресс-релиз

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Пожалуй соглашусь с первым пресс-релизом. Неплохой альбом. Только немного утомляет длинна треков.
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Интересный гитарист. Понравился
Ha! в lossless есть на аваксе
Oz Noy - HA! (2005)

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1. Chillin'
2. Sit Tight
3. Haa!
4. Say What?!
5. What Love Is
6. Hey You
7. Downside Up
8. Blue Monk
9. Hit Me
10. I Can't Make You Love Me

Quality: mp3 vbr -v0
Size: 122 Mb


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part 1_http://ifolder.ru/4992915
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Crossover / Funk / Guitar / Instrumental / Jazz - ого. попробуем.
Спасибо, parkin
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Oz Noy - Fuzzy [2007]

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label........: Magna Carta
date ripped..: 01.10.2008
date released: 09.11.2007
url..........: n/a
release size.: 94,1 MB
encoder......: Lame 3.97 V2
bitrate......: avg. 188kbps
mode.........: Joint-Stereo
tracks.......: 10
source.......: CDDA
ripper.......: Associate

01- Which Way Is Up?! [08:01]
02- Cosmic Background [06:59]
03- Fuzzy [07:11]
04- Three Wishes [07:38]
05- Epistro Funk [07:23]
06- Intensity [06:36]
07- Sometimes It Snows In April [06:36]
08- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [04:57]
09- In A Simple Way [07:46]
10- Evidence [04:36]


спасибо за зеркала, ла-ла ла-ла rolleyes.gif
концертник бы его еще найти Oz Live - 2006

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отличный гитарист))) теперь слушаю его не переставая) в некоторых песнях слышится влияние позднего хендрикса,где-то звучит как ненормальный фьюжн в духе tribal tech.. но этот музыкант обладает каким-то уникальным сочным звучанием,что замечаешь сразу,с первых секунд... барабанщик тоже на высоте thumb.gif thumb.gif
великолепный коллектив!
we will also kill ourselves and vomit diarrea on stage just for your veiwing pleasure because we love you
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Oz Noy - Oz Live (2006)
VBR best, 122Mb
Oz Noy - Oz Live (2006)
VBR best, 122Mb
отзеркальте пожалуйста на рапиду или на ифолдырь!

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У меня очень скромные запросы. Мне достаточно всего самого лучшего..
Oz Noy - Oz Live (2006) на япапке
часть 1
часть 2
Oz Noy - Fuzzy [2007]

Отличный фьюжн! Очень понравилось!
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Oz Noy – Schizophrenic (2009)

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Year Of Release: September 22, 2009
Genre: Fusion / Jazz-Rock / Funk
Format: MP3, 192 kbps
Total Time: 01:01:44 min

01. Ice Pick
02. 120 Heart Beats
03. Seven
04. Schizophrenic
05. Elephant Walk
06. Twice in a While
07. Jelly Blue
08. Underwater Romance
09. Bug Out

Oz Noy - Ha! - 2005, FLAC

Oz Noy - Fuzzy (2007) APE + CUE | 412 Mb
pass: haRD
thanks a lot iglis !
спасибо! wink.gif
а откуда песни Steroids и Damn This Groove ??? я чё то не нашёл с какого они альбома
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Oz Noy - "Schizophrenic" (2009) @ 192

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Takanori Niida - Brand New Way To Go (2010)

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Fusion, Jazz-Rock | Mp3 CBR 320 Kbps | 57:48 min | 109 MB
Label: BounDEE Jazz Library | Released: 2010

1. Just Groove Me (6:26)
2. Just Funky (6:39)
3. Warp to Vegas (7:44)
4. Into The Red Zone (6:30)
5. On The Fridge (10:03)
6. Don't Sit Down Please (5:56)
7. Little Wing (6:24)
8. Confidence Cat (7:49)

Takanori Niida - Drums,
Will Lee - Bass,
Oz Noy - Guitar,
Jon Herington - Guitar,
James Genus - Bass,
Janek Gwizdala - Bass,
Tomo Fujita - Guitar.

BANN - Seamus Blake, Jay Anderson, Oz Noy and Adam Nussbaum--AS YOU LIKE [2010]

Blending Noy’s fusion guitar and Blake’s jazzy leaps over the solid rhythm of Anderson and Nussbaum, this studio debut recording settles the attractive and inventive sound of this groundbreaking fusion band.
Named after the initials of the four musicians it consists of, BANN quartet lines up Seamus Blake on tenor sax, Israeli progressive guitarist Oz Noy and the experienced pair formed of double bass player Jay Anderson and drummer Adam Nussbaum. Blending Noy’s fusion guitar and Blake’s jazzy leaps over the solid rhythm of Anderson and Nussbaum, this studio debut recording settles the attractive and inventive sound of this groundbreaking fusion-acoustic band.
On the road since 2007, BANN has presented its original blend of music while it has been invited to important festivals and jazz clubs in France, Sweden, Finland and Germany, and just here the satellite channel 3SAT partially broadcasted the concert that the quartet held at the Internationales Jazzfestival Viersen.
It’s quite easy to talk about each single member of this quartet: Nussbaum is one of the most renowned and elegant drummer of the jazz scene since the late 70s, when a tournée with John Scofield then brought him to start the renowned trio with Scofield and Steve Swallow; Jay Anderson is a bass player requested by the likes from Paul Bley and Yosuke Yamashita to Michael Brecker, Mike Stern and Lee Konitz, not to mention some of his non-jazz collaboration with Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and up to Allen Ginsberg; tenor-sax player Seamus Blake is an old acquaintance of Jazz Eyes, that released his first live album, worldwide critically acclaimed double Cd “Live in Italy”; Oz Noy is a very versatile guitarist from Israel now based in New York City since 1996, who is able to cover jazz, funk, rock, blues and R&B, and has toured and recorded with Jeff “Tain” Watts and Mike Manieri, without considering his own bands with drummers Anton Fig and Keith Carlock and bassists Will Lee, James Genus and Reggie Washington.
All that makes BANN’s first studio recording something definitively not to be missed!

1. All The Things You Are 6:35

2. Played Twice 6:53

3. Guinnevere 8:20

4. Will Call 3:54

5. Days Of Old 4:50

6. As You Like 6:27

7. At Sundown 5:52

8. Minor Shuffle 7:15

9. Isotope 8:03



Oz Noy - Who Gives a Funk (2016)

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01. Come On (feat. Fred Wesley)
02. Flashback (feat. John Medeski)
03. Better Get it in your Soul (feat.Randy Brecker)
04. I Got You (feat. Chris Potter)
05. A Change is Gonna Come
06. Ice Man (feat. Robben Ford)
07. Zig Zag
08. Damn This Groove (feat. Dweezil Zappa)
09. Little Wing (feat. Corey Glover)
10. Five Spot Blues (feat. Joe Bonamassa)

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картинка, оставленная пользователем
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