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Ozzy Osbourne - Дискография / Discography (1980-2010) [WEB], AAC (tracks), 256 kbps

Studio Albums
1980 - Blizzard of Ozz

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01. I Don't Know (5:11)
02. Crazy Train (4:50)
03. Goodbye to Romance (5:36)
04. Dee (0:50)
05. Suicide Solution (4:16)
06. Mr. Crowley (4:57)
07. No Bone Movies (3:59)
08. Revelation (Mother Earth) (6:10)
09. Steal Away (The Night) (3:29)
10. You Lookin' At Me Lookin' At You (4:20)
1981 - Diary of a Madman

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01. Over the Mountain (4:31)
02. Flying High Again (4:51)
03. You Can't Kill Rock and Roll (6:59)
04. Believer (5:17)
05. Little Dolls (5:39)
06. Tonight (5:50)
07. S.A.T.O. (4:07)
08. Diary of a Madman (6:15)
09. I Don't Know (Live) (5:39)
1983 - Bark at the Moon

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01. Bark at the Moon (4:15)
02. You're No Different (5:50)
03. Now You See It (Now You Don't) (5:11)
04. Rock 'n' Roll Rebel (5:23)
05. Centre of Eternity (5:15)
06. So Tired (4:01)
07. Slow Down (4:19)
08. Waiting for Darkness (5:13)
09. Spiders (4:29)
10. One Up the "B" Side (3:23)
1986 - The Ultimate Sin

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01. The Ultimate Sin (3:43)
02. Secret Loser (4:08)
03. Never Know Why (4:28)
04. Thank God for the Bomb (3:53)
05. Never (4:18)
06. Lightning Strikes (5:13)
07. Killer of Giants (5:41)
08. Fool Like You (5:18)
09. Shot In the Dark (4:16)
1988 - No Rest for the Wicked

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01. Miracle Man (3:44)
02. Devil's Daughter (Holy War) (5:15)
03. Crazy Babies (4:15)
04. Breakin' All the Rules (5:15)
05. Bloodbath In Paradise (5:03)
06. Fire In the Sky (6:25)
07. Tattooed Dancer (3:53)
08. Demon Alcohol (4:28)
09. Hero (4:46)
10. The Liar (4:29)
11. Miracle Man (Live) (3:47)
1991 - No More Tears

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01. Mr. Tinkertrain (5:57)
02. I Don't Want to Change the World (4:06)
03. Mama, I'm Coming Home (4:12)
04. Desire (5:45)
05. No More Tears (7:24)
06. Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.) (4:47)
07. Hellraiser (4:53)
08. Time After Time (4:20)
09. Zombie Stomp (6:13)
10. A.V.H. (4:13)
11. Road to Nowhere (5:10)
12. Don't Blame Me (Bonus Track) (5:04)
13. Party With the Animals (Bonus Track) (4:18)
1995 - Ozzmosis (Bonus Track Version)

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01. Perry Mason (5:53)
02. I Just Want You (4:56)
03. Ghost Behind My Eyes (5:11)
04. Thunder Underground (6:28)
05. See You On the Other Side (6:10)
06. Tomorrow (6:37)
07. Denial (5:12)
08. My Little Man (4:52)
09. My Jekyll Doesn't Hide (6:33)
10. Old la Tonight (4:48)
11. Whole World's Fallin' Down (Bonus Track) (5:07)
12. Aimee (Bonus Track) (4:45)
2001 - Down to Earth

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01. Gets Me Through (5:04)
02. Facing Hell (4:26)
03. Dreamer (4:45)
04. No Easy Way Out (5:06)
05. That I Never Had (4:23)
06. You Know..., Pt. 1 (1:06)
07. Junkie (4:28)
08. Running Out of Time (5:06)
09. Black Illusion (4:21)
10. Alive (4:54)
11. Can You Hear Them? (4:59)
2007 - Black Rain (Tour Edition)

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01. Not Going Away (4:32)
02. I Don't Wanna Stop (4:00)
03. Black Rain (4:42)
04. Lay Your World On Me (4:16)
05. The Almighty Dollar (6:57)
06. 11 Silver (3:43)
07. Civilize the Universe (4:42)
08. Here for You (4:38)
09. Countdown's Begun (4:54)
10. Trap Door (4:04)
11. I Don't Wanna Stop (Live) (3:44)
12. Not Going Away (Live) (4:36)
13. Here for You (Live) (4:50)
14. Nightmare (4:40)
15. I Can't Save You (3:30)
16. Love to Hate (3:56)
2010 - Scream

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01. Let It Die (6:06)
02. Let Me Hear You Scream (3:26)
03. Soul Sucker (4:35)
04. Life Won't Wait (5:07)
05. Diggin' Me Down (6:03)
06. Crucify (3:29)
07. Fearless (3:42)
08. Time (5:31)
09. I Want It More (5:37)
10. Latimer's Mercy (4:27)
11. I Love You All (1:03)
Live Albums
1987 - Randy Rhoads Tribute (Live)

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01. I Don't Know (Live) (5:41)
02. Crazy Train (Live) (5:20)
03. Believer (Live) (5:08)
04. Mr. Crowley (Live) (5:37)
05. Flying High Again (Live) (4:17)
06. Revelation (Mother Earth) [Live] (5:59)
07. Steal Away (The Night) [Live with Drum Solo] (8:04)
08. Suicide Solution (Live with Guitar Solo) (7:46)
09. Iron Man (Live) (2:51)
10. Children of the Grave (Live) (5:58)
11. Paranoid (Live) (3:00)
12. Goodbye to Romance (Live) (5:34)
13. No Bone Movies (Live) (4:04)
14. Dee (Randy Rhoads Studio Out-Takes) (4:22)
1990 - Just Say Ozzy (EP)

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01. Miracle Man (Live) (4:01)
02. Bloodbath In Paradise (Live) (5:01)
03. Shot In the Dark (Live) (5:34)
04. Tattooed Dancer (Live) (3:47)
05. Sweet Leaf (Live) (3:22)
06. War Pigs (Live) (8:24)
2002 - Live At Budokan

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01. I Don't Know (Live) (5:51)
02. That I Never Had (Live) (4:13)
03. Believer (Live) (4:56)
04. Junkie (Live) (4:17)
05. Mr. Crowley (Live) (6:44)
06. Gets Me Through (Live) (4:15)
07. No More Tears (Live) (7:14)
08. I Don't Want to Change the World (Live) (4:14)
09. Road to Nowhere (Live) (5:52)
10. Crazy Train (Live) (6:00)
11. Mama, I'm Coming Home (Live) (4:38)
12. Bark At the Moon (Live) (4:30)
13. Paranoid (Live) (3:47)
1994 - The Ozzman Cometh

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01. Black Sabbath (Basement Tape) (9:23)
02. War Pigs (Basement Tape) (8:13)
03. Goodbye to Romance (5:32)
04. Crazy Train (4:49)
05. Mr. Crowley (4:55)
06. Over the Mountain (4:31)
07. Paranoid (Live) (2:52)
08. Bark At the Moon (4:16)
09. Miracle Man (3:43)
10. Crazy Babies (4:14)
11. No More Tears (Edit) (5:54)
12. Mama, I'm Coming Home (4:12)
13. I Don't Want to Change the World (Live) (4:00)
14. I Just Want You (4:56)
15. Back On Earth (5:00)
2003 - The Essential Ozzy Osbourne

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01. Crazy Train (4:50)
02. Mr. Crowley (4:55)
03. I Don't Know (Live with Randy Rhoads) (5:01)
04. Suicide Solution (4:16)
05. Goodbye to Romance (5:32)
06. Over the Mountain (4:31)
07. Flying High Again (4:38)
08. Diary of a Madman (6:12)
09. Paranoid (Live with Randy Rhoads) (2:52)
10. Bark At the Moon (4:15)
11. You're No Different (5:49)
12. Rock 'n' Roll Rebel (5:23)
13. Crazy Babies (4:14)
14. Miracle Man (3:43)
15. Fire In the Sky (6:24)
16. Breakin' All the Rules (5:14)

01. Mama, I'm Coming Home (4:12)
02. Desire (5:45)
03. No More Tears (7:23)
04. Time After Time (4:20)
05. Road to Nowhere (5:09)
06. I Don't Want to Change the World (Live) (4:05)
07. Perry Mason (5:53)
08. I Just Want You (4:56)
09. Thunder Underground (6:28)
10. See You On the Other Side (6:10)
11. Gets Me Through (5:04)
12. Dreamer (4:45)
13. No Easy Way Out (5:06)
2005 - Prince of Darkness

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01. I Don't Know (5:01)
02. Mr. Crowley (4:56)
03. Crazy Train (4:50)
04. Goodbye to Romance (5:24)
05. Suicide Solution (7:57)
06. Over the Mountain (4:32)
07. Flying High Again (4:25)
08. You Can't Kill Rock and Roll (6:43)
09. Diary of a Madman (6:12)
10. Bark at the Moon (4:22)
11. Spiders (4:28)
12. Rock 'n' Roll Rebel (5:23)
13. You're No Different (5:50)

01. Ultimate Sin (4:34)
02. Never Know Why (4:35)
03. Thank God for the Bomb (3:59)
04. Crazy Babies (4:15)
05. Breakin' All the Rules (5:13)
06. I Don't Want to Change The World (3:55)
07. Mama, I'm Coming Home (4:09)
08. Desire (5:00)
09. No More Tears (7:24)
10. Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.) (4:59)
11. Perry Mason (5:54)
12. See You on the Other Side (6:34)
13. Walk On Water (4:42)
14. Gets Me Through (4:26)
15. Bang Bang (You're Dead) (4:33)
16. Dreamer (4:45)

01. Iron Man (5:26)
02. N.I.B. (5:57)
03. Purple Haze (4:21)
04. Pictures of Matchstick Men (6:00)
05. Shake Your Head (Let's Go to Bed) (3:56)
06. Born to Be Wild (3:30)
07. Nowhere to Run (Vapor Trail) (4:43)
08. Psycho Man (5:18)
09. For Heaven's Sake 2000 (4:55)
10. I Ain't No Nice Guy (4:16)
11. Therapy (3:25)
12. Stayin' Alive (4:39)
13. Dog, The Bounty Hunter (0:53)

01. 21st Century Schizoid Man (3:52)
02. Mississippi Queen (4:10)
03. All the Young Dudes (4:34)
04. In My Life (3:30)
05. Fire (4:10)
06. For What It's Worth (3:20)
07. Sympathy for the Devil (7:11)
08. Working Class Hero (3:24)
09. Good Times (3:47)
10. Changes (4:07)
2005 - Under Cover

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01. Rocky Mountain Way (4:32)
02. In My Life (Radio Edit) (3:30)
03. Mississippi Queen (4:11)
04. Go Now (3:42)
05. Woman (3:46)
06. 21st Century Schizoid Man (3:53)
07. All the Young Dudes (4:35)
08. For What It's Worth (3:21)
09. Good Times (3:46)
10. Sunshine of Your Love (5:11)
11. Fire (4:09)
12. Working Class Hero (3:22)
13. Sympathy for the Devil (7:11)


It looks like Ozzy Osbourne is back to his ornery self after a health scare involving pneumonia and other flu complications landed the rocker in the hospital. His wife and son, Sharon and Jack Osbourne, gave the update to Access, the pair comically suggesting Ozzy's resumed complaining means the Black Sabbath icon is on the mend.

"Well, if this gauges where he's at, he's complaining a lot," Jack said when asked about his rockstar father's health, the Osbourne offspring indicating that Ozzy's back to "his normal routine. So everything's A-OK there."

"That's always a good sign when he complains," Sharon jokingly added. "Then you know it's good."

"It's when he's happy and skipping around [that] you're like, there's something really wrong here," Jack laughs.

Ozzy Osbourne Postpones All 2019 Gigs Due to Injury: ‘I Will Be Back’

A recent injury is forcing Ozzy Osbourne to postpone the remainder of his 2019 tour dates. While recovering from pneumonia, which forced him to cancel dates in Europe, Asia and Australia, he suffered a fall in his Los Angeles home, which aggravated an injury he sustained when he was in a near-fatal ATV accident in 2003. He received surgery for the injury last month, and doctors are looking after him while he recovers.

“I can’t believe I have to reschedule more tour dates,” Osbourne said in a statement. “Words cannot express how frustrated, angry and depressed I am not to be able to tour right now. I’m grateful for the love and support I’m getting from my family, my band, friends and fans. It’s really what’s keeping me going. Just know that I am getting better every day. … I will fully recover. … I will finish my tour. … I will be back!”


Короч пздц, здоровье совсем по звезде пошло. Гуфанется скоро, увв
Judas Priest Will Open Ozzy Osbourne’s Rescheduled 2020 Tour

Ozzy Osbourne has had a bit of a rough 2019 so far and had to cancel all of his tour dates. Judas Priest were opening on the European leg of the "No More Tours 2" tour, which was the first to be canceled. However, Priest have confirmed that they will be opening on the rescheduled European tour in 2020.

"We all wish Ozzy a really speedy recovery and hope he's back to 100% health very soon," the band said on twitter.

Sharon Osbourne: Ozzy Osbourne’s Injury ‘Dislodged’ Metal Rods in His Body

Speaking to her follow moderators on The Talk, Sharon offered a detailed account of Ozzy's recent incident, the Osbourne matriarch filling fans in on exactly what happened to the singer after his illness.

"He, at the begging of the year, had a bad flu that went to bronchitis, that went to pneumonia," she explained. "And then, when he had the flu, he came out of hospital and he had a bad accident at home. He fell."

Sharon continued, "He fell in the middle of the night. Years ago, previously, he'd had a motorbike accident where he was in a coma for days. What he'd done more is he re-injured his back and neck and shoulders, and all of the metal rods and everything that were put in his body were dislodged. So we had to cancel his year of dates.

"But he's good, he's fine, he's great," Sharon emotionally added.

Ozzy Osbourne ‘Getting Back on His Feet’ After Tour-Postponing Injury

Ozzy Osbourne is “getting back on his feet” after undergoing surgery to repair a previous leg injury that he aggravated in a recent fall, his son Jack Osbourne said Wednesday. During a pair of interviews to promote his new Travel Channel show Portals to Hell, Jack offered a health update on his father, who postponed all 2019 concerts as he recovers from his injury.

“He’s doing good. He’s back to being his cynical old self, so always a good sign,” Jack told People of Ozzy. “When he’s complaining about mundane things, you know he’s good. Yeah, he’s back to normal. When everything on TV sucks and everything in the house is broken, he’s in a good spot.”


"He's doing good," Jack [Osbourne] affirmed when Norton asked how Ozzy was doing. "He tripped over a shoe getting into bed after peeing," he explained, going on to note that the Prince of Darkness is "so bummed out" that he had to cancel his scheduled tour dates, pushing the "No More Tours 2" farewell run into 2020.


Ozzy Osbourne is taking a mulligan on 2019 and has now officially named new dates for the European leg of his "No More Tours 2" farewell run after postponing them all earlier this year.

The 2020 trek will begin on Jan. 31, a year and a day after the first European show was originally scheduled. Totaling 19 stops in all, Ozzy and Priest will finish up a month and a half later on March 16 in Switzerland.

"I’m really looking forward to getting back to Europe for these shows. Thank you to all the fans for sticking with me and waiting for the new dates to be announced. I can’t wait to see you all next year," commented Ozzy.

Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest 2020 European Tour Dates
Jan. 31 — Nottingham, U.K. @ Motorpoint Arena
Feb. 02 — Dublin, Ireland @ 3Arena
Feb. 05 — Manchester, U.K. @ Manchester Arena
Feb. 07 — Newcastle, U.K. @ Utilita Arena
Feb. 10 — London, U.K. @ The O2
Feb. 12 — Glasgow, U.K. @ SSE Hyrdo
Feb. 14 — Birmingham, U.K. @ Resorts World Arena
Feb. 17 — Dortmund, Germany @ Westfalenhalle
Feb. 20 — Helsinki, Finland @ Hartwell Arena
Feb. 22 — Stockholm, Sweden @ Friends Arena
Feb. 24 — Berlin, Germany @ Mercedes-Benz Arena
Feb. 26 — Vienna, Austria @ Stadhalle
Feb. 29 — Prague, Czech Republic @ O2 Arena
March 03 — Hamburg, Germany @ Barclaycard Arena
March 05 — Munich, Germany @ Olympianhalle
March 07 — Mannheim, Germany @ SAP Arena
March 10 — Bologna, Italy @ Unipol Arena
March 13 — Madrid, Spain @ Wizink Arena
March 16 — Zurich, Switzerland @ Hallenstadion


Ozzy Osbourne has joined the cast of Trolls World Tour, the upcoming sequel to 2016's Trolls, which finds the animated characters based on Troll dolls discovering "there are other Troll worlds beyond their own, each defined by a different genre of music" in the 3D family film.

The veteran rocker will portray a character named King Thrash, a villain from "hard-rock royalty" who "wants to destroy all other kinds of music to let rock reign supreme" and is the father of Queen Barb, a rock music-loving Troll played by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom, as AWN reported Wednesday (June 19).

Ozzy Osbourne on His Road Back From Hell: ‘I Was Absolutely in Agony’

When Ozzy Osbourne took a fall in January, he thought he broke his neck. “I came down really, really hard,” he tells Rolling Stone from his Los Angeles home. “I went slam — on my face.” He had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and tripped in the dark. His wife, Sharon, took him to the hospital, where he’d spend the next two months recovering from neck surgery.

Just a few months earlier, Osbourne was flying high again — playing dates on his No More Tours 2 Tour, a trek he has billed as his last big world tour — but starting last October, “everything I touch has turned to shit,” as he put it in a statement to the press. He got surgery on his right hand after contracting a potentially deadly staph infection, forcing him to postpone several gigs. He contracted the flu, which turned into pneumonia and put him in the ICU, leading to more postponements. And then he had his fall, dislodging some of the metal rods doctors had put in his body after his near-fatal 2003 quad-bike accident. The surgery made him reschedule all of his 2019 dates for next year and he’s been recovering slowly ever since.

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals His Least Favorite Solo Album

While he recently claimed his solo debut Blizzard of Ozz (1980) and its follow-up Diary of a Madman (1981) are tied for first place in his mind, Osbourne's reservations about The Ultimate Sin — an album which remains out of print physically, although it can be accessed on streaming services — place it at the bottom of the pile. That's what the musician revealed, anyway, when he was asked for his least favorite.

"[Producer] Ron Nevison didn’t really do a great production job," Osbourne replied to Rolling Stone last week (Aug. 23). "The songs weren't bad; they were just put down weird. Everything felt and sounded the fucking same. There was no imagination. If there was ever an album I'd like to remix and do better, it would be The Ultimate Sin."

Still, the album's fantastical cover art from Peruvian painter Boris Vallejo surely remains a high point. Especially among the rich tapestry of artwork elsewhere in Ozzy's catalog. In fact, the musician said he misses the large-format art and liner notes that used to accompany rock albums, something faithfully represented in his upcoming box set.

"It's like a trip down memory lane in a lot of respects," Osbourne said. "Especially the album sleeves. That's the thing I miss now with albums; you used to have a double sleeve with something you could read."

Elsewhere in the interview, Osbourne recounts the "fucking freezing" video shoot for 1983's "Bark at the Moon," the dark themes of his solo material following his initial foray in Black Sabbath, and the not-so-hidden Easter egg found on the cover of Diary of a Madman: his eldest son, Louis, chuckling in the background. ("He’s having fun," Osbourne remembered. "He's now forty-fucking-three or something. That's how long I've been doing this.")

Perhaps due to Ozzy's concerns, The Ultimate Sin wasn't remastered or reissued along with the bulk of Osbourne's back catalog in 2002, though the exact reason remains unclear. The album's "Shot in the Dark" — then a top-ten hit at mainstream rock radio — was one of the singer's most successful singles at the time.



This year has been "one of the most fucked up years" of Ozzy Osbourne's life, per his own admission. Despite a wealth of serious medical setbacks, he looked and sounded great in a recent interview on SiriusXM, seen below.

The Prince of Darkness sat in with "Ozzy's Boneyard" host Billy Morrison (guitar - Billy Idol, Royal Machines, ex-Camp Freddy), lucidly discussing his year with enthusiastic energy. "I broke my neck in January, I had pneumonia, I've had fucking blood clots… I had everything this year. Morrison joked, "So you're feeling well?" Osbourne replied, "Same as usual."

Recalling all the setbacks that have plagued him in 2019, the singer detailed, "I was doing that farewell tour, and it was going great," he continued. "I was singing better than I've sang [in a long time], and I was really happy. I went home for a short break and I got two staph infections in two of my fingers. God knows how that happened. That cleared up. Then I did the New Year's Eve show at the Forum here in Los Angeles. That was the last gig I did, 'cause the following February, I went for a bathroom break in the night and lost my footing. I hit the deck like a fucking ton of bricks."


It's been quite the year for Ozzy Osbourne, with health issues forcing him off the road following a scary accident earlier this year. Though Osbourne has been anxious to return to touring, he's hit a little snag on the timeline for his return. As a result, his upcoming European tour is being put off again.

In a video posting on his social media, Osbourne shared, "I'm here to give you an update on my condition. As you probably know, or you may not know, at the beginning of this year, I had a bad fall. I screwed all the vertebrae in my neck and had to have surgery. I've got a lot more nuts and bolts in my neck now than in my car."

He continued, "I'm not dying, I am recovering — it's just taking a little bit longer than everyone thought it would. I'm bored stiff of being stuck on a fucking bed all day. I can't wait to get off my ass and get going again, but you're just gonna have to be a little bit more patient. I'm postponing the European tour because I'm not ready."

He added, "I'm not retiring — I've still got gigs to do — but when I do come back on an American tour, I wanna be one hundred percent ready to come out and knock your fucking socks off. And also, there's a new album on the way."

New Ozzy Osbourne Album to Be Released in January 2020

Ozzy Osbourne's had quite the tumultuous year, but he's back on the mend. According to his wife Sharon, his solo follow-up to 2010's Scream is complete, with a January 2020 expected release.

Mrs. Osbourne was a recent guest on SiriusXM's Jess Cagle Show, where she provided a little more insight to the status of his health, following his illnesses and accident earlier this year. "He's getting there," she began. "He's just finished an album, the album's coming out [in] January."


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