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Pinkshift is an independent rock band new to the scene from Baltimore. With writing inspired by 90s grunge and 2000s pop punk, the band walks the lines between grunge, punk rock, and post-hardcore. Melting together different musical roots through a common love for angsty rock, the band embraces their diverse influences to create an authentic and powerful sound. 
 Pinkshift is Ashrita Kumar (vocals), Paul Vallejo (guitar), and Myron Houngbedji (drums). Photos by Leigh Ann Rodgers


Ashrita Kumar (vocals)
Paul Vallejo (guitar)
Myron Houngbedji (drums)

Pinkshift - Saccharine (EP) (2021)
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Bitrate: 320 Kbps
01 Mars
02 On Thin Ice
03 I'm Gonna Tell My Therapist On You
04 Toro
05 Rainwalk

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