Having pumped their way through New Zealand’s electronic music scene since their inaugural performance at the annual Gathering New Year's eve festival in 1997, Pitch Black have spent the last nine years rousing dance floor punters, generating rave reviews, winning awards and gaining thousands of fans across the world.

Hard to box into a single audio 'genre', Pitch Black is a combination of musical journeys, created by Paddy Free and Michael Hodgson. Their sound is distinctive; ranging from organic ambient beginnings and layered soundscapes to skanking keyboards, cutting acid riffs and thumping rhythmic grooves, with dub being the glue that holds their sound together. One critic has described them as like "Richie Hawtin meets King Tubby, or Rhythm and Sound in Technicolor".

Their debut album, Futureproof, was released in September 1999 and rose to the top of the New Zealand electronic charts, despite no marketing or advertising. Their second album, Electronomicon, followed in August 2000, and led to a sell out 30-date tour of New Zealand and Australia . Both albums spawned remix projects, featuring mixes by local luminaries such as International Observer, Epsilon Blue and Downtown Brown.

Their third baby, Ape to Angel, was released in New Zealand on October 4th 2004 to critical acclaim. The Ape tour was the biggest yet, with 42 shows across the world, including their debut performances in America. The album was then released in Europe thru Dubmission in July and in America on Waveform in August 2005. England ’s DJ Magazine rated it Album of the Month, giving it 5 stars.

Ape to Angel was followed by a remix album, Halfway, released in New Zealand in November 2005. The collection featured versions by Bluetech, Antix, peak_shift, Agent Alvin and others.

It is their live show that really makes Pitch Black stand out from the rest of the crowd, both sonically and visually. Their tracks take on an added dynamism and their performances reveal the dialectic behind the band - Paddy wants to do it for the crowd, Michael wants to do it to the crowd. Visually they are in another dimension due to Mike's cutting edge visuals, which he manipulates at the same time as mixing the sound! Not for nothing have they been hailed as the "Hexstatic of New Zealand" and have been warmly embraced by England 's Big Chill community - playing 3 times at their annual festival.

Over the years they have also found favour among many DJs, both radio and club, including John Peel (Radio One/BBC), Nick Luscombe (Xfm), Greg Roberts (Dreadzone) and Pete Lawrence (Big Chill). Their music has been used in fashion shows and several films, the latest being the Oscar nominated Whale Rider.

Pitch Black - Ape To Angel

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Ape To Angel
02. Freefall
03. Lost In Translation
04. Big Trouble Upstairs
05. Flex
06. Elements Turn
07. The Random Smiler (Live)
08. Emty Spaces Missing Units

Ape to Angel is the latest album release from New Zealand electronic heavyweights, Pitch Black. They chose to publicize their latest album with a birth notice:

Ape to Angel is out in NZ. It is a lush deep dubby journey with a few  surprises. It weighs in at a healthy 60+ mins and both parents are doing well.

Not just a clever attention getter; it begins to explain the Pitch Black musical ethos. Duo Paddy Free and Michael Hodgson first played together at the Gathering in 1996/97 and have been cranking out the music ever since, building up a strong local and international fan base in the process.

Ape to Angel follows albums Futureproof and Electronomicon. Ape to Angel as always, pushes the envelope. A heady mix of trance, dub and drum'n'bass, it is easy to enjoy, whether you like all or none of the three. One of the great things about this album is that you can put in on and play it in the background, or you can crank it up and allow it to command full attention.

It's hard to single out any one track from the album. The album contains one live track 'The Random Smiler', which should add a little frustration for those that missed the excellent live show before they headed off overseas. Opening track 'Ape to Angel' does well in setting the standard for the album, which does not falter after this.

this is an excellent album that i highly recommend to anyone who is interested in any type of laid back electonic music. enjoy, and remember to support the artist if you like it thumb.gif


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Хороший PsyDub! Чемто смахивает на Ott, только побыстрее. thumb.gif
Tomorrow never comes until it's too late...
sorry, i don't understand russian
Ks_83 write: Good psychodub! And something about that this is similar to Ott but faster.

Try to use http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr . I have only 1 advantage-I am Slavic too and words which Babelfish cannot translate sometimes gives me a sense, because BF rewrite the message to Latin scripture.
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i do use it sometimes, but most of the time it comes out with some bullshit that doesn't make any sense. maybe you can be my translator from now on biggrin.gif

i haven't heard of Ott. i'll look into them thumb.gif
Ott thread is somewhere here and there has to be active post, I have downloaded it recently. Great music, you should try it.
Translator? Why not. Whenewer I will be connected.
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thanx.. its great thumb.gif
anbody has Futureproof album ?&#191;?
no worries. i have "futureproof", but some of the tracks have pops and cracks in the audio. if this doesn't bother you then i'm more than happy to up it.

if someone else has it in good quality, please up it.
it doesnt matter please upload smile.gif
thanx thanx thanx...
which tracks r corrupted
maybe i found them in morpheus unsure.gif
ok. it should be up later today.

i'm not entirely sure which tracks (and how many) have these pops in the audio because i've only listened to it a few times and the last time was quite a while ago (the bad quality annoys me a bit). but i know for sure that its a few. maybe half of them if i had to guess.

the problem is that "futureproof" is very rare (only released in new zealand i think), and i've been searching for a better version for the last 6 months with no luck. but if you manage to find any of the tracks in better quality, please share the wealth.
картинка, оставленная пользователем
вот такое оформление альбома официальное!
Pitch Black - Futureproof

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Released: 1999
Bitrate: VBR (Average 256kbps)

Disc 1: The Black Disc
01 The Gatherer
02 Speech
03 Salmonella Dub - They are Among Us (Pitch Black Remix)
04 Soliton
05 The Gatherer (Live)
06 Altered State
07 Alternate State

Disc 2: The White Disc
01 Melt (Dub Obscura Mix)
02 Speech (White Amolitude Mix)
03 Soliton (Ton a' Sol Mix)
04 Speech (Freedom of Speech Mix)
05 Melt (Mr. Babbit Mix)
06 Speech (Speechless Mix)



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Спасибо вам %)
thanx for the album
cracks and pops didnt bother me too much
i found solition(128 kbs) and melt(dub obscura mx)(128 kbs) if u want, i ll upload them
nice one thumb.gif
could you up those two tracks?
может кто поделиться старыми альбомами ???
список альбомов

Frequencies Fall
Track Listing:

1. Lost in Translation – International Observer meets Horace
2. Freefall – Friends Electric
3. Elements Turn – Switch & pZ
4. Freefall – Minuit
5. Flex – son.sine
6. Big Trouble Upstairs – Hummel
7. Freefall – Ithz
8. The Random Smiler – DJ Flix vs Red Star
9. Lost in Translation – Youth
10. Empty Spaces Missing Units – Module
11. Ape to Angel – Bluetech
12. Flex – Peak_Shift
13. Freefall – Alucidnation

картинка, оставленная пользователем

download from rapidshare

поделитесь старыми у кого есть..........
картинка, оставленная пользователем


Pitch Black - Electronomicon

Label: Kog Transmissions
Format: CD
Country: New Zealand
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub, Downtempo

01 Reptile Room (9:39)
02 Electric Earth (Part 1) (5:11)
03 Electric Earth (Part 2) (4:31)
04 Data Diviner (12:30)
05 Urbanoia (10:58)
06 The 48 Skanks (6:23)
07 Unadrumma (11:44)


Electronomicon was the second full album, again out on Kog through Universal,
but this time a more electronic feel to great effect. It was the result of five months
solid work in the studio with one live performance test run before release.

We've upped our production quality on this album. We've learnt so much about
music and sound in the last two years and learning to use the best of old and
new equipment and techniques. Its got more tops, more bottoms, its wider,
deeper, shinier and funkier!

We've been able to push dub to a whole new level by turning the dub into audio
files and using them to compose with. We've discovered more and more that
our natural form is to develop long and involved song structures that traverse
through a range of sonic experieces.I think its going to work as a home listening
album in two ways - you should be able to play it as a chill-out album at low
volume or crank it up and dance around your living room. As an aperitif
before going out, perhaps? .........Enjoy the audio syrup!



Frequencies Fall
Track Listing:

1. Lost in Translation – International Observer meets Horace
2. Freefall – Friends Electric
3. Elements Turn – Switch & pZ
4. Freefall – Minuit
5. Flex – son.sine
6. Big Trouble Upstairs – Hummel
7. Freefall – Ithz
8. The Random Smiler – DJ Flix vs Red Star
9. Lost in Translation – Youth
10. Empty Spaces Missing Units – Module
11. Ape to Angel – Bluetech
12. Flex – Peak_Shift
13. Freefall – Alucidnation

download from rapidshare

File: Pitch_Black_-_Frequencies_Fall_2006.part1.rar
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/14099396/Pitch....part1.rar.html

File: Pitch_Black_-_Frequencies_Fall_2006.part2.rar
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/14099552/Pitch....part2.rar.html


Это сообщение отредактировал akh1 - 30.01.07 в 17:56
Pitch Black - Rude Mechanicals

Country:New Zealand
Format: CDA
Style:Dub, Downtempo, Ambient
Quality:215kbit (VBR)
Size:88,5 mb

картинка, оставленная пользователем
01.South Of The Line
02.1000 Mile Drift -Featuring Brother J
03.Sonic Colonic (Live at Minikami)
04.Transient Transmission (fig. 2)
05.Bird Soul
07.Rude Mechanicals -Featuring KP
08.Fragile Ladders
09.Please Leave Quietly -Featuring Tracy Z
File @ RapidShare:
ух ипать-копать новый диск!!!!!!! приятно ужасно, но качать не буду. куплю диск. оно того стоит!
Can anybody up Ape to Angel? The one posted is dead. Thanks!
I would appreciate a repost of Pitch Electronomicon. Thank you.
Pitch Black - Electronomicon (2008)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist ....... Pitch Black
Genre ........ Electronic
Style ........ Dub, Downtempo, Ambient
Source ....... CDDA
Label ........ Dubmission
Catalog Nr. .. CDDUBM007
Release Date . May-13-2008
Tracks ....... 02
Length ....... cd1: 59:55 cd2: 54:31
Quality ...... VBRkbps 44.1kHz
Mode ......... Joint-Stereo
Size ......... 153,8 MB

Electronomicon CD1:

01. Reptile Room [9:41]
02. Electric Earth Pt1 [5:12]
03. Electric Earth Pt2 [4:31]
04. Data Diviner [12:30]
05. Urbanoia [9:56]
06. The 48 Skanks [6:23]
07. Unadrumma [11:41]

Electronomicon CD2:

01. Electric Earth (DC Mix) [6:39]
02. Reptile Room (Ekto Remix) [6:16]
03. Electric Earth (Youth Remix) [6:24]
04. Urbanoia (Vinyl Edit) [6:31]
05. Electric Earth (Pylonz Remix) [8:53]
06. The 48 Skanks (Rockwood Remix) [5:37]
07. Unadrumma (Sunshine Sound System Remix) [6:10]
08. Electric Earth (Rotor+ Remix) [3:35]
09. The 48 Skanks (Rockwood Chill Remix) [4:27]






This is the 2 CD edition with remixes. Enjoy! smile.gif

Между прочим преотличнейший даб! thumb.gif
Please re-upload Ape To Angel

Если у кого-то есть возможность загрузить ранние альбомы (Futureproof, Electronomican, Flex, Dub Obscura), сделайте доброе дело.
Хочется ознакомиться, а их что-то пока не нашел.
Ну, Electronomical вписал по инерции. Его, естественно, уже не нужно.
О, знатная команда!Заслушаемсссссссс
Kiwi music rocks, thanks to the upper
very good album,thxz.
картинка, оставленная пользователем
клёвый альбом!! ремиксы очень понравились.. загрувили прям ))) cool.gif
:. Artist -> Pitch Black featuring Brother J
.: Title -> 1000 Mile Drift
:. Genre -> Electronic
.: CatNo -> CDDUBM0091
:. Label -> Dubmission Records
.: Quantity -> 5 Tracks
:. StoreDate -> 04-08-2008
.: ReleaseDate -> 04-08-2008

.: Tracklist :.

01. Pitch Black featuring Brother J - 1000 Mile Drift (05:54)
02. Pitch Black featuring Brother J -
1000 Mile Drift (International Observer Remix) (05:56)
03. Pitch Black featuring Brother J -
1000 Mile Drift (Ashton & Barbena Remix) (04:22)
04. Pitch Black featuring Brother J -
1000 Mile Drift (Simon Flower Remix) (09:33)
05. Pitch Black featuring Brother J -
1000 Mile Drift (Live At Red Bull Studios) (05:26)

Pitch Black - Frequencies Fall (2006)

Label: Dubmission Records
Catalog#: CDDUBM005
Released: 25 Sep 2006
Format: CD
Country: UK
Quality: FLAC (CUE Sheet)
Total Size:473 MB (5 % Recovery Record Included)
Notes: All tracks taken from album "Pitch Black - Ape To Angel" to Remixes

картинка, оставленная пользователем


01. Lost In Translation (International Observer Meets Horace Remix) (6:23)
02. Freefall (Friends Electric Remix) (6:33)
03. Elements Turn (Switch And Pz Remix) (6:54)
04. Freefall (Minuit Remix) (4:21)
05. Flex (Son.sine Remix) (3:20)
06. Big Trouble Upstairs (Hummel Remix) (5:07)
07. Freefall (itHz Remix) (6:16)
08. The Random Smiler (DJ Flix vs. Red Star Remix) (6:23)
09. Lost In Translation (Youth Remix) (6:46)
10. Empty Spaces Missing Units (Module's Happy Machine Remix) (7:22)
11. Ape To Angel (Bluetech's Evolution Mix) (7:22)
12. Flex (Peak:Shift's Non Weight Bearer Remix) (6:06)
13. Freefall (Alucidnation's Lucid Dream Remix) (5:37)

файлы удалены((
Pitch Black - Electric Earth & Other Elements (2001)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Quality,Size & Link:

Quality:320 cbr kbps mp3
Size:124,3 mb



картинка, оставленная пользователем

ARTiST..[ Pitch Black
TiTLE...[ Bird Soul
GENRE...[ Drum & Bass
LABEL...[ Dubmission Records
YEAR....[ 2009
REL.DATE[ 02.27.2009
ENCODER.[ Lame 3.97
QUALiTY.[ 320kbps
MODE....[ Joint-Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 38:26 min
TRACKS..[ 06
SiZE....[ 88,1 MB

01 Bird Soul 07:51
02 Bird Soul (Fold Vs Horace Remix) 04:12
03 Bird Soul (Subtone Remix) 06:24
04 Bird Soul (FunknSloCuts Remix) 06:37
05 Bird Soul (Ornithomancy Mix) 05:36
06 Bird Soul (Live At Red Bull) 07:46


codec of source file: MP3
bitrate of source file: CBR, 320 kbits

Rhythm, Sound and Movement (2009)

1. 1000 Mile Drift - International Observer
2. Transient Transmissions - Deep Fried Dub
3. Rude Mechanicals - Mistrust
4. Bird Soul - Fold vs Horace
5. Bird Soul - Subtone
6. Sonic Colonic - Patch
7. South of the Line - Bluetech
8. Harmonia - Neon Stereo
9. Please Leave Quietly - Johnny Hooves
10. Bird Soul - Kerretta
11. 1000 Mile Ddrift - Simon Flower
12. Harmonia - Rob
13. Fragile Ladders - Groove Yantra
14. Please Leave Quietly - Friends Electric

... anyone ?
any requests: please reply in english - величайшая благодарность!

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist.....: Pitch Black
Album......: Rhythm Sound And Movement
Genre......: Electronic
Label......: Dubmission Records
Catalogue..: CDDUBM013
Url........: http://dubmissionrecords.blogspot.com/
Source.....: CDDA
Encoder....: Lame 3.97
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: 00-00-2009
Rls.Date...: May-13-2009
Tracks.....: 14
Playtime...: 79:42 min
Size.......: 104,8 MB

01. 1000 Mile Drift International Observwer Rmx [05:52]
02. Transient Transmissions Deep Fried Dub Rmx [06:00]
03. Rude Mechanicals Mistrust Rmx [06:19]
04. Bird Soul Fold Vs. Horace Rmx [04:12]
05. Bird Soul Subtone Rmx [06:23]
06. Sonic Colonic Patch Rmx [05:49]
07. South Of The Linebluetech Rmx [04:47]
08. Harmonia Neon Stereo Rmx [05:59]
09. Please Leave Quietly Johny Hooves Rmx [05:40]
10. Bird Soul Karetta Rmx [05:35]
11. 1000 Mile Drift Simon Flower Rmx [07:04]
12. Harmonia Rob Rmx [03:38]
13. Fragile Ladders Groove Yantra Rmx [06:02]
14. Please Leave Quietly Friends Electric Rmx [06:22]

Release Notes
Rhythm, Sound and Movement is a collection of
remixes of tracks from Pitch Black's...

...Rude Mechanicals album, which, reflecting
the duo's wide ranging tastes and styles,
encompasses nearly every genre of electronica
and dance music there is.

The compilation kicks off with two heavily
dubwise numbers from former Thomspon Twin,
International Observer, and Melbourne's
deadly duo, Deep Fried Dub. England's
Mistrust adds breaks to the mix, which Fold
and Horace then throw into the blender with
their dubstep meets drum'n'bass reduction of
Bird Soul.

Subtone gets us back on track with his
techstep mix of taut beats and restrained
funk, and Heavyweight Dub Champion's Patch's
bass laden beats prepare the ground nicely
for psy star Bluetech's electro dub version
of South of the Line. Neon Stereo takes us
out onto the dancefloor with some tight tech
house grooves and Johhny Hooves keeps us
there by dropping Bukem style atmospheric

Kerretta blow the whole thing out of the
water with an amazingly indescribable remix '
labels like post rock and shoegaze don't do
them any justice at all, while sublime,
stunning and cinematic possibly do. Poker
Flat's Simon Flower carries on this blissful
theme with his floating remix, while Rob's is
more akin to drowning!

Thankfully Groove Yantra saves us from the
murky depths with their upbeat world beats,
and Friends Electric send us back into orbit,
blending pulsating beats with a growling

All in all, a worthy addition to the Pitch
Black cannon, similar to their previous remix
collection, Frequencies Fall, in it's
eclectic ness, with some tracks made for the
dancefloor, some for the living room, and
some for the bedroom;-) Rhythm, Sound and
Movement indeed.




Kudos to shummuhs !

RS mirror


• pass: funkysouls.com
any requests: please reply in english - величайшая благодарность!
thumb.gif - присоединяюсь

shummuhs ,
в архиве не Pitch Black, а Passion Pit - Manners (2009) ((((
перелей ?


На айфолдере (те ссылки, которые вместе с альбомом) какая то чушатина вместо Pitch Black... вообще жаль что альбом ремиксовый а не оригинальный, но все равно неплохо

Это сообщение отредактировал mik73 - 15.05.09 в 22:41
walkman.gif пи.датый даб!!! спасибо!!! че то на подобии KANKA
мда.. passon pit конечно прикокол)))))) я аж чаем подавился.. внимания не обратил, тупо разорхивировал.. думаю, от те блин и питч блэк, ёп) biggrin.gif

а вот pitch black как раз-таки очень даже вкатил)
Thanks. Sweet post :-)
да ну wink.gif ничего интересного,но спасибо послушал...
Pitch Black - Frequencies Fall (2006) FLAC

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Performer: Pitch Black
Album: Frequencies Fall
Label: Dub Mission Records
Genre: Downtempo, Lo-Fi, Ambient
Year: 2006
Format: FLAC (tracks + .cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Covers: in archive
Amount of tracks: 13
Size RAR: ~ 445 mb
Upload: letitbit.net, depositfiles.com
Recovery: 3%
Password: without a password

01. Lost in Translation (International Observer meets Horac [05:06]
02. Freefall (Friends Electric rmx) [05:57]
03. Elements Turn (Switch + pZ rmx) [05:20]
04. Freefall (Minuit rmx) [07:05]
05. Flex (Son.Sine rmx) [06:10]
06. Big Trouble Upstairs (Hummel rmx) [04:44]
07. Freefall (Ithz rmx) [06:17]
08. The Random Smiler (DJ Flix vs. Red Star rmx) [06:22]
09. Lost in Translation (Youth's Pirates of Dub mix) [06:40]
10. Empty Spaces Missing Units (Module's Happy Machine rmx) [07:26]
11. Ape to Angel (Bluetech's Evolution mix) [07:20]
12. Flex (Peak Shift's Non Weight Bearer mix) [05:38]
13. Freefall (Alucidnation's Full Speed version) [05:13]
Total time [64:45]

Скачать  часть 1 | Download  part 1
Скачать  часть 2 | Download  part 2

Скачать  часть 1| Download  part 1
Скачать  часть 2| Download  part 2

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist: Pitch Black
Title: Rarities & Remixes
Label: Dubmission Record
Catalog#: CDDUBM028
Released: 2011
Style: Ambient, Dub Techno, Downtempo
Quality: VBR kbs
Total Size: 127MB

01 – Te Po (Pitch Black Remix)
02 – Kaikoura Dub (Original Demo)
03 – House Of The Rising Dub (Pitch Black Remix)
04 – For The Love Of It (Pitch Black Version)
05 – The Opaque (Pitch Black Remix)
06 – Sensimillia (Pitch Black’s Sensi Dub)
07 – I’m A Wanderer
08 – Mirror Beach (Pitch Black’s Iron Sands Re-Rub)
09 – A New Day (Pitch Black Remix)
10 – Protect The Grain
11 – Past Present Future (Pitch Black’s Sleep Whisperer Mix)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
Pitch Black - Filtered Senses (Dubmission 2016)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Filtered Senses (07:11)
2. Circuit Bent (07:31)
3. Invisible Chatter (05:29)
4. Dub Smoke (06:51)
5. A Great Silence Is Spreading (06:11)
6. It’s The Future Knocking (07:24)
7. Without The Trees (05:48)
8. Pixel Dust (07:10)

320Kbps: http://uploaded.net/file/opi21w26
Pitch Black - Itas The Future Knocking
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Artist: Pitch Black
Label: Dubmission
Catalog: CDDUBM0634
Released: 03.03.2017
Type: EP
Style: Electronic, Ambient, Drum & Bass
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Pitch Black – It's the Future Knocking (07:24)
2. Pitch Black – It's the Future Knocking [International Observer's No Smoking Dub] (05:25)
3. Pitch Black – It's the Future Knocking [Alpha Steppa Remix] (05:54)
4. Pitch Black – It's the Future Knocking [Deep Fried Dub Remix] (05:16)

Re-upload, please
second link is dead

Цитата: bakota
Pitch Black - Electric Earth & Other Elements (2001)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Quality,Size & Link:

Quality:320 cbr kbps mp3
Size:124,3 mb


i only have that in vbr. maybe someone else can help.
Цитата: flashing
i only have that in vbr. maybe someone else can help.

I agree
Pitch Black & Uncle Fester on Acid - No Sense Unfiltered: Aural Assault Astronaut, Series 1 (2019)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

BIG REQUEST: Pitch Black - Artificial Intolerance (Dubmission 2019)
Out Now: https://dubmission.bandcamp.com/album/artif...ial-intolerance
Someone ?
Pitch Black - Artificial Intolerance (2019) 320
Цитата: @bamshee
Pitch Black - Itas The Future Knocking
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Artist: Pitch Black
Label: Dubmission
Catalog: CDDUBM0634
Released: 03.03.2017
Type: EP
Style: Electronic, Ambient, Drum & Bass
Quality: 320 kbps

Possible to Re-Up this one please ?!
big Up

Это сообщение отредактировал zytouny - 02.08.19 в 15:55
Can someone re-up the EP 'It's The Future Knocking' in HQ please ?!
REQUEST: Pitch Black - Third Light (2019)
Out Now: https://dubmission.bandcamp.com/album/third-light
Anyone ?
Pitch Black - Third Light (2019)
Pitch Black - One Ton Skank
Out Now: https://music.pitchblack.co.nz/
Anyone ?
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Pitch Black - Third Light
Artist: Pitch Black
Title: Third Light
Label: Dubmission Records
Cat. Nr: CDDUBM0893
Style: Dub
Date: 07/02/2020
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
Source: WEB
Tracks: 3
Size: 41.67 MB

# Track Title Time
01. Third Light 8:13           
02. Third Light (Bodie Remix) 5:08           
03. Third Light (Adrian Sherwood's Echoes of the Night Dub Mix) 4:34           
YOUTH & GAUDI - The Gods Must Be Crazy (Pitch Black’s Hubristic Prayerformance Mix)
Someone in HQ ?!

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