News of the World переиздание ещё не всплыло нигде?
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Twenty Six...
Nothing Has Changed
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Queen – News Of The World (3 CD 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) (2017)
CBR 320 kbps
332,9 MB
CD 1
1. We Will Rock You
2. We Are The Champions
3. Sheer Heart Attack
4. All Dead, All Dead
5. Spread Your Wings
6. Fight From The Inside
7. Get Down, Make Love
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk
9. Who Needs You
10. It’s Late
11. My Melancholy Blues

CD 2
01. We Will Rock You (Alternative Version)
02. We Are The Champions (Alternative Version)
03. Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix)
04. All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix)
05. Spread Your Wings (Alternative Take)
06. Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version)
07. Get Down, Make Love (Early Take)
08. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live in the USA, 1977)
09. Who Needs You (Acoustic Take)
10. It’s Late (Alternative Version)
11. My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix)

CD 3
01. Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977)
02. We Will Rock You (BBC Session)
03. We Will Rock You (Fast) (BBC Session)
04. Spread Your Wings (BBC Session)
05. It’s Late (BBC Session)
06. My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session)
07. We Will Rock You (Backing Track)
08. We Are The Champions (Backing Track)
09. Spread Your Wings (Instrumental)
10. Fight From The Inside (Instrumental)
11. Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental)
12. It’s Late (USA Radio Edit 1978)
13. Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris 1979)
14. We Will Rock You (Live in Tokyo 1982)
15. My Melancholy Blues (Live in Houston 1977)
16. Get Down, Make Love (Live in Montreal 1981)
17. Spread Your Wings (Live in Europe 1979)
18. We Will Rock You (Live at the MK Bowl 1982)
19. We Are The Champions (Live at the MK Bowl 1982)
перезалейте пожалуйста - не качает(((
Queen – News Of The World (3 CD 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) (2017) (Lossless, FLAC, Tracks):
Слушаю второй диск и Это Офигенно! ohmy.gif
Такая сокровищница, уииииии
Сплющи крысу!
да, побольше бы таких изданий, очень любопытно и интересно. Голос Джона вообще не очень часто услышишь, а тут и он есть
а не просто ремастер+радио эдит+лайв
moondust will cover you...
Queen Biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Halted Due to Director Bryan Singer's Absence

Production on the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody has been "temporarily halted" due to director Bryan Singer's "unexpected unavailability."

Twentieth Century Fox, the studio on the project about the legendary rock band, announced the hiatus Friday, with the Hollywood Reporter adding that Singer had not returned to the production following its Thanksgiving break.

A representative for Singer told the BBC that the director's absence was due to "a personal health matter concerning Bryan and his family" and that "Bryan hopes to get back to work on the film soon after the holidays." The BBC also reported that both Singer and a family member are dealing with an unspecified illness.


Queen Biopic Fires Director Bryan Singer

Filmmaker Bryan Singer will no longer helm the years-in-the-works Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Twentieth Century Fox confirmed that it had fired the director after he became unreliable, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tensions have grown on set between the director and star Rami Malek, who is playing Freddie Mercury, over Singer's absence. Malek complained to the studio, according to THR, claiming that the director was not showing up and that he was both unreliable and unprofessional.

Reps for Fox and Singer did not reply to Rolling Stone's request for comment in time for publication, though the studio did confirm that Singer was "no longer the director of Bohemian Rhapsody."

The filmmaker has been a no-show several times, exasperating the star as well as actor Tom Hollander, who plays Queen's manager and exited the film temporarily at one point. Cinematographer Thomas Newton Sigel has had to fill in for the director on several days when Singer went missing, according to THR.

Malek and Singer had at least one heated argument on set, where Singer reportedly threw an object. The two eventually decided to move forward, but after Singer did not return to the set after Thanksgiving – he's reportedly told people he's been suffering P.T.S.D. because of on-set friction – Sigel directed several scenes and production was stopped. THR says this led the studio to cancel his contract.

Queen Biopic Gets New Director After Bryan Singer’s Firing

The Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek, has found a new director to replace the recently ousted former director Bryan Singer. Dexter Fletcher, director behind the films Eddie the Eagle and Wild Bill, will be taking over the project, THR reports. Twentieth Century Fox confirmed to Pitchfork that production will resume next week. The studio made the announcement just two days after Singer was let go from the film. In addition to his directing experience, Fletcher is an actor whose credits include appearances in the films Stardust and Kick-Ass.

Надеемся на загрузку News Of The World (3 CD 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) на приличные файлообменники blink.gif
very nice tunes i have them on ringtone :bigup:
the adventure begins when the mys ery is solved
Queen - News Of The World (40th Anniversary Edition) [2017, Rock, Documentary, DVD5]
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01. Back Into The Studio
02. We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions
03. Taking Control
04. Sheer Heart Attack
05. The American Tour
06. It's Late
07. Spread Your Wings
08. My Melancholy Blues
09. Get Down, Make Love
10. We Are The Champions

Если есть возможность помочь: 4276 4000 8182 6761 Сбербанк
News Of The World 2017 40th Anniversary
CD1 The Original Album
CD2 Raw Sessions
CD3 Bonus Tracks
Carpe diem.
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Queen - Smiles From Under The Crown (B-Sides & Rarities) (2 CD) (2004)
CBR 320 kbps
384,4 MB
Tracklist + Tracklinks:
Disc 1
1 - Doing All Right
2 - Blag
3 - April Lady
4 - Polar Bear (Pre-Queen,Rare1970'Smile' Demo-Brian May-Guitar,Vocals;Roger Tayl...
5 - I Can Hear Music (Larry Lurex,1973, Featuring Brian May, Freddie Mercury And ...
6 - The Man From Manhattan (Original,Eddie Howell 1976 EP'The Man From Manhattan'...
7 - Hallowed Grond (Eddie Howell 1976 EP 'The Man From Manhattan', Featuring Bria...
8 - Bring Her Away (Eddie Howell 1976 EP 'The Man From Manhattan', Featuring Bria...
9 - The Man From Manhattan (Back Again,Eddie Howell 1976 EP'The Man From Manhatta...
10 - We Will Rock You (Rock Mix, 1992)
11 - Dragon Attack (Dragon's Return Mix)
12 - Human Body ('The Game' 1980 Outtake)
13 - Emotions In Motion (Billy Squier Featuring Freddie Mercury And Roger Taylor,1...
14 - Radio Ga Ga (Re-Cut 1992)
15 - It's A Hard Life (12-Inch Mix)
16 - Hammer To Fall (12-Inch Mix)
17 - She Blows Hot And Cold (B-Side Of 'Made In Heaven' Single)
18 - Stop All The Fighting (B-Side Of 'I Was Born To Love You' Single)

Disc 2
1 - Blues Breaker
2 - Star Fleet
3 - Let Me Out (Brian May And Friends 'Star Project', 1983)
4 - Thank God It's Christmas (Previously Unreleased)
5 - Rock In Rio Blues (B-Side Of 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' Single)
6 - Blurred Vision (B-Side Of 'One Vision' Single)
7 - A Kind Of Magic (12-Inch Version)
8 - Love Is A Hero (Billy Squier Featuring Freddie Mercury, 1986)
9 - Hold On (Jo Dare Featuring Freddie Mercury, Taken From 'Zabou' Soundtrack, 1986)
10 - Stealin (B-Side Of 'Breakthru' Cassette Single,1989)
11 - Hijack My Heart (B-Side Of 'Invisible Man' Single,1989)
12 - Lost Opportunity (B-Side Of 'Headlong' Japanese Single,1991)
13 - Love Kills (12-Inch Mix Re-Edit, 1992)
14 - You Don't Fool Me (Dancing Divaz Club Mix, 1994)

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