Remo Drive


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ARTIST: Remo Drive
TITLE: Greatest Hits
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 320 kbps avg
RELEASE DATE: 2017-00-00
RIP DATE: 2017-04-04

1. Art School 3:15
2. Hunting For Sport 3:55
3. Crash Test Rating 2:34
4. Strawberita 3:37
5. Summertime 3:44
6. Eat Shit 2:20
7. Trying 2 Fool U 4:10
8. Yer Killin' Me 3:54
9. I'm My Own Doctor 4:27
10. Name Brand 5:17

One of the best emo albums to come out in a long while. You can tell they poured
some passion into this. It feels personal in a way. I definitely look forward to
what the future holds for you guys, it's going to be incredible I'm sure of it.

Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
Низкий поклон за освещение этой группы, но ссылки битые! ph34r.gif

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Remo Drive - Pop Music [EP] (2018)
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mp3, 320kbps

1. Blue Ribbon
2. Song of the Summer
3. Heartstrings

Remo Drive - Two Bux / The Grind (Singles) (2019)

Remo Drive - Natural, Everyday Degradation (2019)


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Artist........ Remo Drive
Title......... A Portrait Of An Ugly Man
Label......... Epitaph
Genre......... Rock
Rip date...... 2020-06-25
Retail date... 2020-06-26
Runtime....... 40:05
Tracks........ 10
Size.......... 93MB
Quality....... CBR 320kbps 44.1kHz Stereo
Codec......... MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
Encoder....... LAME


01. A Guide To Live By 03:54
02. Star Worship 02:50
03. Dead Man 04:28
04. If I've Ever Looked Too Deep In Thought 03:28
05. The Ugly Man Sings 04:26
06. True Romance Lives 04:18
07. Ode to Joy 2 03:46
08. The Night I Kidnapped Remo Drive 05:18
09. A Flower and a Weed 03:22
10. Easy as That 04:15
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"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".

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