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RA.082 Goon & Koyote

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For many years, Goon & Koyote were the biggest French importers of booty and ghetto tech in France, inviting the likes of DJ Godfather, Bitch Ass Darius and Disco D to parties at clubs like Rex Club and Le Triptyque. But so far they’re best known for Diamond Grills from 2005, the first ever French booty mixtape, which mixed – count ‘em – 150 tracks over 70 minutes. Hosted by DJ Nasty, reportedly the filthiest man in Detroit, what was cool about the mix was that alongside a double dose of booty, electro, Miami bass and ghetto house, the mix also found space for non-booty music from the likes of R. Kelly, Mr. Oizo and Three 6 Mafia. Totally party-tastic, but very clever with it.
Goon & Koyote's RA Podcast is on a similar tip. Kicking off with the (now creepy) sample of Macaulay Culkin from Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ video and a couple of touch-your-toes bass tracks, you think the mix is going to be all about the sleaze…but it’s more than that. Not just a one-dimensional homage to rear ends, RA.082 mixes up house, electro, acid, soul, techno with the booty and tech and ends up somewhere… (good god) intelligent. Turn it up and enjoy.

01. Intro MJ
02. Romanthony - Everybody Dancing / Soundhack
03. Stakker - Humanoid (Feadz 2007 Mix)
04. Ravey - Think
05. Todd Terry - In The Name Of Love
06. Armand Van Helden - Touch Your Toes / The Unknown D.J.
07. DJ Slip - X-men
08. Bobmo coming out on Eurogirls Arcade Mode / Institubes
09. Blapps Posse - Bus It (It's time to get b'zy)
10. TC Crew - Once Bitten
11. Steve Silk Hurley feat J. Principle
12. Nu Shooz - Point of no return
13. Rave Tool
14. 808 State - Flow Coma (Aphex Twin Remix)
15. 2 in a Room - Wiggle it (Club Mix)
16. 808 State - Cubik
17. Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Goon & Koyote Remix)
18. Fast Eddie (Big Ol' Booty Remix)
19. Drexciya III - Aquatic Bata Particles
20. Gemini - For The Crazy
21. Robot Man - Do Da Doo (Remix)
22. Soundhack - Soundhack
23. J.M. Silk - All In Vain
24. U.P.I - She's a Freak
25. Modeselektor - Sucker Pin
26. Cajmere - House Werk
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RA.081 Mike Vamp

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Mike Vamp is probably most known for his association with Poker Flat, with releases on the label both under his own name and as part of the Märtini Bros. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Vamp’s first DJ gig was way back in 1982, he was a fixture on the rave scene as techno took root in Berlin in the nineties, and later he hooked up with Thomas Fehlmann and Gudrun Gut’s Oceanclub project, spinning (mostly drum n bass) on the radio and at parties in the basement of Tresor. Since 1998, Vamp has been releasing records and performing live/DJing as Märtini Brös with partner DJ Cle, previously at Arenaclub as the promoter of SundaySessions and now at Club Watergate, where he has just kicked off a new Wednesday night residency ‘Meet Märtini’.
Vamp’s RA podcast is recorded at the inaugural ‘Meet Martini’ night at Watergate in October, and is bound to please both Märtini fans and tech house lovers with an ear for the deep and dark.

01. Chris A - Stillove4music
02. Lawrence - Place To Be (Stefanik Remix)
03. Extrawelt - Doch Doch (Jeff Samuel Rmx) (85)
04. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Heiligendamm
05. Anonym - Project Huis
06. Rejected – Let's Get Lost
07. Zoo Brazil - Back To Back
08. Matteo Spedicati - Il Fantasma Di Hobanubi
09. Takuya Morita - Fruits Basket Mas
10. Steve Bug & Cle - Iron Daily
11. Ed Davenport - Eyespeak - Liebe Detail
12. Martini Bros - High (Risin')
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RA.080 Underworld

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Rick Smith and Karl Hyde are at the top of the electronic dance pyramid with five studio albums, scores of world tours and almost thirty years of production experience under their belt. Underworld are especially loved for their live shows, which combine Hyde's theatrics, Smith's bank of electronics and some of the most eye-popping visuals around. Recently, they've been branching out into unknown territory, scoring Hollywood movies and taking back control of their music via their Underworldlive record label and website, where fans keep up to date with the band via Underworld radio shows, videos and web rantings. In fact 2007 has been a big year for the band - last month they released their first studio album in five years, Oblivion With Bells in between a string of gigs around the globe, interrupted only, it seems, for health reasons. The tour just resumed this weekend in Tokyo after Smith saw off a bout of bad pneumonia. Welcome back to the frontlines, Mr. Smith.
Underworld are a resolutely live act so their exclusive Misteron DJ mix for the RA Podcast is an extra special treat. Check out Smith & Hyde behind the decks on this sixty-five minutes of top quality Underworld tracks and selections from the best in house and techno.

01. Martin Buttrich - Hunted
02. Etienne Jaumet - Repeat Again After Me (Ame Remix)
03. Marlon D - Jesus Creates Sound
04. David K - Three Arches
05. Underworld - Lenne Penne (Darren Price Remix)
06. Underworld - Crocodile (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
07. Pan-Pot - Charly (Anja Remix)
08. Tiefschwarz - No More Trouble (Turntablerocker Remix)
09. Darren Price - Shake That Higher
10. Jim Peters - Lets Work
11. Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Pig and Dan Remix)
12. Compuphonic & Kolombo - Emotion
13. David K - Three Arches (Remix)
14. Butch - On the Line (Oxia rmx)
15. Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix)
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Вот еще небольшой подкаст, но уже профильно от лейбла 2020Vision

По поводу Микса Гуна и Коета советую сначала почитать каменты... микс на любителя...

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Согласен - очень качественные вещи....

уже довольно давно подписан на этот подкаст...

Альтернативные ссылки на архив подкастов
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Beats In Space - Great radio show from DFA's Tim Sweeney

Bubbletease - Maurice Fulton's Ace Podcast

Fabric Podcasts - The usual high standard from Fabric

Rob Da Bank's twice monthly podcast

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думаю, что не стоит засорять тему подкастами других програм. Либо стоит переименовать эту.

спасибо за материал thumb.gif
Wonderful stuff! Just awesome!...
Thanx Barey!
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RA.083 Gregor Tresher

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Tresher's roots are in electro (his earliest releases were on Frankfurt's Elektrolux imprint as Sniper Mode) but these days he's known more for ravey techno on outputs such as Cocoon, Datapunk and Great Stuff, records which earned him a best producer nod from Germany's Raveline magazine in 2006. Tresher has just put out his fourth album, A Thousand Nights on Great Stuff, a record which pretty much nails his sound, making sense of electro, techno and minimal influences in a manner which has drawn comparisons to Stephan Bodzin or Martin Eyerer. And in case you don’t know, Tresher is the man behind the cracking cut ‘The Wombat’ on Crosstown Rebel’s anonymous Rebelone series—what a tune!
As a DJ, Tresher walks a similar line, eschewing genre purism and finding room for many varieties of dance music in his sets. “To play anything from tech-house to electro in one set and present it in an exciting voyage is what DJ-ing means to me,” is the way Tresher explains it. Recently he’s also begun to play live p.a.s, but his RA podcast is a purely decks and records affair: RA.083 finds lines between his own records and likeminded cuts by Pan-Pot, 2000 & One and Raudive.

01. Error Error - Back to Lythion (Patrick Zigon Remix) (Sweatlodge)
02. Teflon - The Wombat (Rebelone)
03. Pan-Pot - Charly (Mobilee)
04. Rainer Weichhold - Bamboo (Format B Remix) (Great Stuff)
05. Gregor Tresher - Running Systems (Great Stuff)
06. Mossa - In Dulto (Milnor Modern)
07. Joseph Capriati - Scatolone (Globox)
08. Lazy Fat People - Low Profile (2000 And One Remix) (Perspectiv)
09. Raudive - Non (Music Man)
10. GTMK - Panchakarma (Intacto)
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Автор, псиб за музыку, но указать, что сейшн одним треком выложен, думаю, не было бы лишним =(
А ты чего хотел? Это ж подкаст huh.gif
это я удачно зашёл tongue.gif thumb.gif
офигенно... просто восторг.
как то напрягает такой мотивчик....
I'm the Part of the Harmony! You wanna b 2?
RA.084 Trickski

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German DJs Yannick Labbe and Daniel Storte Becker are hard men to pin down. Yannick’s first record arrived on classic Berlin label Cabinet, they’ve got roots in nu-jazz, and they’ve even had the balls to cover a Carl Craig track, ‘At Les’ from More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art. In fact C2 picked up Trickski’s ‘Sweat’ for his Fabric 25 compilation, turning a house track from then unknown producers from Frieburg into an underground hit.
More recently Trickski have been releasing more groove-based house and techno cuts on Compost and Sonar Kollektiv, and have even begun a new club series on the latter, Members of the Trick, picking up artists such as Leroy and Darnell from Detroit, Movementz from England and the rising fast Future Beat Investigators from Finland. Cuts from the label have recently been compiled on Trickski’s debut mix CD, Members of the Trick, which features the likes of Pantha Du Prince, Solomun with a healthy dose of Trickski productions.

01. Mudd - Speilplatz (Quiet Village Remix)
02. Williams - Love on a real train (version by Studio)
03. Harry Swinger - Is On Some
04. Trusme - W.A.R
05. Sascha Dive - Deep
06. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Sous L'arbre
07. Pawel - Gabriel
08. Tiger Stripes - Survivor
09. Fetisch & Me - Diskotektonik
10. Tommy Bones - Focused Energy
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Други, может кто успел скачать RA.074 Prins Thomas
Перезалейти плиз))
Они вдвоем с Lindstrom такой спейс офигенный играют!

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barey рекспект!!))

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