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Это сообщение отредактировал lessnoy - 30.05.17 в 16:51
Подскажите как на самом сайте узнать направление определенного сета?
Вот к примеру RA.274 George FitzGerald
Лучший форум любителей звуков >> тут <<
greenplus, в описании может быть пару слов, ну или в интервью, но проще определить по треклисту или же прослушав подкаст.
Я модерирую когда захочу.
barey а есть ли возможность скачивать с RA диджейские чарты?...меня, к примеру, очень интересует чарт Sis`а за сентябрь.
наврятли (((
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RA.275 DJ Deep
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 60:30 min

Cyril Etienne des Rosaies has been a part of the Parisian house and techno scene for almost two decades. He got his initial break in the first half of the '90s playing for Laurent Garnier at his Oz, Zoo and Wake Up parties, while schooling himself in the art of Detroit techno and NYC and Chicago house in local record stores. His first efforts in music production hit shelves in 1997 (as The Deep alongside Julien Jabre), and although the name DJ Deep has since been more readily associated with the excellent City to City mix CDs, Etienne des Rosaies has proffered a stream of music through labels like BBE, Distance and his own Deeply Rooted House. With regards to the latter, DRH was set up in 2004 alongside the now defunct House Music Records reissue label. Artists like Kerri Chandler, Franck Roger and Manoo formed the backbone of those early days; more recently it's been techno talent like Ben Klock, Mike Dehnert and Marcelus drawing a crowd.
Old meets new, house meets techno and Deep gets, well, deep on RA.275.

01. Murphy Jax - Smoodrama
02. Osunlade - The 8th Chakra
03. Rootstrax - Harlequin (Kerri Chandler Edit)
04. Gerd feat. LB BAD - H.O.U.S.E (Jacob Korn Remix)
05. Fast Eddie - Time To Jack
06. Emika - Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
07. Skudge - Melodrama
08. Splice - Trouble
09. Anthony Shakir- Travellers (MRSK Remix)
10. Mike Dehnert - Montage
11. Ben Klock - You
12. Arnaud Le Texier - Ingredients
13. Roman Lindau - Sub Suggestion
14. Rejected - For The People (Ben Klock Remix)
15. Francois X - Code Red (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
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RA.276 Alva Noto
Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Glitch, Minimal
160 kbps | 51:15 min

Alva Noto is a pseudonym of German sound/visual artist Carsten Nicolai. It's difficult to bring into focus the breadth of Nicolai's achievements in the various disciplines he's been involved with since the early '90s, but he is perhaps most well-known in music circles as a co-founder of the groundbreaking Raster-Noton imprint, and his collaborative work with Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. The pair has proffered several full-length pieces through Raster-Noton in the past decade, and Nicolai has been no less prolific elsewhere, releasing around ten albums over that time period either solo or in tandem with artists like Opiate and fellow Raster-Noton founders Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider. As with most things Nicolai turns his hand to, the music of Alva Noto is characterized by fierce experimentation. Wild packs of glitches, tone generators, looped oscillators and communication signals are tamed and assembled into sprawling ambient passages and/or rhythmic explorations, the latest of which, univrs, sees release on October 17th.
On RA.276 Nicolai somehow captures the breadth of the Alva Noto sound world in a 51-miute set that moulds the music of Fennesz, Andy Stott, M.I.A., Steve Reich, Nine Inch Nails, Byetone and Donnacha Costello into a coherent whole.

01. Andy Stott - Execution
02. Byetone - Plastic Star (Sleeparchive Remix)
03. Boys Noize - Rozz Box
04. Fiedel - Doors To Manual
05. M.I.A. - The Message
06. Emptyset - Monad
07. NHK - Entire Set
08. Mark Fell - Track 14
09. Errorsmith
10. Fennesz - Happy Audio
11. Ryoji Ikeda - +/-
12. Angelo Badalamenti - Mr. Roque / Betty's Theme Perspective
13. Donnacha Costello - Minimise 3
14. Alva Noto - Xerrox Tek Part 1
15. Alva Noto - Xerrox Teion
16. Grischa Lichtenberger - 007_11101lv1b
17. Alva Noto - UniDeform
18. SebastiAn - Motor
19. Nine Inch Nails - The Great Destroyer
20. Steve Reich - Reed Phase
21. MMM - Donna
22. Robert Hood - Minimal, Minimal
23. Pan Sonic - Teurastamo
24. Alva Noto - Xerrox Soma
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11. it's not Ryoji Ikeda - +/-. It's Ryoji Ikeda - Channel X: Radiorange from album '1000 Fragments' [CCI Recordings – CCD23001 | 1995] & [R-N 089 | 2008]
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RA.277 Cosmin TRG
Genre: Dubstep, Future Garage , Minimal, Techno
160 kbps | 55:18 min

It's actually kind of sad that Cosmin TRG's exploration of genres has been a talking point - can't an artist, you know, do more than one thing? - but such is life. The Romanian producer was a dubstep/garage dude when he started out back in 2007, hopped over to house for a bit and is now residing in techno country. One by-product of this restlessness is the name Cosmin TRG (or TRG as he was initially known) has adorned many a leading label these past four years - Hessle Audio, [NakedLunch], Tempa, Immerse Records, Hotflush, Hemlock and Rush Hour being merely a selection of them. The latest to put a welcoming arm around him was Modeselektor's Fifty Weapons. Separat / Izolat, released at the beginning of 2011, signalled Cosmin's intention to get truly stuck into the tough stuff, while it seemed the dream had been fully realised when it was announced in June that a full-length offering was in the works for Fifty Weapons.
Try as it might Simulat wasn't quite able to shake off Cosmin's roaming past - which is exactly what made it so great; RA.277 suffers the same affliction with exactly the same outcome. This is techno but not quite as you know.

Tracklist To Come
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RA.273 Renaissance Man как обычно нереально прокачивают dance.gif Люблю их творчество
Очкарик похож на доктора Фримана из Халфа biggrin.gif

Это сообщение отредактировал Jung1e - 21.09.11 в 7:57
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RA.278 Mike Huckaby
Genre: Disco, House
160 kbps | 80:02 min

Mike Huckaby is one of electronic music's teachers. Here's a man that recently told us that he'd prefer to stay in his home city of Detroit tutoring kids on music production at the city's Youthville centre than playing festivals in Europe. A deep house producer who spent years honing his synthesis and programming skills only to publish his knowledge in the form of a sample CD. ("I just have a sense of compassion to help others not to be stuck regarding the music making process like I was in the past," he told LWE last year.)
Our Machine Love feature with him last year was full of anecdotes concerning this struggle to succeed in music making, yet it always ran parallel with his desire to share all he'd unearthed. If this is all beginning to sound a little too feel-good then we should also emphasise that Huckaby is pretty badass DJ and producer in his own right. He's been releasing grade-a deep house since 1995 and despite his statement to the contrary regularly finds himself touring throughout Europe among other worldwide destinations like the upcoming Decibel festival in Washington state.
As for Huckaby's mix for us? "These are the records that I want to hear for the rest of my life."

Tracklist To Come
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RA.279 Luca C & Brigante
Genre: Disco, Funk, Rock, Space, Synthpop
160 kbps | 72:39 min

Luca C & Brigante may be Italian, but it's Spain—specifically Ibiza—that they have on their collective mind. The duo have already crafted one of the year's most sun-drenched singles in "Different Morals," and will continue with the Balearic vibes on the forthcoming Invisible Cities EP on Southern Fried. They come by it honestly. Brigante, AKA Sebastiano Properzi, has lived in Ibiza for nearly a decade, and cosmic synths and a bit of rock music have always found a place in the Italian clubbing landscape anyway. (Just ask Daniele Baldelli.) On their mix for RA, they've captured that feeling expertly, bringing you through tracks both obvious and not for a perfect end-of-summer comedown.

01. Neu! - Seeland
02. The Eagles - King Of Hollywood
03. Pluto - Into A Totally Different Race
04. Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer
05. GAG - Flyin' Bolero
06. Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotise
07. Bon Iver - Towers
08. White Noise - Firebird
09. Pink Floyd - Fearless
10. Luca C & Brigante - On A Star
11. Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight
12. John Martyn - Big Muff
13. The Byrds - Moog Raga
14. The KLF - Elvis On The Radio
15. Spacemen 3 - Feel So Good
16. The Woodentops - You Make Me Feel (Late Night Version)
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RA.280 Martyn
Genre: Detroit Techno, House, UK Garage
160 kbps | 57:44 min

Martyn played both Berghain and Panorama Bar this past weekend. What's so special about that? Well, when you consider that one set was live at Sub:stance - bastion of bass music - on the Friday, and the other was a Sunday evening DJ session as part of Panorama Bar's weekly house music throw-down, then you start to get a sense of his music's inherent versatility. Martyn was among the first to make explicit the links between UK bass music and Berlin/Detroit techno through works on his own 3024 imprint, Apple Pips and Hessle Audio, and cemented this MO on his superlative 2009 debut album, Great Lengths. He was invited to mix the fiftieth instalment in the fabric series the following year, which in itself was a point of discussion along similar lines ("A dubstep DJ mixing a fabric CD?"). The follow-up to Great Lengths dropped this week and it actually sees Martyn in his most straight-up form yet; an album the man himself describes as a return to his early love affair with Chicago and Detroit.

01. Prince - Chocolate
02. Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Fantasy Girl
03. Jimmy Edgar - W O M E N
04. Shlomi Aber - The Majestic
05. Blake Baxter - N Sync
06. Matias Aguayo - Comeme Riddim
07. Mosca - Dom Perignon
08. Mr Fingers - Washing Machine (Swag Ariston Re-Edit)
09. Echo Park - Fiber Optic (Jon Convex's Love Transmission Remix)
10. Jam City - Barely A Trak
11. Daphni - Jiao
12. Levon Vincent - These Games
13. Redshape - Throw In Dirt
14. Oni Ayhun - Oar003-B
15. Kink - New York Tapes 1
16. Martyn - Masks
17. Emika - Pretend (Kyle Hall Remix)
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супер!!! biggrin.gif
да трек лист не помешал бы - есть несколько вещиц

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