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Ringer was 16Volt's second side project, a rock group featuring talent from several industrial artists. The main lineup consisted of Eric Powell (from 16Volt) on vocals and Kraig Tyler (from Crazy Town) on guitar, Carlton Bost (from Deadsy) on guitar, Paige Haley (from Orgy) on bass and Mikey Cox (from Coal Chamber) on drums. The finished roughly an albums worth of material, which could be downloaded from their website, and played several gigs before splitting up.

2004 - Demos
01 - You Are (So Far)
02 - Angels Wings
03 - Okay Okay
04 - Picture
05 - All Right
06 - Wait Another Day
07 - We'll Be Together
08 - Beautiful Girl
09 - Away
10 - Auto

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2008 - Other Songs
- Forget You (2006)
- Without Love (2008)

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Ringer - Kansas Trip (Auto)

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Это сообщение отредактировал [Dead Angel] - 04.09.13 в 22:14
таки стянул с майспеса трэки "Forget You" (2006) и "Without Love" (2008). позже добавлю в шапку, вместе с несколькими "альтернативными ссылками" smile.gif - Ringer - Other Songs (320 kbps, Myspace Rip; 16.42 Mb)
незнаю почему но когда пытаюсь прослушать демки из шапки винамп вылетает...
обновил шапку - попробуйте снова wink.gif
Спасибо за шапку)

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