Sex In Dallas & Biladoll


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Artist : Sex In Dallas & Biladoll
Album : Perpetual Emotion Maschine
Label : Discograph
Genre : Electronic
Bitrate : 176 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Playtime : 00:41:56 (56.3MB)
Rls date : 2007-04-14
Store date : 2007-04-10

[Track List]
1. Hurry Congo (Feat. Khan) 3:47
2. Hit Back Bow 3:51
3. Forever Young 5:03
4. Chicago (Feat. Khan) 2:54
5. En Juin 1926 1:09
6. Digital Memory 3:34
7. Spanish Tears Are Made Of Gold 4:31
8. Perpetual Emotion Maschine 3:25
9. Mes Nuits Sont Fragiles 3:42
10.The Family Tree 1:05
11.The Freaks 3:31
12.Until The End (Feat. Eric D Clark) 5:24

Sex in Dallas. Different people claim for the paternity of
the project. Originally from the Republic of Texas. Left
the country on injunction of the U.S. federal government
for subversive activities. Came to Paris, France. Produced
their already legendary "red album" Around the war, signed
on Kitty-Yo (Peaches, Gonzalez). Acclaimed by the
international press, from France to America, from Le Monde
Magazine (april 2006) to the Philadelphia Weekly
Their live debut had been chaotic, violent and memorable.
In conflit with the Parisian society, they settle in 2003
in the capital of the world, Berlin, Germany. For the
second album joined Biladoll (ex Electrocute/former
Puppetmastaz) as "la chanteuse" and studio producer. With
her lucid performances they toured the world, from Turkey
(Indigo Music Hall, Istanbul) to Ukrainia (Kaif Club,
Kiev), from Sao Paulo (Vivo Festival) to London (The End).
Played live in Berghain. SID formed a dj team, applaused
from Ankara (Locus Solus) to Berlin (Tresor, Week-End),
their new homeland. Exposed in the MOMA/PS1 in an art
movie, "132 BPM", of the artist from Norway, Torbjorn
Rodland. Currently working with the Hebbel Theater in
Berlin, for the music and the scenography of the next
Alexandre Roccoli choreography (d..cembre 2006; Developed a certain vision
of electronic music as a part of a field of contemporary
arts. Consider clubbing as a political option and an
infinite utopia. Experiment music as a landscape and work
each track with a narrative approach. Had fun with Khan
(Captain Comatose) and Eric D. Clark ("From Disco to
Disco") as featurings. Will release their second album,"
Perpetual Emotion Maschine", on Record Makers (Air,
S..bastien Tellier, Arpanet, John Carpenter), Paris,
обалденная музычка!!!! биг сэнькс!!!! wink.gif
интересно, что нового в 2007 году
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ахринеть - с айфолдера скачало 150 человек - и только один откомментировал. и вот скажите ради чего всё это?
Не боись, дружышче!
А что ты ожидал? Сейчас время и люди такие!
Отпишусь как то, потому что только вот поставил на закачку!
Об этой банде я слышал,
слушал 1 трек
12.Until The End (Feat. Eric D Clark) 5:24

Качаю смело!
Сенк заслуженно!

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спасибо, очень понравилосьsmile.gif
Огромное спасибо за эту чудную музычку!!! Клас thumb.gif
this is a rare piece of cr*p....
Tunes are below the average, and the lyrics.... what lyrics?

Вообче не в моем вкусе. Но некоторые темки для релакса отобрать можно. wink.gif
Зачем тогда писать если не в твоем вкусе. Очень качественная музыка. Но до дюбетного не дотягивает.
Респект, дружище )
агаськи tongue.gif
Please RE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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