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Shhpuma is a Portuguese record label, directly aimed at promoting and celebrating an unparalleled creative and richly heterogeneous moment in the country’s musical history.

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начинаем сей топик благодаря уважаемому m-umka, давшему послушать релизы лейбла, которые я перезаливаю сюда, конвертировав в 320

Joana Sá & Luís José Martins - Almost A Song (2013)
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Joana Sá - piano, toy piano, celesta, percussions, electronics
Luís José Martins - classical guitar, percussions, electronics

1. Cantiga de Amor
2. Rock em Setembro
3. Cantiga, partindo-se
4. Die wahnsinnige Forelle
5. presque Sarabande – quasi una fantasia


Pao - Untitled (2012)
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Pedro Sousa - tenor sax
Tiago Sousa - keyboards, harmonium, percussion
Travassos - tapes, amplified objects, circuit bending, zx 150, voice

1. Gods wait do delight in you
2. Dyson Tree
3. It was all downhill after the sling


Parque - The Earworm Versions (2013)
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Nuno Torres - alto sax
Ricardo Jacinto - cello, percussion
Nuno Morão - percussion, melodica
João Pinheiro - percussion, vibraphone
Dino Récio - percussion
André Sier - electronics

1-3. Peca de Embalar
4-8. Os
9-11. Atraso


Albatre - A Descent into the Maelstrom (2013)
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Hugo Costa - alto saxophone, loops
Gonzo Almeida - bass, electronics
Philipp Ernsting - drums, electronics

1. Nautilus
2. Maelström
3. Aphotic zone
4. Deep Trench
5. Vampyroteuthis infernalis
6. Albatrossia


Filipe Felizardo - Guitar Soli for the Moa & the Frog (2012)
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Filipe Felizardo - guitar, amplifiers

1. Against the Day
2. A Conference of Stones and things Previous. I) The Dance of the Moa
3. A Conference of Stones and things Previous. II) Particulars of a Descent
4. A Conference of Stones and things Previous. III) Of Obsidian, Doubly Refracting
5. A Conference of Stones and things Previous. IV) De Vi Centrifiga
6. II
7. Of the Excrement and the Frog
8. The Dreidl upon the Nose of the Sphynx

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Tiago Sousa, Pedro Sousa, Travassos - Pao

Pedro Sousa - tenor sax
Tiago Sousa - keyboards, harmonium, percussion
Travassos - tapes, amplified objects, circuit bending, zx 150, voice

1. Gods Wait Do Delight In You (6:36)
2. Dyson Tree (13:40)
3. It Was All Downhill After The Sling (23:53)

круто, спасибО)) а нету такого альбома ???
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Tiago Sousa, Pedro Sousa, Travassos - Pao

Pedro Sousa - tenor sax
Tiago Sousa - keyboards, harmonium, percussion
Travassos - tapes, amplified objects, circuit bending, zx 150, voice

1. Gods Wait Do Delight In You (6:36)
2. Dyson Tree (13:40)
3. It Was All Downhill After The Sling (23:53)


это ж вроде альбом 2012 года
...bang on a can, herbie hancock, wollny/kruse/schaefer, joachim kuhn, kurt elling, agustí fernández/barry guy/ramón lópez, hyperactive kid, trespass trio, j.d. walter, frode gjerstad/jon rune strom/paal nilssen-love, the thing, gregory porter...
это ж вроде альбом 2012 года

дада, простите, я на автомате 15-й проставил smile.gif
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а нету такого альбома ???

хмм, где-то встречался...
ну, короче заинтриговал, я нервно ожидаю, на тебя надеясь))) smile.gif
, миль пардон, по обложке с другим альбомом спутал sad.gif

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Joao Lobo & Norberto Lobo - Oba Loba

1. Tous Les Lapins
2. Kasuari
4. Olarias
5. Tak For Sherman
6. Violynn
7. Bahííía
8. Castorium
9. Arpa
10. Magari


очень красивая вещь

“Mogul de Jade”, the CD which joined the two Lobos for the first time – Lobo Norberto and Lobo João –, with a music that puzzled the label maniacs,couldn’t be an isolated act. The guitarist and the drummer are back with an album promising to be even more problematic, for store owners and record colectors, in what concerns the task to put it on the shelves. There’s more than one way to listen to “Oba Loba”: as a folk work going beyond the codes of this music idiom, “weird folk” included, or as a jazz opus contaminated by other expressions, more than what usually happens in the “creative jazz” segment.

The music here is hybrid, ambiguous, ambivalent, interstitial and a big surprise for all those who could think that the presences, as sidemen, of Giovanni Di Domenico, Jordi Grognard, Niels van Heertum, Lynn Cassiers, Ananta Roosens, Daniele Martini and Gregoire Tirtiaux are evidences that there´s some jazz, or some free improvised music, going on. Well, it’s not true. Jazz is there, alright, as are multiple folk elements, but there’s much more to ear. It’s impossible to identify every factor, every influence, every reference we can find minute by minute, and that’s good. In this fantastic edition, everything is in a process of osmosis, with the cells uniting instead of dividing themselves.

© shhpuma

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Albatre - Nagual

Hugo Costa - alto sax, loops
Goncalo Almeida - bass, effects, keys
Philipp Ernsting - drums, electronics

1. Nagual
2. «OO»
3. El Bicho I
4. El Bicho II
5. El Bicho III


горячий хард-джаз super.gif
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Powertrio - Di Lontan

Eduardo Raon - harp, electronics & idiofones
Joana Sá - piano & idiofones
Luís José Martins - classical guitar, electronics & idiophones

1. À Flor Do Mal
2. O Nervo E A Outra Dança
3. "Di Lontan Fa Specchio Il Mare - Joly Braga Santos, In Memoriam"
4. Divertimento


тоже хард, но прохладный
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Nick Millevoi - Desertion

Nick Millevoi - electric & acoustic guitars
Jamie Saft - Hammond organ, piano
Johnny DeBlase - upright & electric bass
Ches Smith - drums

1. Desertion and the Arsonist's Match (8:28)
2. Just For a Moment, I Stood There in Silence (6:07)
3. Where They Do Their Capers (7:59)
4. Disneyland in Hamtramck (6:56)
5. The Big Moment is Always Out There Waiting (3:54)
6. The Fire That Partially Damaged City Hall (8:30)


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Roji - The Hundred Headed Women

Goncalo Almeida - bass, loops
Jurg A. Schneider - drums
Susana Santos Silva - trumpet
Colin Webster - baritone sax

1. Inner Roji (6:53)
2. 2 Sisters (2:18)
3. Sounding Restraint (6:30)
4. 1 1=3 (2:48)
5. Pacific (4:19)
6. Prelude To A Broken Sax (6:38)
7. The Hundred Headed Women (9:14)

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Andre Goncalves - Currents & Riptides

André Gonçalves - synthesizer, guitar, fender rhodes, computer
Rodrigo Dias - bass
Gonçalo Silva - guitar
Pedro Boavida - fender rhodes

1. Long Story Short (27:31)
2. Will Be Back In A Few (19:13)
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Black Bombaim & Peter Brotzmann - s/t

Peter Brotzmann - saxophones
Ricardo Miranda - electric guitar
Tojo Rodrigues - bass
Paulo Goncalves - drums

1. Pt. 1 (13:04)
2. Pt. 2 (8:37)
3. Pt. 3 (11:32)
4. Pt. 4 (7:04)
5. Pt. 5 (6:58)
After QUEST, the piano and electronics duo by Joana Gama and Luis Fernandes, and SATIE.150, Gama's project signaling the 150th anniversary of the composer Erik Satie, HARMONIES is the combination of those two musical investments, but adding a third element: cellist Ricardo Jacinto, also well known as a sound and visual artist. This is the next and brilliant step to the album QUEST, which content wasn't already defined by Joana Gama's parallel incursions in contemporary classical music or Luis Fernandes' activities in the fields of rock and ambient electronica, with the band peixe:aviao and under the name The Astroboy or Landforms. It's much more than that: the exploration of a new musical ground alternative to previous paradigms, but now profiting from the contributions of Jacinto, a musician usually committed to experimental music and improvisation. Curiously enough, the simple melodies suggested by Satie give a more evident pop flavor to the pieces at the same time that the constructions get more experimental. The music keeps being puzzling and mysterious, but the beauty of it all is overwhelming.

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Joana Gama, Luis Fernandes, Ricardo Jacinto - Harmonies

Joana Gama - piano
​Luís Fernandes - electronics
Ricardo Jacinto - cello, electronics

1. Entree en forme de Idylle (10:16)
2. Edification en forme de Ogives (6:55)
3. Piege en forme de Valse (4:33)
4. Memoires en forme de Vexations (8:28)
5. Developpement en forme de Harmonies (8:58)
6. Sortie en forme de Panthee (7:47)
Весьма интересная португальская команда, вытворяющая на стыке фри, нойза, психоделии и шаманства. Мне неожиданно понравилось blink.gif
Это второй альбом. Оба доступны на bandcamp

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Alförjs - Demons 1 (2017)

Mestre André: tenor sax, electronics, percussion, mbira and voice;
Bernardo Álvares: double bass and voice;
Raphael Soares: drums and percussion
192 kbps

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The name of this project references Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”, but that doesn’t prepare us for the music played on “Stille”. Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido is a wildly eclectic, ‘post- everything’ explosion, taking on aspects of contemporary classical music, jazz, experimental electro- acoustic, math-rock, pop, non-Western folklore, exotica and vaudeville. The points of reference are deftly approached on their own terms, and recontextualised in impossible composites.
The album was conceived in the unquiet mind of the idiosyncratic Dutch musician and composer Jeroen Kimman, for whom this represents a first release as producer and engineer. In addition to playing most of the instruments of the Orquesta (although it also features contributions by some of Amsterdam’s most creative musicians), Kimman has produced the sound world of the album in microscopic detail, taking the instruments further into deranged sonic territories. Despite the scope of the record, there is a unity to the music that owes more to the film soundtracks of Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota, and the virtuosic experimentalism of early studio pioneers such as The Three Suns, Les Baxter and Martin Denny, than to other contemporary attempts at eclecticism. It comes out of Kimman’s genuine love of, for example, country and western or striptease bands, combined with his experiences writing for theatre, dance and animated cinema. The result may seem bizarre but it’s a work of genius.


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Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido - Stille (2018)

01. Scenario (2:55)
02. Blue Train (3:39)
03. Strol (3:26)
04. Shawty (4:14)
05. Zen In Tummy (6:27)
06. Cross (3:15)
07. Hillyrock 2: Fricchettone (2:51)
08. Jive Mandolin (4:25)
09. A Merlefriend Solid (2:23)
10. Poseidon (7:21)
11. Hills For Seamus (5:16)

интересная вещь wink.gif
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Música de Selvagem — Volume Único (2018)

Бразильский джаз вне рамок фьюжн и босса-новы...

Arthur Decloedt: double bass;
Filipe Nader: alto and baritone saxophones;
Guilherme Marques: drums;
Amilcar Rodrigues: trumpet and euphonium;
Cuca Ferreira: baritone saxophone
Sessa, Martim Bernardes, Luiza Lian, Pedro Pastoriz: vocals

320 kbps
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Timespine — Urban Season (2018)

Adriana Sá: zither, reactive software, field recordings;
John Klima: electric fretless bass;
Tó Trips: electric guitar, percussion

320 kbps
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Цитата: @z4badak
reactive software
Не знаю... реактивное программирование какое-то. Тётка весьма креативная и на ютьюбе про неё много есть

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@z4badak , альбом мне понравился - очень много интересных фишек, саунд-эффектов и прочего, но в чём реактивность - не уловил
Похоже на вот эту сербскую группу. Тоже впечатление - что-то сейчас заиграют, но так и не соберутся.

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Oli Steidle & The Killing Popes — Ego Pills (2019)

Oli Steidle: drums;
Frank Möbus: guitar;
Dan Nicholls: keyboards;
Kit Downes: keyboards;
Phil Donkin: bass;
Philipp Gropper: saxophone;
Petter Eldh: bass;
Kalle Kalima: guitar;
Andreas Schaerer: vocals;
Louise Boer and Liv Nicholls: backing vocals

256 kbps

ухъ! rolleyes.gif
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Luis Lopes — Love Song: Post Ruins (2019)

Luis Lopes: electric guitar

320 kbps
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̶N̶Ã̶O̶ — Arcana (2019)

Alexandre Vaz: keys, tenor sax & guitar;
João Silva: synths & drum machine;
Vasco Marques: bass & synth

320 kbps
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Цитата: @z4badak
̶N̶Ã̶O̶ — Arcana (2019)
отличная вещь

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