Brazilian death metal?
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1. Apocalipse
2. Caos Mundano
3. Ressurgir das Trevas
4. Condenacao
5. Vicios Malditos
6. Sabedoria
7. Soberano Poder
8. Dor Pelo Pecado
9. Esgotao
10. Lamentacao

Link coming soon
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here is the link

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thank you very much . gonna listen to this!
Thx for the share thumb.gif

I already gave it a quick listen, and it's much what is to be expected from Southamerican DM cool.gif

a friend a mine gave that cd to me

to bad its kinda a short cd

their website

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thx a lot! thumb.gif
gettin' it right about now so comments later.
thanx for tha share.
thx man, you rock thumb.gif
Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
Soon will upload more stuff cool.gif

my upload is getting a upgrade thumb.gif

1 mbits

and soon 8 mbit download tongue.gif

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