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Artist : Slightly Stoopid
Album : Slightly Stoopid
Release Date : 1996

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Genre : Punk Revival / Punk-Pop / Ska-Punk

Slightly Stoopid is the first album and was released in 1996 on Skunk Records. On the original 1996 Skunk Records print, the CD included two hidden tracks after To A Party. The first hidden song is Prophet with the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime playing bass. The second hidden song is Guava Jelly, a Bob Marley cover. The printing was very limited at an estimated 1000 copies.

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Size : 52.3 MB
File Count : 14
Duration : 45:24
Average Bitrate : 167/166 kbps
Encoder Info : MPEG 1 Layer III LAME 3.90. [alt-]preset standard -b 128 (modified)

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Slightly Stoopid is an American band based in Ocean Beach, California, who describe their music as "a fusion of acoustic rock and blues with reggae, hip-hop, and punk". As a band, they have released seven albums (2 live) with their fifth studio album, entitled "Chronchitis", released on August 7, 2007. The band was originally signed by the late Bradley Nowell from the band Sublime to his label Skunk Records.

по стилю похоже очень на sublime
качаем альбом Everything You Need (2003)
Track listing
1. "Everything You Need"
2. "Officer"
3. "Questionable"
4. "Runnin’ With A Gun"
5. "Killin’ Me Deep Inside"
6. "Perfect Gentleman"
7. "Wicked Rebel"
8. "Sweet Honey"
9. "Punk Rock Billy"
10. "World Goes Round" (featuring I-Man)
11. "Wiseman"
12. "Leaving on a Jet Plane"
13. "Mellow Mood" (featuring G. Love)
14. "Collie Man"

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“As Men Get Older, The Toys Get More Expensive”
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Slightly Stoopid - Everything You Need (2003)
Slightly Stoopid - Closer To The Sun (2005)
Slightly Stoopid - Chronchitis (2007)

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Slightly Stoopid - Chronchitis

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Slightly Stoopid continues its journey away from punk rock on its fifth album, Chronchitis. In fact, by now it's hard to remember when this band ever played like punks. Kyle McDonald and Miles Doughty, the original duo, have by now been joined by four other musicians, and while they may still hail from San Diego, their sound is pure Caribbean. Reggae, rocksteady, and especially dub dominate on these groove-heavy tracks. There are other influences -- you can almost sing Traffic's "Feelin' Alright?" to "Hold On to the One" and, despite its title, "Jimi" is reminiscent of Hugh Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass" -- but the Jamaican rhythms are constant, and they are accentuated by the singers' faux-Jamaican accents. The effect is never less than entertaining and almost always infectious, and the guests, particularly touring buddy G. Love, who waxes erotic on "Baby I Like It," provide welcome additions to the sound. Chronchitis is one of those records that sounds like it was formed with live work in mind, and it should keep Slightly Stoopid's summer audiences happy and dancing.

1. Anywhere I Go
2. The Otherside
3. Hold On To The One
4. 2am
5. Blood of My Blood
6. Nobody Knows
7. Above the Clouds
8. Digital
9. Round the World
10. Baby I Like It
11. Ocean
12. Jimi
13. Breakbeat (feat. DJ Hellnaw)
14. Mind on Your Music
15. Ever Really Wanted
16. Girl U So Fine/Girl U So Fine Pt 2
17. Reward for Me

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By popular demand, Slightly Stoopid will be re-releasing Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid as a full length album on July 22! The new album will feature all 7 songs from the original EP, including the fan favorite UB40 cover of "I Would Do For You", as well as other outtakes, rarities, and brand new studio joints.
появились 2 новых трека с готовящегося к выходу альбома

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Slightly_Stoopid- Slightly_Not_Stoned_Enough_To_Eat_Breakfast_Yet_Stoopid_Outtakes_Rarit ies_And_A_Couple_New_Joints-2008-FNT

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- Release Info -

Artist: Slightly Stoopid
Album: Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid
Label: Silver Back Music
Playtime: 51:12 min
Genre: Rock
URL: http://www.slightlystoopid.com
Rip date: 2008-07-14
Street date: 2008-07-22
Size: 73.45 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 190 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -

Here's a new record from these stoners containing a mixture of new stuff and
older b-sides.

- Track List -

01. I Would Do For You ( 3:49)
02. The Fruits ( 2:19)
03. Thinkin Bout Cops ( 2:42)
04. Circle House Blues ( 3:43)
05. No Cocaine ( 4:45)
06. False Rhythms ( 3:50)
07. London Dub ( 2:47)
08. On and On ( 3:12)
09. Train 1 ( 2:44)
10. Train 2 ( 1:55)
11. Know You Rider ( 3:07)
12. Chaunch ( 4:39)
13. Supernatural ( 5:13)
14. Sensimilla ( 3:00)
15. Closer to the Sun ( 3:27)


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