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Smalltown Supersound is an independent record label based in Oslo, Norway, and dedicated to new forms of jazz, rock and electronic music.
Their catalog features albums by Jaga Jazzist, 120 Days, Mats Gustafsson and Sonic Youth, amongst others.
In 2004, the company launched the sub-label Smalltown Superjazzz which is intended to release "jazz with a punk attitude".


Bjorn Torske - Feil Knapp

Label: Smalltown Supersound
Catalog#: STS 117 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 26 Mar 2007
Style: House, Dub, Minimal
Credits: Artwork By [Cover] - Kim Hiorthoy
Other [Vaktmester] - Jorgen Troen
Photography [John Hegre Foto] - Lasse Marhaug
Written-By, Producer - Bjorn Torske
Notes: Recorded in Bergen, Norway.

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1 Hemmelig Orkester (4:02)
2 Hatten Passer (5:22)
3 Spelunker (5:24)
4 Tur I Maskinparken (5:47)
5 Loe Bar (5:38)
6 Kapteinens Skjegg (6:09)
Noise [Nervos Lyd] - John Hegre
7 Moljekalas (5:41)
8 God Kveld (8:15)
9 Orkenrotta (5:10)
10 Fembussen Hjem (7:08)

When Prins Thomas was asked the question “what is the most desirable signing if money grew on trees?” by Fact Magazine, his answer was; “if I could lure him out of his cave for a second I wouldn't mind getting some new stuff from Bjorn Torske”

And now; Bjorn Torske is finally out of the cave with a brand new album titled “Feil Knapp”! This is his first album since “Trobbel” in 2001 (on Telle Records). In many ways “Feil Knapp” (Norwegian for wrong button) represents a sound that sits somewhere in between “Trobbel”, 1999`s seminal “Nedi Myra” on Ferox and his underground cult hit “Soppelmann” on Svek. With influences ranging everything from Count Ossie and The Residents via 22 Skidoo to Idut Boys, Torske has created his very own and characteristic signature sound, a unique blend of warm and melancholic house, quirky avant-disco, leftfield electronica and dark, heavy psychedelic dub. In other words; this album has everything that we have learnt to love Bjorn for. Weirdly melodic and wonderfully groovy.


ifolder? может быть..
thanks a lot for this.
great label.
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+1 на ай фолдер плииииииззз=)
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ARTIST....... Bjшrn Torske
TITLE........ Feil Knapp
LABEL........ Smalltown Supersound
CATALOG...... n/a
YEAR......... 2007
GENRE........ Electronic
RELEASEDATE.. Apr-04-2007
FORMAT....... VBRkbit/44,1kHz


01 Hemmelig Orkester 04:02
02 Hatten Passer 05:22
03 Spelunker 05:24
04 Tur I Maskinparken 05:47
05 Loe Bar 05:38
06 Kapteinens Skjegg 06:09
07 Mшljekalas 05:41
08 God Kveld 08:15
09 Шrkenrotta 05:10
10 Fembussen Hjem 07:08

10 tracks 58:36 min
69,9 MB


He is back!



Diskjokke - Discolated Remixes 2007-2008 (2009)

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Artist: Diskjokke
Title: Discolated (Remixes 2007-2008)
Label: Smalltown Supersound
Cat.N: STS168
Source: WEB
Format: Album, Unmixed
Style: Space Disco, Electroclash
Release Date: 03-Aug-2009
Quality: 256kbps
Tracks: 09
Total Time: 01h16m
Size: 143 Mb


01. Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke remix)
02. Harry's Gym - Attic (Diskjokke remix)
03. Bloc Party - Sunday (Diskjokke remix)
04. Lykke Li - Everybody But Me (Diskjokke remix)
05. The National Bank - Home (Diskjokke remix)
06. Foals - Olympic Airways (Diskjokke remix)
07. Spektrum - Moody Feels Good (Diskjokke remix)
08. Ost & Kjex - Boston Food Strangler (Diskjokke remix)
09. Lindstrom - Breakfast In Heaven (Diskjokke remix)

"Staying in" was maybe an all too apt title for Diskjokke's debut album. The record seemed
to effectively perpetuate the cosmic-disco genre without necessarily adding very much.
It felt as if Diskjokke was living inside the house that Smalltown built, uninterested in
exploring the world outside. As a result, Dislocated maybe then doesn't refer to the tunes
Diskjokke has overhauled in this collection of remixes, but Diskjokke himself, as he's nudged
out of his comfort zone and forced to weave his own cosmic palette through other people's

The results gathered here are largely promising, and some of the standout moments are when
Diskjokke explicitly flips the cosmic disco script, like the abrupt feint in the midst of "Attic"
by Harry's Gym. It starts trippily enough, but just as the pressure starts to build and you get
prepared for a jolt into the psychedelic stratosphere, the swirling clouds dissipate and a nicely
dry, uptempo shimmy emerges instead, just to keep you on your toes.

Equally unexpected is Diskjokke's take on Lykke Li's "Everybody But Me"—no starry synths on
this one, just slow-mo tribal toms that neatly match Lykke's breathy wallflower pining. The bulk
of the remixes here stitch more conventional cosmic tropes onto indie songs, and tend to sink
or swim depending on the quality of the tune. The rework of "Heartbreaker" by Metronomy works
quite nicely despite an inane vocal couplet, "I heard she broke your heart again...she's a
heartbreaker!" Then Diskjokke's mix of "Boston Food Strangler" by Ost & Jex perfectly executes
a long-form cosmic rollercoaster ride. The vocals by this duo, also responsible for the Princeisms
of Jamie Jones' "Summertime," are a bit hard to swallow here, all warbly and flush with
Sparks-style histrionics, so wisely Diskjokke lets them manifest for a brief refrain before
drowning them, like a wrathful Neptune, in a percussive tide.

Whether surprising or not, it's on his remix of cosmic disco overlord Lindstrom's "Breakfast in Heaven"
that Diskjokke falters, producing a near-stylistic self-parody: the mix is very much the trippy
juggernaut you might expect, but with its extra dollops of glistening synths, it sounds like it should
accompany a scene of Falcor, the luck dragon from The Neverending Story, in whimsical, triumphant
flight. Given that we're already talking about a style prone to exaggeration and excess, this ends up
feeling like an overdose. Cosmic disco on steroids. It's further evidence that Diskjokke is at his best
not when he's goofing indoors with his fellow cosmic Norwegian brethren, but when he's forced to
go outside and play with the neighbors.




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ЫЫЫЭ    Artist .......:  Lindstrom & Christabelle                      ЯІЫЫЫЬЬ
ЫЫЫ    Title ........:  Baby Can't Stop - Remixes II                    ЯЫЫЭ
ЫЫЫ    Genre ........:  House                                            ЮЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Label ........:  Smalltown Supersound / WAS                      ІЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Language .....:  English                                          ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Street Date ..:  2010-00-00                                      ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Release Date .:  2010-03-10                                      ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Quality ......:  320kbps 44100kHz Joint Stereo                    ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Source .......:  WEB Store                                        ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Tracks .......:  2                                                ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Size .........:  41.06 megs                                      ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Discs ........:  1                                                ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Encoder ......:  LAME                                            ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ    Grabber ......:  EAC                                              ЫЫЫ

ЫЫЫ      1.    Baby Can't Stop (Idjut Boys Remix)            [ 7:36 ]    ЫЫЫ
ЫЫЫ      2.    Baby Can't Stop (Prins Thomas Remix)          [ 9:30 ]    ЫЫЫ
diskJokke unveils En Fin Tid

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Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound is set to release En Fin Tid, the second album by Joachim Dyrdahl, AKA diskJokke.

Along with artists like Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Lindstrom, diskJokke is a central figure in Norway's disco scene. He first made a splash in 2007 with Staying In, a debut album that earned praise from Spin, Filter and Pitchfork Media, and continued to gain popularity with remixes for Bloc Party, Charlotte Gainsbourg and more recently The xx. The new record, whose title translates to "a happy time," grew out of a very significant turning point in Dyrdahl's life: he became a father and decided to do music full time, setting aside his career in mathematics to focus completely on family life and the studio.

Like much of his work so far, En Fin Tid boasts the sunny, prog disco vibe for which Dyrdahl and his cohorts are known. The album draws inspiration from Brian Eno, Arthur Russell and the Alan Parsons Project, as well as krautrock artists like Tangerine Dream and Holger Czukay of Can.

01. Reset And Begin
02. En Fin Tid
03. Big Flash
04. Rosenrød
05. 1987
06. Bastard Alliance
07. The Bund
08. Nattestid

Smalltown Supersound will release diskJokke's En Fin Tid on June 22nd, 2010.

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Drivan debuts with Disko

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Swedish-based band Drivan will release Disko, their first album, next month on Smalltown Supersound.

Despite the record's title, Drivan's sound is far from club-friendly. Their debut album is contemplative and mostly down-tempo, blending elements of Swedish folk with ambient textures and electronic sounds. The band is led by Norwegian artist Kim Hiorthøy, a producer who's released three albums and a fistful of 12-inches for Smalltown Supersound and frequently does graphic design for the label's album covers.

01. Some en Laderlapp
02. Inget Mer Sen
03. Kampa
04. Campingvagn
05. Lat det va
06. Det gr Ingenting
07. Hart i Ogat
08. Shamshalam, shimshilim
09. Allt man Vill
10. Hej Da
11. Snderslagna Mobler

Smalltown Supersound will release Disko on August 18th, 2010.

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diskJokke - En Fin Tid

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Label: Smalltown Supersound
Format: CD, Album
Released: 22.06.2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Nu Disco, Balearic House
Quality: mp3 320 cbr
Size: 145 MB


01. Reset And Begin
02. En Fin Tid
03. Big Flash
04. Rosenrod
05. 1987
06. Bastard Alliance
07. The Bund
08. Nattestid

MP3 320 CBR




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Artist...: Diskjokke
Title....: En Fin Tid
Label....: Smalltown Supersound
Cat.No...: STS184CD
Format...: CDDA
Genre....: Electronic
Style....: Future Disco, Electronica
URL......: _http://www.smalltownsupersound.com

Tracks...: 8
Size.....: 78.86MB
Playtime.: 01:00:11

Grabber..: EAC
Encoder..: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality..: avg. 175kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo

1. Reset And Begin 9:22
2. En Fin Tid 4:43
3. Big Flash 7:48
4. Rosenrod 7:58
5. 1987 6:13
6. Bastard Alliance 6:08
7. The Bund 7:31
8. Nattestid 10:28
60:11 (min)

A second Smalltown Supersound album from Diskjokke, En Fin Tid (translated from
Norwegian as "A Happy Time") finds Joachim Dyrdahl making his first full-length
since becoming a full-time musician. His debut, Staying In had been pieced
together over a number of years, comprised from a number of tracks composed
separately. This time around, the bigger picture of a proper album is Dyrdahl's
main focus, and clocking in at around an hour with only eight tracks, this is a
hefty undertaking. Said to be influenced by "Holger Czukay's mid 80s period,
Brian Eno, Arthur Russell, European disco, Allan Parsons, Tangerine Dream,
Arthur Lyman and Craig Leon" you can certainly hear the will to experiment in
this Norwegian producer's progged-up cosmic disco. Equally important is a sense
of fun, and on the likes of 'En Fin TId' and '1987' Dyrdahl rests his sights on
danceable and highly melodic material. Standing out in particular is recent
Moshi Moshi single, 'Rosenrшd', which truly glistens at the heart of the album,
adding wave after wave of creamy analogue synth to a rolling backbeat while
fashioning the breeziest and most effectively minimal of melodies. Good stuff.



recovery record 3%
Drivan - Disko

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Release Date: August 17, 2010


1.Som en läderlapp
2.Inget mer sen
5.Låt det va
6.Det gör ingenting
7.Hårt i ögat
8.Shamshalam, shimshilim
9.Allt man vill
10.Hej då
11.Sönderslagna möbler

"Norwegian musician, designer, writer and do-it-all Kim Hiorthøy seems to gravitate toward multimedia projects. His latest, Drivan, is unsurprisingly a music group born from a performance piece. Working with two Swedes (Lisa Östberg and Louise Peterhoff) and a Finn (Kristiina Viiala) on a Gunilla Heilborn project in 2007, the four agreed to continue making music on their own. The quartet's music has been described as having a "folk-oriented and organic feel ... drawing more from Swedish folk and prog of the '70s, as well as Stina Nordenstam’s People Are Strange album." Translation? A pleasant batch of electronic folk-pop songs sung in Swedish."

MP3 320 CBR


Bjorn Torske unveils Kokning

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Norwegian imprint Smalltown Supersound is set to release the fourth studio album by Bjorn Torske, entitled Kokning.

Though currently based in Bergen, Torske originally hails from Tromso, a city 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle from which some of Norway's best electronic music emanates (members of Royksopp and Biosphere are also among its natives). Kokning reflects these Nordic roots; the title, for instance, refers to the cooking process of putting potatoes on to boil, going out to fish, then preparing the fish with the potatoes upon returning.

According to a press release, the style of Torske's new album follows suit with his previous records, blending elements of Balearic, cosmic disco and his trademark brand of "skrangle-house," an open-ended take on house that stems from the Oslo nightclub Skansen. That said, the sound of Kokning is also more organic than most of his work to date, thanks in part to its production method: Torske recorded an array instruments and objects in various rooms with different acoustics, then edited and overdubbed these sounds into rhythmic tracks later on. The album consists entirely of previously unreleased material, and will be available on CD and LP from the beginning of November.

01. Kokning
02. Bryggesjau
03. Gullfjellet
04. Langt Fra Afrika
05. Bergensere
06. Slitte sko
07. Nitten nitti
08. Versjon Wolfenstein
09. Furu

Smalltown Supersound will release Kokning on November 1st, 2010.

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