Snakes In Paradise

Snakes In Paradise - Dangerous Love

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Track Listing
1. Come On Join The Party
2. Dangerous Love
3. Fire And Rain
4. Calm Before The Storm
5. There's Somethin' U Hidin'
6. Should Have Known Better
7. Give And Take
8. Let The New World Around Us
9. House Of Fire
10. Devils Fire
11. Endless Highway
12. Move On

This is the band's 3rd album and comes two years after the last one. The band have had some great moments on their previous albums, but have never really nailed it from start to finish. They have this time. Every track on Dangerous Love has a great hook, a solid chorus and above all, some fine production, complete with harmony vocals, guitar solos and every element that AOR/melodic rock fans love to hear.
I have heard several of the demo's as this album was recorded and I must admit I wasn't sold on them, but this finished product took me by surprise and I am only to happy to report the good news.
I will say though, like all good albums with strong life spans, this one takes several listens for everything to click. Some songs are instant, but others creep up on you. In the end they are all classic.

Year 2002
Combined Length 49 minutes 30 seconds
Channels 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate 44,1 KHz;
Sample Size 16 bit
Average Bit Rate 233 kbps


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Snakes In Paradise - Step into the Light (2018)
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01. Wings of Steel (4:12)
02. Silent Sky (5:30)
03. Will You Remember Me (3:44)
04. Angelin (4:25)
05. Living Without Your Love (4:04)
06. If I Ever See the Sun (4:32)
07. After the Fire is Gone (4:12)
08. Love on the Otherside (3:36)
09. Things (3:28)
10. Liza (3:44)
11. Life's Been Good to You & Me (3:24)
12. Step into the Light (4:25)

Snakes In Paradise - Step into the Light (2018) (Lossless, FLAC, Tracks):

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