Label: Hymen Records
Country: Germany
Released: Sep 2000
Genre: IDM, Industrial

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1 Are You Normal Enough? (Beefcake and the Burger Flippin' Blues)
2 Real Estate Man (Low-Key Operations Make a Down Payment)
3 The Last Diamond (Xingu Hill Slices the Soft Earth)
4 Real Estate Man (Ubin Offer Affordable Solutions)
5 Is There No-One That Can Save Us From Today? (Space Cat Joins the Utopian Futurist Front)
6 Are You Normal Enough? (Shinjuku Filth Celebrate Contamination)
7 Real Estate Man (Black Lung Greets the Funky Inquisition)
8 The Infernal Advocate
9 Slide Into Extinction (Shaolin Wooden Men Live in Room 23 at the Altona Motor Inn)
10 Are You Normal Enough? (End Encourage Less Normalization)
11 State Rape (Beam Up Battle Cross Channel Traffic)
12 Are You Normal Enough? (Francois Tetaz Conducts the Cacophanous Maximus)
13 The Crumbling Land
14 Chasin' and the Jargonauts
15 Oil

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Snog vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture — Synthetic Melodies of Resistance (2006)

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Snog's last full–length–album "Beyond The Valley of the Proles" was a brilliantly placed shock for many of those who filed David Thrussell's project under 'just–electronic'. Thrussell's reference to artists such as Lee Hazlewood or Leonard Cohen polarized and proved Snog's unpredictable and unique creativity. "Snog Vs…" offers 14 Brand New tracks (alongside 7 new acoustic tracks hidden on the CD in MP3 format) showcasing Thrussell and his companions (C. Peirce of END, Sir Real, Ubin, the Namshub of Enki) as masters of amplified sound — is it electro or industrialised rock as only Snog know how — where slide guitars are hit by shuffle–beats and long forgotten tekkno–anthems are drowning in a sea of breakbeats… Presented in Deluxe digipak packaging.

01. King Of Hate
02. Crash Crash
03. Bourgeois
04. Turn On Your Brain Baby
05. Planet Of Shit
06. On The Rise
07. Neighbour Of The Beast
08. Poison
09. The Disease
10. Don't Go Down To The Woods Today
11. Destroyer
12. Al Quaeda Is Your Best Friend
13. The De–Evolutionaries
14. A Hymn For The Fascist Republic

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SNOG - The Worst Of not relised

02-Born To Be Mild
03-Light Yet Refreshing
04-Make The Little Flowers Grow
06-The Ballad
07-The Prole Song
08-Big Brother
09-This Is Capitalism
10-The Human Germ
11-Bastard Closet
12-The Future
13-The People Of Straight Land
14-The End (Suite)
15-Cliche (Live At The Las Vegas Hilton)
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Snog - Buy Me...I'll Change Your Life [1998]

Список треков:
1. Light, Yet Refreshing
2. Hooray!!
3. Make The Little Flowers Grow
4. The Ballad
5. The Prole Song
6. Big Brother
7. This Is Capitalism
8. The Human Germ
9. Bastard Closet
10. The Future
11. The People Of Straigtht Land
12. The End (Suite)

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Snog vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture — Synthetic Melodies of Resistance (2006)

Не особо интересной работой оказался. Ожидал большего... и вообще у них нравятся старые вещи, времён Lies. Inc; Born To Be Mild; и пр

А есть у кого-нибудь видео? говорят DVD выходило...
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Snog Vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture...
Real Estate Man Plus
Beyond The Valley of The Proles
Snog — Beyond The Valley Of The Proles (2003)

Snog vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture — Synthetic Melodies of Resistance (2006)

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Snog vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture — Synthetic Melodies of Resistance (2006)

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Veruschka - The Secret [2001]
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Artist: Veruschka
Album: The Secret
Label: Ant-Zen
Catalog#: act 112
Format: Vinyl, 10"
Notes: 454 copies
Bitrate: 192
Style: IDM, Experimental, Trip-Hop
Size: 24,9 MB

A1 The Secret
A2 The Departement
B1 Supernature
B2 Boredom Kills
B3 The Fruits
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Moving forward with each breath.
Snog - Planet Of Shit (2006)
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Genre......: Electronic
Style......: Electro / Crossover
Label......: Psy-Harmonics Records
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: Dec-13-2006
Rls.Date...: Dec-19-2006
Playtime...: 75:48 min
Size.......: 116,1 MB

01. Planet of Shit
02. Planet of Shit (Kris Kylven rmx)
03. Planet of Shit (Manmademan rmx)
04. Planet of Shit (Dimension Beatross rmx)
05. Planet of Shit (Neal Stewart rmx)
06. Planet of Shit (Black Lung rmx)
07. Planet of Shit (Zen Paradox rmx)
08. Planet of Shit (End rmx feat Erich Schoen on Cello)
09. Planet of Shit (Recently Deceased rmx)
10. Planet of Shit (White Noise Carousel rmx)
11. The Day they Came Back (feat the Namshub of Enki & Mon
12. We Are the Enemy
13. A Nation at War
14. Turn Over your Planet Baby (Sir Real rmx)
15. Planet of Shit (Hecq rmx)
16. Child
17. Lie Song
18. Planet of Shit (Acoustic version)

Password: mp3db

SNOG "Real Estate Man Plus" 2005 Hymen Records
SNOG "I Snog Therefore I Am…" 1999 Hymen Records
Snog - Real Estate Man Plus [2005]
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Label: Hymen Records
Catalog#: ¥743
Format: CD, Maxi-Single
Country: Germany
Released: Apr 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Industrial, Electro
Notes: Original version produced by Snog and taken from the album 'Third mall from the sun'.

1 Real Estate Man (Ubin Mix) (3:23)
2 Real Estate Man (Sir Real's Ugly Mix) (5:43)
3 Real Estate Man (8-Bit Apocalypse Mix) (6:07)
4 Real Estate Man (Sir Real's Purty Mix) (5:09)
5 Real Estate Man (Volum Mix) (5:25)
6 Real Estate Man (Hecq Mix) (4:45)
7 Real Estate Man (Super Awesome Electro Friends Forever Mix) (6:15)
9 Real Estate Man (99 Original) (4:38)
10 Real Estate Man (Live From The Sun Room) (4:13)

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