Solar Fake

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Artist....: Solar Fake
Album.....: Broken Grid
Type......: Album
Source....: CDDA
Tracks....: 12
Genre.....: Electronic
Label.....: SPV
Catalogue#: SPV 67142 CD
Encoder...: Lame 3.97
Quality...: VBR kbps / 44,1KHz / Joint-Stereo
.rar info:

01 Hiding Memories From The Sun 04:11
02 Stigmata Rain 04:38
03 (You Think Youґre) Radical 03:37
04 The Shield 03:49
05 Creep 03:45
06 Here I Stand 05:29
07 I Keep My Eyes Shut 05:05
08 Hero & Conqueror 04:29
09 Lies 04:18
10 Sometimes 04:02
11 Your Hell Is Here 05:03
12 I Canґt Remember 04:02

Total:76,10 MB/ 52:28 min

Release Notes:
The beginning
In the year 2007 Sven Friedrich, the singer of Zeraphine and the
legendary Dreadful Shadows, brought his solo project SOLAR FAKE into
Here the charismatic frontman, who is mentioned in several lexica and
reference books as the outrider for the combination of rock and
electronics in dark music, can live his penchant for electronic music
perfectly. SOLAR FAKE is a pure electro- project and there are
synthesized sounds only, except for his uncomparable voice.

The Music
Pulsating sequencers, driving beats and sometimes wild and aggressive
vocals meet intensive melodies and melancholic moments. But Sven
doesn't commits himself to a certain style.
"I like too many styles to choose only one of them. In my opinion an
album is much more diversified and exciting if you combine different
elements and styles", he said.
It's due to this position that his band Zeraphine is so successful. The
songs break in on you, throw you very different moods, but you always
keep the feeling to listen to one single album. There's the
unmistakable hand of Sven Friedrich in all compositions and lyrics. But
it's really something new.

A solo project - why?
"The idea of an electro project grew in me for a long time. But I
lacked the time and maybe courage to do it. Last year I simply started
to work on this project. After years in rockbands (which I really love
and don't want to miss) I wanted to create something of my own,
something uncompromising. It's good for me to be unaccountable except
for myself. And I love creating sounds an electronic music anyway, so
it seems to be the consequential step in my musicians life."
We do not want our rips on a website.
Please do not give this CD free for downloading on the www.
Someday you will destroy us all by doing that.
Support the artist and buy the CD you like.

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приятненький музончег
мелодично и ухо не режет ...
как раз под сегодняшнюю погоду

стремные какие то типы
Мне не очень - мрачновато...
Да, приятненько, местами тяжеловато рубят, но в общем стоит поиметь и удовлетворицца!!! рекомменд!
I'm the Part of the Harmony! You wanna b 2?
Ага на "Камуфляж" схоже, но кайфово.
Мерси! blink.gif
Да вообще офигенная команда-то. 5 песен сразу полетели в любимые. есть и синтпоп, и готика, и жёсткий ebm. главное- почти в каждой песне есть своя изюминка.
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Label: Synthetic Symphony / SPV
Format: CD, Album (2011)
Country: Germany
Style: Synthpop, EBM, Gothic Synth
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Size: 87.5 MB

01. Under The Skies
02. Why Did I Raise The Fire
03. No Apologies
04. More Than This
05. Parasites
06. Such A Shame
07. Where Are You
08. The Rising Doubt
09. Pain Goes By
10. Until I'm Back
11. The Line Of Sight


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Can anyone upload or share download link with new album Reasons To Kill? smile.gif
Solar Fake - Reasons to Kill (2013)

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ARTiST....[ Solar Fake
TiTLE.....[ Reasons To Kill
GENRE.....[ Electronic
LABEL.....[ Synthetic Symphony
KHZ.......[ 44,1
MODE......[ 246kbps / Joint Stereo
ENCODER...[ Lame 3.98.4
REL.DATE..[ 10.25.2013

01 I Hate You More Than My Life 04:33
02 Face Me 04:24
03 Change the View 04:11
04 When I Bite 04:14
05 Reset to Default 04:12
06 Rise and Fall 04:16
07 I'd Rather Break 03:51
08 My Spaces 03:53
09 One Step Closer 02:40
10 My Bleeding Heart 04:20
11 The Pages 04:46


A good two years have passed since their last album "Frontiers",
but the long wait is over and expectations are high for the
project's third studio album, considering that its predecessor
took the dancefloors of the global club scene by storm and stood
its ground among the top positions of the German Alternative
Charts for a full eight weeks!

"Reasons to Kill" consists of 11 tracks featuring a wide range of
electro music, with driving beats and those unmistakable melodies
that SOLAR FAKE specialise in, sounding danceable and haunting
without being blunt. Remaining true to their chosen path, the
duo from Berlin neither repeat themselves nor become unfaithful
to their own sound. Diversity has been a central theme ever
since SOLAR FAKE first arrived on the scene, so it s not
surprising that "Reasons to Kill" features trance influences
alongside dub step, industrial and EBM elements, without falling
prey to clich s.

Songs such as "My Spaces" and "Face me" blend aggression and
beauty as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Tracks
like "I'd Rather Break" and "I Hate You More Than My Life" turn
into floorfillers in no time, just like the ingenious "Reset to
Default", which is already available as a free download and is
well-known. Naturally, the album also features highly distorted
sounds in the two violent industrial hits "My Bleeding Heart" and
"When I Bite". By contrast, "Reasons to Kill" also includes two
somewhat melancholy numbers: "Rise and Fall" and the closing song
"The Pages", which develops from a noisy piano ballad into a
danceable electro wave track.

A cover version seems to have become an essential element of
every SOLAR FAKE album, and the new album is no exception. This
time they ve given "One Step Closer" (originally by LINKIN PARK)
the SOLAR FAKE treatment. Who would have thought that so much
pressure could be produced without guitars? Sven explains: "I
tried a number of different synthesizers to get a sound that does
justice to this song. In the end I simply played everything
through the guitar amps and recorded the result."

Again Sven Friedrich's incomparable voice succeeds in stirring
all kinds of different emotions in his audience, from
goosepimples to aggression. After the release of this album the
charismatic vocalist will no longer be pigeon-holed with his
'rock bands' ZERAPHINE and DREADFUL SHADOWS, as he has firmly
established himself as an indispensable part of the electro


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ARTiST....[ Solar Fake
TiTLE.....[ Another Manic Episode
GENRE.....[ Electronic
LABEL.....[ Outofline
KHZ.......[ 44,1
MODE......[ 242kbps / Joint Stereo
ENCODER...[ Lame 3.98.4
REL.DATE..[ 10.30.2015



01 Not What I Wanted 05:10
02 Fake To Be Alive 04:40
03 All The Things You Say 04:38
04 Under Control 04:40
05 Observer 04:37
06 Until It's Over 04:00
07 The Race Of The Rats 04:01
08 If I Were You 04:36
09 I Don't Want You In Here 04:15
10 Stay 05:33

cd2 Bonus

01 Somebody Told Me 03:18
02 You Need The Drugs 04:36
03 If I Were You 06:17
(You Can't Break Me - Version By Peter Spilles - Proje
04 Under Control (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) 04:39
05 I Don't Want You In Here 04:02
(Remix By Desireless And Operation Of The Sun)
06 The Race Of The Rats (Broken Soldiers Project Remix) 04:27
07 Fake To Be Alive (Ten After Dawn Remix) 04:38
08 Observer (Saprozoon Remix) 05:22
09 Under Control (Proxy_View Remix) 04:39

cd3 Sedated

01 Not What I Wanted (Piano Version) 04:26
02 I Don't Want You In Here (Piano Version) 03:55
03 Until It's Over (Piano Version) 04:21
04 All The Things You Say (Piano Version) 05:58
05 The Race Of The Rats (Piano Version) 04:00
06 Under Control (Piano Version) 04:31
07 Stay (Piano Version) 05:24

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15 октября выступят в Питере, а 16 октябяря - в Москве ph34r.gif

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ARTiST.... Solar Fake
TiTLE..... You Win. Who Cares?
GENRE..... Electronic
LABEL..... Outofline
SOURCE.... Cdda
KHZ....... 44,1
MODE...... 240kkbps / Joint Stereo
ENCODER... Lame 3.98.4
SIZE...... 222,4mb
REL.DATE.. 09.01.2018


Cd1 (2018)

01. Sick Of You 04:17
02. Wrong Direction 04:21
03. A Bullet Left For You 05:29
04. Invisible 04:52
05. Anything You Want 04:21
06. The Pain That Kills You Too 03:54
07. Just Like This 04:48
08. Too Late 03:25
09. If This Is Hope 05:15
10. I Don't Fight Back 03:45
11. What If There's Nothing 05:40

Cd2 (2000)

01. Papillon (Editors Cover) 04:57
02. Fuck U (Archive Cover) 04:07
03. The Pain That Kills You Too (Mr.Kitty Remix) 04:39
04. Just Like This (Patenbrigade Wolff Remix) 06:37
05. A Bullet Left For You (Ostfront Remix) 03:40
06. Too Late (In Strict Confidence Remix) 04:47
07. The Pain That Kills You Too (Adam Is A Girl Remix) 05:31
08. Wrong Direction (Random Starlight Remix) 05:29
09. If This Is Hope (Era Nocturna Heavenly Creatures Remix) 05:13

Cd3 tranquilised (2000)

01. Just Like This (Acoustic Version) 05:10
02. Too Late (Acoustic Version) 04:17
03. Invisible (Acoustic Version 05:14
04. The Pain That Kills You Too (Acoustic Version) 04:23
05. Wrong Direction (Acoustic Version) 05:12
06. What If There's Nothing (Acoustic Version) 05:11
07. If This Is Hope (Acoustic Version) 04:32

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