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How Lee Ranaldo Throwing Chairs at a Wall Became a Song About Love

Lee Ranaldo and Rosalía collaborator Raül Refree are extremely talented guitarists, but for their new song “Light Years Out,” they turned to an old cassette of Ranaldo throwing chairs against the wall for instrumentation instead.

“We found some tapes at the studio in New York that Lee recorded many years ago,” Refree tells Rolling Stone. Ranaldo says he created them nearly 20 years ago for a tribute album to Japanese noise band Hanatarash on a cassette player made by the Library of Congress for blind people. “With this cassette and some of the others we found, we created this texture. It was a fresh experience for us,” Refree adds.

“The idea with the last record was to take my music — which has been, for so long, in Sonic Youth and after Sonic Youth, based around this format of a rock band — and expand it,” Ranaldo says. “Put the music in some different settings. When we got together to make the follow-up, we thought we would start in a similar vein. I came in with all these demos and we stockpiled all this modern, electronic beat-making equipment that Raül had been working with in the last year, and we just went off on a different path.”

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Олдскул. Но, канеш, не Соник. Сыграно проще. Айра смешной какой-то
Выложили таки Москву 1989 на стриминговые сервисы!
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65 минут - это прям по-царски
а в мр3 этого концерта нет никак???
Lee Ranaldo & Raül Refree - Names of North End Women (2020)
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Время: 0:45:11
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 103.58 Мб

01. Alice, Etc. (6:28)
02. Words out of the Haze (4:47)
03. New Brain Trajectory (4:35)
04. Humps (Espriu Mix) (5:45)
05. Names of North End Women (6:40)
06. Light Years Out (4:54)
07. The Art of Losing (6:03)
08. At the Forks (5:59)
Было, не? Austin City Limits 2010, неполный сет

Закачал, слушаю

Sonic Youth’s ‘Live in Moscow’ is a Snapshot of the Indie-Rock Greats at Their Peak

From anniversary re-creations by the band to its inclusion in the Library of Congress’ National Registry, Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation has been rightly defined as one of the landmarks of Eighties indie rock, and possibly its last galvanizing moment before so much of that scene collapsed. The band still played a few of the album’s songs onstage right up until its 2011 breakup, which followed the separation of founding couple Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. But what we’ve never heard, outside of bootlegs, is the sound of Sonic Youth wailing on those songs right after the album was released in the fall of 1988. Three decades later, we finally get that chance with Live in Moscow April 12-13, 1989.

In one of the most surreal moments in a career dotted with them, Sonic Youth played a handful of shows in the Soviet Union in April 1989, on the heels of a European tour. Not quite on the big-theater scale of previous visits to that country by Billy Joel and Elton John, the Sonic Youth shows took place in what were basically basements and rec rooms, sometimes monitored by KGB agents and attended by Russian kids who’d heard bootlegs of Daydream Nation circulating around the country. The promoter of the band’s Moscow shows, which took place at a hotel, recently discovered tapes of both their sets, which have been combined into one album now available on streaming sites. (Only 300 physical vinyl copies were pressed.)

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@Дэни Бой
А Стив ничем сейчас не занят? Чтоб для полного комплекта smile.gif
такой барабанщик без дела не останется cool.gif судя по инстаграму жив-здоров, периодически с кем-то постукивает себе в удовольствие rolleyes.gif с Миком Харви выступает, например здесь
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