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Lazer Guided Melodies CD 1992

Pure Phase CD 1995

Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space CD 1997

Royal Albert Hall, October 10, 1997 Live 2CD 1998


Let it come down CD 2001

Amazing grace CD 2003

The complete works Vol.I 2CD compilation 2003


Songs in A&E CD 2008 by joi6760 192 kbps

Songs In A&E 2008 by SnorkyVO VBR

TITLE: Songs In A&E Special Edition
LABEL: Sanctuary Records Catalog#:00602517655836
GENRE: Indie / psychedelic rock/ space rock
SIZE :83 Mb
RLS DATE: 2008


1 Harmony 1 (Mellotron) 0:24
2 Sweet Talk 4:04
3 Death Take Your Fiddle 3:13
4 I Gotta Fire 2:28
5 Soul On Fire 4:07
6 Harmony 2 (Piano) 0:42
7 Sitting On Fire 4:38
8 Yeah Yeah 2:28
9 You Lie You Cheat 3:04
10 Harmony 3 (Voice) 0:18
11 Baby I'm Just A Fool 7:07
12 Don't Hold Me Close 3:08
13 Harmony 4 (The Old Man...) 1:32
14 The Waves Crash In 4:08
15 Harmony 5 (Accordion) 1:03
16 Borrowed Your Gun 3:47
17 Harmony 6 (Glockenspiel) 0:50
18 Goodnight Goodnight 4:38




Singles & EP's

The Abbey Road EP 1998

I Think I'm In Love CDS 1998

Stop your crying CDS 2001

Do it all over again CDS disc 1 2001

Do it all over again CDS disc 2 2001

Soul on fire CDS 2008 by Blast40185 VBR kbps

All CD RiP's ENCODER: LAME 3.97 -V0 BITRATE: VBRkbps (exept posted by joi6760 and blast40185)

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На русском:

Spiritualized выпустят свой первый альбом за шесть лет. Пластинка будет называться "And Nothing Hurt". Последний на сегодня альбом Spiritualized "Sweet Heart Sweet Light" вышел в 2012 году. Настало время новых песен - Джейсон Пирс записал новую пластинку у себя дома в Лондоне. "Делать альбом самостоятельно у себя дома - большего безумия в моей жизни не было, - сообщил Пирс в пресс-релизе. - Мы играли большие концерты, и я хотел запечатлеть этот звук в записи, но у меня не было достаточно денег, поэтому пришлось работать в границах собственных средств. В общем, я купил лэптоп и сделал все у себя дома".
Альбом выйдет 7 сентября, а вот его трек-лист:

"A Perfect Miracle"
"I’m Your Man"
"Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go"
"Let’s Dance"
"On The Sunshine"
"The Morning After"
"The Prize"
"Sail On Through"

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Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt (2018, Bella Union/Fat Possum)

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Artist: Spiritualized
Title: And Nothing Hurt
Label: Bella Union
Genre: Indie
Quality: 238 Kbps Avg
Time: 48:09
Size: 83,05 MB
Rip Date: 2018-09-02
Str Date: 2018-09-07
URL: http://www.spiritualized.com

Track List:

01. A Perfect Miracle 4:46
02. I'm Your Man 4:28
03. Here It Comes (The Road) Let's Go 4:41
04. Let's Dance 5:11
05. On The Sunshine 5:00
06. Damaged 4:57
07. The Morning After 7:42
08. The Prize 5:24
09. Sail On Through 6:00

Release Notes:
Spiritualized have announced news of their new studio album And Nothing Hurt,
released 7th September via Bella Union in the UK/Europe and Fat Possum in the

From the opening lullaby of A Perfect Miracle through to the fading Morse Code
at the close of Sail on Through, Spiritualized wrap layer upon layer of
gloriously transcendent sound together to create a mesmerising and cinematic
collection of songs.

There are points - the thunderous climax of 'On the Sunshine'; the spectral
waltz of 'The Prize'; the towering guitar solo on 'I'm Your Man' - where the
waves of blissful noise are almost overwhelming, where one can imagine the
studio's speakers vibrating themselves off of the walls. Which is an incredible
feat when you discover that the album was conceived and recorded almost entirely
by one man - Jason Pierce, AKA J. Spaceman - in an upstairs room in his east
London home.

Sat in an edit suite in Whitechapel a month or so after finishing recording,
Jason talks honestly about the painstaking, frustrating process of creating 'And
Nothing Hurt.'

"Making this record on my own sent me more mad than anything I've done before.
We'd been playing these big shows and I really wanted to capture that sound we
were making but, without the funds to do, I had to find a way to work within the
constraints of what money I had. So I bought a laptop and made it all in a
little room in my house."

Whereas bedroom recording is commonplace for a generation of musicians who've
grown up with horizon-expanding tech, Spiritualized have long used the studio as
they would an extra member of the band иC as a vital building block in the
construction of some of the most cherished records of the modern era. This time
would be very different. With no grounding in digital recording, Jason had to
learn everything from scratch.

"The biggest thing for me was to try to make it sound like a studio session. But
I was new to it all, I didn't have all the short cuts people use as when they're
making records - I just sat there for weeks... for months... moving every level
up bit by bit just to try to get the sounds right."

For the listener, the nine tracks on And Nothing Hurt effortlessly replicate the
scale and power of Spiritualized's previous releases, whether it's the sonic
blowback of On the Sunshine, the last dime in the jukebox love letter of Let's
Dance or the swell of an imaginary orchestra that seems to lift Damaged towards
the heavens as it plays out.

"With a bit of trial and lot of error, I found ways of doing something that's
quite simple if you've got the resources. I spent two weeks listening to
classical records and strumming the chord that I wanted on my guitar. When I
found something to match what i wanted, I'd sample that bit and go for the next
chord and try to match that. It took weeks, trying to put together and layer
convincing string sounds. But, if I'm honest, all I wanted was for someone to
come and play the part and bring their own thing to the record."

Lyrically, And Nothing Hurt touches on thoughts of passing time and acceptance
of one's age - never more beautifully than on Let's Dance. "I didn't want to be
fighting against my age; it's very much about acceptance. And not with any
dissatisfaction either - I'm not raging against the inevitable. I spent a lot of
time thinking about the way that the songs should hold together, trying to make
the narratives make sense rather than just throwing together a couple of lines
that rhymed."

During the making of And Nothing Hurt, Jason kept returning to the thought that
this would be the last Spiritualized record - interviews over the last couple of
years made it clear that the frustration of trying to replicate the sounds in
his head whilst sat on his bed were proving too much. With the record finally
finished and a new UK label in Bella Union, does he feel the same way now?

"I was quite sincere about that and I still feel like it might be the case. It
was such hard work. I found myself going crazy for so long. It's not like
there's no coming back, I'm fine now... it's just such a hard thing to do, to
make a record like this on your own. It's almost as if, if I'm not pushing
myself to point of madness, it's not going to be right. And I know it's going to
be like that every time. What's the definition of madness? Doing the same thing
over and over and expecting different results. I kind of do that. I think the
biggest goal is to make something that's worthy of all that time and effort. And
the more time and effort, the bigger the goal. I knew I had to make something
that was good enough that it should be made. And a massive positive about making
the record is that we get to play it live. That's always the most joyous thing;
everyone gets to contribute to the sound, this amazing thing that seems to come
right through the roof."

Contact Us: chschs@hush.ai
отличный альбом, но какой-то уж совсем для Пирса жизнерадостный чересчур)
Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt

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the FLAC link i found was dubious - mix is super up-front and 1D...would love a proper FLAC or 320 MP3 CBR! great album, from what i've heard!
Booklet, please!!!
I'm a teenage shoegazer / PULP Fan
"Everything I do seems to lose money": DiS Meets Spiritualized

Spiritualized returned last month with And Nothing Hurt, their eighth album and first in six years since 2012's Sweet Heart Sweet Light. It's been a long and well documented process that's taken the best part of four years before arriving at the finished article, which represents one of the band's finest collections to date.

Currently rehearsing for the European and American legs of their world tour which kicks off in Brooklyn next week, founder member, songwriter, and mainstay of the band Jason Pierce talks Drowned In Sound through the making of the record, signing to Bella Union, the financial difficulties behind putting together a tour, and his overall legacy as a musician and composer of some repute.

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а альбом-то очень хороший!
“Funkywhat? What the fuck do we know about funkysauce? We rob post offices. We steal cars. What the fuck do we know about funkysauce, mate?”
Spiritualized Announce 2019 Tour

Spiritualized have announced a 2019 North American tour. The trek begins in March with a performance at Knoxville, Tennessee’s Big Ears Festival. Find the band’s schedule, which stretches into April, below. Tickets are available here.

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John Prine, Third Eye Blind, Spiritualized Join ‘Ten Bands One Cause’ Vinyl Campaign

John Prine, Third Eye Blind, Spiritualized and the Mark Lanegan Band are among the artists who will take part in the the 6th annual Ten Bands One Cause pink vinyl campaign to raise money for Gilda’s Club NYC, a charity that provides support for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Throughout September and October, the Ten Bands One Cause campaign — a partnership between record labels and music distribution company The Orchard — will also release limited edition pink vinyl albums from Sunn O))), Amanda Palmer, Courtney Marie Andrews, Mark Lanegan, Colter Wall and Lacuna Coil.

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