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STANDARTE is an Italian band that has brought back a previously long-dead 70's style, that being the majestic organ-heavy hard rock of so many European rock groups of the time. All records consist of basically the same kind of music: symphonic progressive, other times jazzy, funky and/or bluesy, and quite often psychedelic. The songs differ a little, but the sound and the style stay the same.

"Stimmung" is strong throughout, and is a fine choice to discover STANDARTE's throwback style. Fans of the not-so-krautrock (but still German) 'big sound' artists of the 70s (like GROBSCHNITT, JANE, BIRTH CONTROL, and OS MUNDI) should really enjoy STANDARTE.

Standarte - 1996 - Standarte

Track listing
1. Dream Love Sequence Nr 9 (7:53)
2. One Strange December Evening (4:55)
3. As I Wandered (3:24)
4. Tolerance Town (3:40)
5. Beat Pimp Muzak (5:07)
6. A War Was Declared (7:22)
7. In My Time Of Dying (6:33)
8. Traumland (5:20)
9. I Want You (2:39)

Total Time: 46:58

- Daniele Caputo / drums, vocal
- Michele Profeti / organ, Mellotron
- Stefano Gabbani / bass

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