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Does anybody have this?

It was only on vinyl. No1 rip it yet
fk ya! my copy of dpmo arrived. sweet.
+ digital will be soon too. web/wav.

massive release. show support!
soon i'll rip it, now its impossible =\
stay tuned!
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Reso - Check 1,2 EP
Artist: Reso
Title: Check 1,2 EP
Label: Civil Music
Cat. Nr: CIV041D
Style: Bass
Date: 15/10/2012
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
Source: WEB
Tracks: 5
Size: 52.38 MB

# Track Title Time
01. Check 1,2 4:10
02. Check 1,2 (Emperor Remix) 4:47
03. Check 1,2 (Starkey Remix) 4:22
04. Check 1,2 (Danny Scrilla Remix) 4:31
05. Check 1,2 (DJ Kentaro Remix) 4:02

Starkey "Orbits" (Album Sampler)

Starkey "Orbits" (CD, 2x12", Digital Download)

*2x12" comes with digital download code*

1. Renegade Starship
2. Command
3. G V Star (Part 1)
4. G V Star (Part 2)
5. Thugs
6. Lzr
7. Synchronize
8. Dystopia
9. ...And Then God Built the Cosmos
10. Crashing Sphere
11. The Shuttle
12. Magnet
13. Distant Star

Pre-order CD or 2 x 12" Vinyl and get free download on release date

Starkey's 3rd full-length album, ORBITS, will be released on December 3rd, 2012 (with some stores getting exclusives a week earlier, November 26th [be on the lookout]). The album will be released on the Civil Music label, with whom Starkey also released the Space Traitor Vol 1 & 2 releases with.

Orbits is the latest thrilling installment in Starkey’s ‘street bass’ odyssey. The Philly producer draws on grime, hip-hop, electro, bass music and beyond to blast off with his most accomplished and fully realized album yet.

Starkey’s intricately crafted, sci-fi inspired tracks escape the intro-drop breakdowndrop formula of most dance music thanks to a more expansive, ambitious approach. Epic opener Renegade Starship paves the way for the heavy-hitting Command, which, along with remixes by Plastician, Drums Of Death and others, will be released as a lead single. The album continues to straddle straight club tracks (see The Shuttle, Dystopia) and more ambient offerings (Crashing Sphere, Synchronize) throughout. Huge drums, Southern rap style high hats and Vangelis-like fizzing synths are deployed to dramatic effect, and the energy and aggression of grime pervade the record.
"American bass producer Starkey has presented us lucky listeners with a preview stream of his forthcoming album, Orbits.
Drawing on grime, hip-hop, electro and bass the new album also continues on the sci-fi theme explored in last years Open The Pod Bay Doors EP released on Ninja Tune."
а че, с ниндзей выгнали его?
Starkey - Command [2012]

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Command
02. Command (Plastician Trapped In The Middle remix)
03. Command (Drums Of Death remix)
04. Command (Pedro123 remix)
05. Command (Noisses remix)
06. Command (DS1 remix)
07. Command (Buku remix)
08. Contact

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