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Steve Von Till - As the Crow Flies (2000)
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1. Stained Glass
2. We All Fall
3. Remember
4. Warning Of A Storm
5. Twice Born
6. Midheaven
7. Shadows In Stone

[MP3 VBR V0 / 67 MB]


Steve Von Till - If I Should Fall to the Field (2002)
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1. Breathe
2. To The Field
3. My Work Is Done
4. Hallowed Ground
5. This River
6. Running Dry
7. The Wild Hunt
8. Am I Born To Die
9. Dawn
10. The Harpy

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Harvestman - Lashing The Rye (2005)
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1. Amongst The Heather
2. The Bunring of Tara
3. The Sea Maiden
4. Scarborough Fair
5. Over Nine Waves
6. March To Loch Barren
7. Melleadh
8. Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
9. Jack Orion
10. The Thunderer
11. Surround Me
12. Green Hills of Tyrol/The Battle's O'er

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Steve Von Till - A Grave is A Grim Horse (2008)
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01. A Grave Is A Grim Horse 04:02
02. Clothes Of Sand 02:30
03. The Acre 03:28
04. Willow Tree 03:43
05. Valley Of The Moon 06:27
06. The Spider Song 03:26
07. Looking For Dry Land 06:42
08. Western Son 04:47
09. Brigits Cross 04:13
10. Promises 03:07
11. Gravity 05:40

[MP3 VBR V0 / 75 MB]


Harvestman - In A Dark Tongue (2009)
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1. World Ash 4:28
2. Karlsteine 6:58
3. Birch-Wood Bower 3:35
4. By Wind And Sun 13:01
5. Music Of The Dark Torrent 4:22
6. Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhail 3:00
7. Headless Staves Of Poets 2:50
8. The Hawk Of Achill 10:08
9. Carved In Aspen 2:50
10. Light Cycle 5:04
11. In A Dark Tongue 7:57
12. Centre Of The World 5:24

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Harvestman - Trinity (2010)
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Trinity is a limited edition issue of the soundtrack to critically acclaimed Italian Director Alex Infascelli's film h2Odio (English title Hate 2 O). Under the moniker of his pysch guitar based project Harvestman, Steve Von Till of Neurosis creates an equally lush and beautiful, yet dark and disturbing backdrop to this psychological thriller. Juxtaposing the beautiful remote island landscape with the tormented psyche and tension of the plot, this soundtrack creates its own epic imagery in the mind of the listener.

The sounds vary from lush, hopeful, and beautiful guitar based landscapes to sinister visions of psychic turmoil.

3rd official release from Steve Von Till's Harvestman project.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Beautifully packaged in black Arigato Pak by Stumptown Printers of Portland, OR.

Track Listing:

1. harvestmesse
2. trinity
3. march to loch barren
4. pure space
5. amongst the heather
6. dig
7. don't play with water
8. dead flowers
9. pure phase
10. reflections
11. pure
12. melleadh
13. separation
14. the thunderer
15. sheep-crook and black dog
16. pure space II

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Harvestman, U.S. Christmas, Minsk - Hawkwind Triad (2010)
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The latest three way split between three of the most inventive and amazing
psych metal bands around. Harvestman is Steve Von Till from Neurosis' psych /
drone solo project, and it's fucking mindblowing. Buy it.

01. US Christmas - Master Of The Universe ( 5:49)
02. Harvestman - D Rider ( 6:38)
03. Minsk - 7x7 ( 7:55)
04. Harvestman - Down Through The Night ( 3:42)
05. Minsk - Assault And Battery/The Golden Void (12:06)
06. US Christmas - Psychedelic Warlords ( 6:20)
07. Minsk - Children Of The Sun ( 4:36)
08. US Christmas - Orgone Accumulator ( 6:51)
09. Harvestman - The Watcher ( 4:42)
10. US Christmas - You Shouldn't Do That (11:24)
11. Harvestman - Magnu ( 8:43)

[MP3 VBR V2 / 110 MB / Scene]

[MP3 VBR V0 / 146MB]

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Steve Von Till - No Wilderness Deep Enough (2020)
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Время: 0:37:15
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 86.64 Мб

01. Dreams of Trees (6:27)
02. The Old Straight Track (5:09)
03. Indifferent Eyes (7:03)
04. Trail the Silent Hours (4:12)
05. Shadows on the Run (7:19)
06. Wild Iron (7:02)
Офигительный последний альбом, просто шикарный - в отличие от двух последних работ Neurosis.
Жаль, что летом вышел - больше подходит под осень/зиму.
Густо мажет
Any chance for a FLAC?
Отличный альбом, прямо за душу берет
Neurosis guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till is preparing an instrumental version of his “No Wilderness Deep Enough” album. Titled “A Deep Voiceless Wilderness“, that vocal-free edition of the album will be out on April 30th through Neurot Recordings. Von Till commented:

This is how I originally heard this piece of music. Without the voice as an anchor or earthbound narrative, these pieces have a broader wingspan. They become something else entirely and unfold in a more expansive way. The depth of the synths, juxtaposed with the strings and French horn, have space to develop and allow the listener to imagine their own story.”

An atmospheric spoken word release of himself reading the poems from his ‘Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems‘ book will also see a release on April 30th as well. That poetry book saw a release last year alongside “No Wilderness Deep Enough” and was his first published work of original poetry. He commented of that:

“Being a constant sound-seeker, I thought it would be more interesting to have some textures and treatments to break up the intimate voice recordings. The background sounds used on some of the tracks were pieces related to ‘No Wilderness Deep Enough‘ that were either not used or repurposed to interweave further connections between my artistic output at this time of my life.”
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Steve Von Till - A Deep Voiceless Wilderness [2021]

01. Called From the Wind
02. We'll Always Have the Sea
03. The Emptiness Swallows Us All
04. Shelter in Surrender
05. The Spiraling Away
06. Nightshade High Country

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