2retiP: thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif и три раза ку!

не надо пытаться определять что есть sublime, imho: sublime это sublime и не надо обзывать их "специфическим ска-панком", а у тем более сравнивать со smash mouth
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Все, что не делается - все к лучшему...
great! то, чего не хватало thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif
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V.A. -Look At All The Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime [2005]
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01. Jack Johnson - Badfish/Boss DJ
02. Michael Franti, Spearhead & Gift Of Gab - What I Got
03. Fishbone - Date Rape
04. Bargain Music - Get Out
05. Avail - Santeria
06. No Doubt - DJ's
07. The Ziggens - Paddle Out
08. Mike Watt, Petra Haden & Stephen Perkins - Work That We Do
09. Filibuster & Half Pint - Get Ready
10. G Love - Greatest Hits
11. Greyboy Allstars - Doin' Time
12. Camper Van Beethoven - Garden Love
13. Ozomatli - April 29th, 1992 (Miami)
14. AWOL One, Abstract Rude, Josh Fischel & Transducer - Waiting For My Ruca
15. Pennywise - Same In The End




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"Look at all the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime" is set to be released
nationally on June 21, 2005. Nearly a decade since the release of the
multi-platinum Sublime self-titled juggernaut, an amazing list of artists has
convened to re-create many of these timeless classics. Included on this disc are
previously unreleased tracks from No Doubt; Pennywise; Jack Johnson; Michael
Franti & Spearhead with Gift of Gab; Mike Watt with Petra Haden and Stephen
Perkins; Camper Van Beethoven; G Love; Ozomatli; Filibuster with Half Pint;
Greyboy Allstars; Slightly Stoopid; Avail; the Ziggens; Bargain Music; Fishbone;
Awol One & Abstract Rude.

Tragically, singer/songwriter/guitarist Bradley Nowell died hours after what
would be the final Sublime show in May of 1996. Sublime has sold over 8 million
of their self-titled record worldwide and itТs still SoundScanning 5,000 units a
week in the U.S. Subsequent albums went platinum and the band has a combined
worldwide sales-base of nearly 15 million, making them one of the top 10 selling
rock bands of the Т90s.

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spb fs
Sweet post it's 503 now but can't wait for it to be up! Sublime grings back some awesome memories.. Thanks for the Post!!!!
Cмерть - это болезнь как и другие, но от неё есть лекарство, которое я найду...
great share ! thumb.gif

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FunkySouls.ru – вся информация о блокировках (что нужно сделать, чтобы это не тревожило)
И ещё одно зеркало.
spb fs
grazie 1000
1000's thanks

yeeah! thank you so much!!
sublime rocks!!!
I love you s22 biggrin.gif
j'ai de la peine pour toi, je souffre pour toi...
You're a genius! Thanx s22!!!

this is cool. thanx.
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