House label launched in 2009 by Hernán Cattáneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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SB001 Danny Howells - Moon EP

SB002 Guy J - Pleasurety EP

SB003 Marc Marzenit - Visions EP

SB004 Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile - The Remixes EP

SB005 Alex Dolby & Giorgio Roma - Neutra EP

SB006 Tonnsaied & Mario Kahn - Voided

SB007 Abyss - Amore

SB008 Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks - July / Fereek

SB009 Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Feat Tomomi Ukumori - Cripsis

SB010 Fefo & Arcas - Take Me Away

SB011 M.O.D.E. - Circles

SB012 Manuel Sofia - An Endless Forest

SB013 Yamil Colucci - Antidote

SB014 Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Teleport

SB015 Juan Gamboa - Spiral/Hope

SB016 Lonya & Hakimonu - Sea Saw EP

SB017 Mohrr - Dirty Feet

SB018 Rodskeez - The Village EP

SB019 Luke Porter - Opiate

SB020 Tone Float - Blue Velvet EP

SB021 Nick Warren - Rumbletump

SB022 Lonya & DJ Zombi - Kalaniot

SB023 Marc Poppcke - Displayed Emotions/History Repeating

SB024 Guy J - High / Pathos

SB025 Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Japanese Snowbell

SB026 Nick Varon - Shibuya/Mohnblumchen

SB027 Rich Curtis - Open Other End

SB028 Dave Seaman & Guy Mantzur - k9

SB029 Mathew Lynch - Bells Of Life

SB030 Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Japanese Snowbell Remixes

SB031 Guy Mantzur & Stephan Bazbaz - All Over Music

SB032 Eelke Kleijn - Rauwdouwer

SB033 Taisuke Chiba - Himawari

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what is House music ?? unique form of music
[SB034] Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Infoxication - 2013

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01. Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile – Infoxication (Original Mix) 09:34
02. Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile – Infoxication (Chaim Remix) 06:10


P.S.шикарный трэк, как же радует то, что есть еще мастера такого саунда! thumb.gif
what is House music ?? unique form of music
[SB035] Fran Von Vie – Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed - 2013

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1. Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed
2. Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed [Egbert Remix]
3. Wake Me Up When Everything Has Changed [Audiotox & Watson Remix]

what is House music ?? unique form of music
[SB036] Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Citycism - 2013

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1. Citycism
2. Citycism (Pig & Dan Remix)
3. Citycism (Richie G Remix)
4. Citycism (Dub Mix)


320 kbps
what is House music ?? unique form of music
Ищу SB010, 11, 12, 13, 15, 20
ссылки на зиппи умерли, буду благодарен
не заметил сразу же твоего поста, только после лички прочел что кто то тут отписался оказывается) пожалуйста, все что ты перечислил - одним архивом
what is House music ?? unique form of music
сэнкс за оперативность!!

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Genre .............:: Techno
Record Label ......:: Sudbeat Music
Catalogue Number ..:: SBCD001

Source ............:: WEB
Quality ...........:: 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration ..........:: 03:17:10 (452.MB)
Release Date ......:: 02-12-2013
Support ...........:: _

Tracklist .........::

1. Guy Mantzur - Intro 5:36
2. Guy Mantzur & Khen Feat Kamila - Moments Becoming Endless Time 10:25
3. Guy Mantzur & Stephan Bazbaz - All Over Music (Album Version) 6:37
4. Guy Mantzur - Blackout Station 7:33
5. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Moon Launch 10:52
6. Guy Mantzur & Guy J - All In 7:33
7. Guy Mantzur - How Long Is Now 8:51
8. Guy Mantzur - Cumple Suenos 8:46
9. Guy Mantzur - Necessity 8:37
10.Guy Mantzur - This Is Mayhem 8:11
11.Guy Mantzur - We Are What We Are 9:56
12.Guy Mantzur - Instagram 7:33
13.Guy Mantzur - Outro 6:42
14.Guy Mantzur & Khen Feat Kamila - Moments Becoming Endless Time (Dub Mix) 10:24

15.Guy Mantzur - Moments (Continuous Mix) 79:34

Release Note
As a forerunner of the ever growing and ever popular Tel Aviv underground music
scene, Guy Mantzur delivers his forward thinking debut album. As both a DJ and
producer, his musical diversity, straddles electronic genres with ease and
showcases his musical worth. He has released music with such heavyweights as
Renaissance, Lost & Found and of course Sudbeat, but also on his own
Plattenbank Records Imprint, whilst all along holding residency at the World
renowned 'The Cat and The Dog' nightclub playing alongside the Planets Elite
DJs, and touring the Globe himself wowing crowds with his performances.
'Moments' is a landmark moment for Guy Mantzur and for Sudbeat, as this is the
first artist album for both parties and once you'll hear, you'll understand
that this is a collection of musical jewels, and all the while proving Guys
meteoric rise through DJ-ing and production is fully deserved. This album
delivers such deep yet uplifting masterpieces as 'Moments Becoming Endless
Time', a beautiful breathtaking vocal gem, oozing of coolness and produced in a
timeless manner, and 'Instagram' with its warm and deep tinkled melodics, with
superb depth of character showing through. The multi layered sounds in 'How
Long Is Now' deliver aural delight, while the heads down feel of 'Moon Launch'
mesmerises you with its melancholic subtleties. Dance floor moodiness comes in
the way of the new special edit of 'All Over Music' with its dark spellbinding
vibe, and the punchy 'Cumple Suenos' delivers intense flavours that mystify
while delighting, and the persistently offbeat yet still uplifting 'Necessity'.
Taking things a little harder 'This Is Mayhem' is a serious dubbier edged
melodic monster counterbalanced by the bass-lines melodic movement. 'Blackout
Station' is a deep and chunky hypnotic gem meandering through a moody path of
haunting pads, while the eerie synth line wobbles around your mind. 'We Are
What We Are' galvanises a breath taking array of sounds and fuses to deliver a
triumphant outcome, while the collaboration with Guy J 'All In' is a
tranceinducing solid techno champion of integrity. Bookending the album are two
mighty slabs of electronica for the mind rather than the club, with 'Intro' a
beat-less spacious wonder, while the downtempo 'Outro' fuses layers of hypnotic
smile inducing sounds over a live drums. A well rounded and accomplished
soundtrack of cutting edge electronica, showing the forward thinking mindset of
Sudbeat and Guy Mantzur that we are sure will be heralded as one of the
conquering albums of the year.


SB043 | Warm Hall 'Traveller' может есть у кого?

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what is House music ?? unique form of music
Warm Hall 'Traveller' повторюсь с просьбой unsure.gif

[SB043] Warm Hall - Traveler

01. Unknown
02. 116
03. Listen To
04. Generic


P.S. увы, но рипы с ютуба, для знакомства вполне себе unsure.gif
what is House music ?? unique form of music
Sudbeats Vol. 2 // Sudbeat Music // SBCD002

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01. Pole Folder & Cedric Piret - Pacific Orchestra (06:51)
02. Chicola - Cowboys & Angels (10:39)
03. Nick Varon - 619 (07:04)
04. Marcelo Vasami - Issued By (10:18)
05. Beat Syndrome - Deer (07:37)
06. David Granha - Culture (07:12)
07. Cid Inc - Typhoon (08:55)
08. Luis Bondio & Silinder - The World In Your Eyes (08:24)
09. Mohn (NL) - You Won't Quit (08:08)
10. BP - Voidism (08:35)
11. Kintar & Mariano Mellino - Passengers (06:25)
12. Namatjira - Yamana (08:50)
13. Pedro Aguiar - Devotion (07:41)
14. Kevin Di Serna - Ailes (08:47)
15. Audioglider - Lazy Tears (07:34)
16. Rich Curtis - The Ghost Writer (09:02)
17. Applescal - Antenna Girl (05:16)
18. Mercurio - What They Do (08:11)
19. Dale Middleton - My Scream (08:20)
20. Solee - Slowly (07:28)
21. Darin Epsilon - Black Lotus (07:17)
22. Omar El Gamal - Disconnect (07:14)
23. Dale Middleton & Sonic Union - Leaving Home for Home (07:58)
24. Tim Penner - Exit Me (09:56)
25. Dpen - Phobos (Dub Mix) (07:37)
Kompakt Schallplatten
[SB065] Omid 16B - Nu1

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what is House music ?? unique form of music
anybody got [SB098] Mariano Mellino - Mars From Eden ?? unsure.gif
what is House music ?? unique form of music
Mariano Mellino

only Electronic music 0day here ---------


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Artist....: Jos & Eli
Album.....: Reflection-(SB099)
Genre.....: House
Source....: WEB
Year......: 2016
Quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz
Encoder...: Beatport
Tracks....: 03
Playtime..: 25:56 min

[01.] Reflection (Original Mix) [10:14]
[02.] 2 Sides to the Coin (Original Mix) [07:54]
[03.] Unleashed (Original Mix) [07:48]
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Label: Sudbeat Music
Release : 2016-10-24
Quality: MP3
Size: 56 MB
Style: Techno, Deep House, Progressive House

Guy J - Algorithm (Original Mix)
Guy J - Algorithm (Hernan Cattaneo & Graziano Raffa Remix)
Guy J - Algorithm (Henry Saiz Remix)

only Electronic music 0day here ---------

Dimitri Nakov & BVision – Paradiso
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Artist: James Gill
Title: Supermoon
Genre: Techno, Progressive House
Label: Sudbeat Music
Release Date: 2017-03-27
Quality: 320 kbps

James Gill – Supermoon (Original Mix)
James Gill – Not Yet Finished (Original Mix)
James Gill – Villa Borghese (Original Mix)

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Label Sudbeat Music
Styles Techno, Tech House, Progressive House
Date 2017-10-23
Catalog # SBVA002
Length 77:34
Tracks 10

1. Luka Sambe – Arvor (Original Mix)7:52
2. Eli Nissan – Insanity (Original Mix)7:40
3. Graziano Raffa – Born (Original Mix)7:08
4. Danito & Athina – Aris (Original Mix)6:38
5. Squire – We Get to Know Our Daisy Flower (Original Mix)8:10
6. John Cosani – Cooling You (Original Mix)7:32
7. Forerunners – The Domino Method (Original Mix)6:28
8. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Blend In (Original Mix)8:06
9. George Yammine – Jojo (Original Mix)9:50
10. Nick Varon – Out of the Box (Original Mix)8:10

VA - Sudbeat Showcrates 2 SBVA002.rar - Sudbeat Showcrates 2 SBVA002.rar.html
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Label Sudbeat Music
Styles Techno, Deep House, Progressive House
Date 2018-01-29
Catalog # SB124
Length 32:11
Tracks 4

Subandrio - Fugue State of Mind (Original Mix) 9:26
Subandrio - Rain of Drums (Original Mix) 8:08
Subandrio - Rewired (Original Mix) 7:36
Subandrio - Celestial Being (Original Mix) 7:01

Subandrio - Fugue State Of Mind.rar
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Artist: Mariano Mellino
Label: Sudbeat Music
Catalog: SB125
Released: 12.02.2018
Type: EP
Style: Electronic, House, Progressive House, Techno

1. Mariano Mellino - White Dragon (Original Mix) (8:00)
2. Mariano Mellino - Sunlight (Original Mix) (7:12)
3. Mariano Mellino - The Muse (Original Mix) (8:08)

Mariano Mellino - White Dragon.rar

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