Tanya Morgan -- Moonlighting - 2006

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01. The Record Spot (Intro)
02. The Warm Up
03. Paper Thin
04. We Be
05. Skit, No.1
06. Take the L (Get It)
07. Ode to Tanya
08. Hahaha
09. Skit, No.2
10. We Right Here
11. Just Cause I Got Locks
12. Rough U Up
13. Skit, No.3
14. Pretty
15. Hooks
16. Want U to Want Me
17. We Bad!
18. Skit, No. 4

Tanya Morgan: R&B? Neo-Soul? Soloist? Females? Well if you said no to all of these, then you are right. Tanya Morgan is a HipHop group comprised of Von Pea and Ilwil (Ilyas and Donwill). While many groups are all stationed in one place at the same time, Tanya Morgan is not. Von Pea the "producer" of the group, lives in Brooklyn while Ilyas and DonWill are both residents of Cincinnati, Ohio. Well you are probably asking yourself, How can a artists combine from two separate parts of the United States to form a group, be as solid as they are, and vibe off of each other? The answer is.....I don't know...lol....We might have to have a hiphophavoc.com exclusive interview with the members to get that question answered.

This trio; who at first the name sounded like a neo-soul group because of the name and the art cover, is so far from that. Their album "Moonlighting" is a refreshing alternative to the games' over exposed grime and thug movement that is going on at this time. At first listen the album took me back in time to the era where the Native Tongue's ruled and the jazzy cool out vibe was the norm. I would like to be able to tell you who produced most of the album, but the copy I got was only a sleeve jacket. But I am sure that it was done by Von Pea and another producer named Brickbeats (also known as Dave or Brick).



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Tanya Morgan - We Be VLS 2006


Tanya Morgan - Sunlighting [2005]

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01. Suntro
02. Suntro Skit
03. Cool Breezin
04. Everybody Sucks
05. Suave Interlude
06. A Love Joint Named Saturday
07. Tanya Guitar Watson
08. Golden
09. Special Delivery
10. She Moved Outta Cincy
11. WTF
12. Pink & Blue Rmx.


something like an internet promo mixtape for their debut album Moonlighting
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Tanya Morgan -- Moonlighting - 2006

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Word up youknowhatI'msayin'?

Tanya Morgan is group from which consists of MCs Donwill and Ilyas, and MC/producer Von Pea. Both Donwill and Ilyas are from Cincinnati, Ohio, while Von Pea is from Brooklyn, New York. Their debut album Moonlighting was acclaimed upon its release in 2006.

Albums discography
2005: Sunlighting
2005: Sunset (EP)
2006: Moonlighting pw Breezilla
2008: Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group (Mixtape)
2008: The Bridge (EP)

Hailing from Brooklyn and Cincinnati, this new EP serves as a bridge between their previous work and their upcoming album Brooklynati

The Bridge (EP) [релиз 17 June]

1. The Bridge ft. Elucid 3:47
2. We Doin' Our... 3:37
3. Filthier AKA "Place" 1:53
4. Got 2 Get Done 3:56
5. Be You ft. Czelena 3:44
6. Get Me Inside 4:03
7. Threemcees 3:26
8. Hip Hop Is Dead II 4:14
9. How Low 4:08

Download: Brige EP [rapidshare]

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Von Pea - Tanya Morgan Presents: The Further Adventures Of Von Pea 2008

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01 Introduction
02 Players!
03 Web 2009
04 All Day Hell (ft Donwill)
05 So Supreme
06 The Bubble (ft Che Grand)
07 Peagreenery
08 Main Jawn
09 Starstruck / WHAT?
10 Options (The Great Escape)
11 Love (ft Median & Elucid)
12 One Man Circus (Co-Starring Ilyas)

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Artist[Tanya Morgan]
Label[Interpendent Media ] Genre[Hip-Hop]
Quality/Size [44.1@VBR87,1 MB] Ripped [05-12-2009]
Grabbed from [CDDA] Enc[Lame 3.97]
Website [http://www.accesshiphop.com/store/?itemid=17397]

Track TimeTitle
-- -------==-
0103:36 On Our Way
0205:33 Alleye Need Ft Piakhan
0304:47 So Damn Down
0403:54 Bang & Boogie
0503:56 Don\'t U Holla Ft Jermiside
0601:44 Hardcore Gentlemen
0704:02 Plan B Ft Napoleon
0803:14 Intermission Ft Peter Hadar
0904:51 She\'s Gone AKA Without You Ft Phonte & Brittany
1005:55 Never 2ndary Ft. Jermiside Che Grand Elucid & Spec
1104:23 Just Not True Ft Brick Beats
1204:48 Morgan Blu Ft Blu
1303:57 Never Enough (Crazy Love) Ft Carlitta Durand
1404:58 We\'re Fly Ft Kay & Chop
1504:28 Just Arrived (Now What?)
1604:17 Forgot 2 Say (Bonus Track)

1668:23 min

Release Notes:
The album is based on the creation of a fictitious city
combining elements from both Cincinnati, Ohio and Brooklyn,
New York. To Promote the album, the group has created a
multimedia campaign with a city website including a digital
city map, video newscasts and other Brooklynati themes. The
album is set to hit stores May 12th via iM Culute / Fontana

I can read in Russian.
Tanya Morgan - Brooklynati Sample Set Mix

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Von P has blessed us with a mix of the samples used for one of the best albums of 2009, Tanya Morgan's Brooklynati. I'm sure my diggas will appreciate this. Listen & Download HERE

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Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) – Pea’s Gotta Have It (EP) 2010

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Pep Rally (prod. Brizzo)
We Should Be Rocking (prod. Aeon)
I Know We’re Right (prod. Aeon)
New Pair (Prod. Von Pea)
The Yorker (prod. Brick Beats)


Tanya Morgan - Brooklynati 2009

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1. On Our Way
2. Alleye Need (Feat. Piakhan)
3. So Damn Down
4. Bang & Boogie
5. Don’t U Holla (Feat. Jermiside)
6. Hardcore Gentlemen
7. Plan B (Feat. Napoleon)
8. Intermission (Feat. Peter Hadar)
9. She’s Gone AKA Without You (Feat. Phonte & Brittany Bosco)
10. Never 2ndary (Feat. Jermiside Che Grand Elucid & Spec Boogie)
11. Just Not True (Feat. Brick Beats)
12. Morgan Blu (Feat. Blu)
13. Never Enough (Crazy Love) (Feat. Carlitta Durand)
14. We’re Fly (Feat. Kay & Chop)
15. Just Arrived (Now What?)
16. Forgot 2 Say (Bonus Track)


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Von Pea – Pea’s Gotta Have It 2010

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01. Freestyle Live at Low Key’s (produced by Von Pea & Aeon)
02. Breakfast at the Bodega (skit)
03. The Yorker (produced by Brick Beats)
04. I Know We’re Right (f/ Keisha Shontelle) (produced by Aeon)
05. We Should Be Rocking (f/ Donwill, Aeon, & Lee Sissing) (produced by Aeon)
06. There U Were (f/ Uzoy) (produced by Aeon)
07. Iron Horse (skit)
08. Thanks For Your Children (f/ Che Grand & Elucid) (produced by Brizzo)
09. Good Life (produced by Aeon)
10. Open School (f/ Danny!) (produced by Von Pea)
11. Dreams (f/ Jermiside, Ilyas, & Spec Boogie) (produced by Brick Beats)
12. Ahead of the Class (produced by Jamie Cooley)
13. New Pair (f/ Josie Stingray & Rapsody) (produced by Von Pea)
14. Get Violated (produced by Von Pea & The Park)
15. Boombox (produced by Aeon)
16. Pep Rally (produced by Brizzo)
17. Outro!!!! (produced by Brizzo)


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