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Terror - Sink To The Hell [EP] (2020)

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01. Sink To The Hell
02. Don't Need Your Time (feat. Jesse Barnett)
03. The New Beginning
04. You Lost All Respect


*320 kbps
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Trapped In A World by Terror will be releases on March 5, 2021

Very cool announcement in the Terror world today! During the crazy year that 2020 had been we spent countless hours staying busy rehashing TERROR’s history, writing, and recording. This led to Todd Jones, our original guitarist, spending some time in the studio with us and eventually making the decision to have him produce our next record. During some of these writing sessions we got together to record the “Trapped In a World” LP. We re-recorded songs from “Lowest Of The Low” and “One With The Underdogs” live at Nick's studio in LA.

1. Lowest of the Low
2. Life and Death
3. Out of My Face
4. Keep Your Distance
5. Less Than Zero
6. Overcome
7. Better Off without You
8. Crushed by the Truth
9. Not This Time
10. One with the Underdogs
11. Keep Your Mouth Shut
12. Push It Away

Recorded live in July 2020 at Jet To Mars Studio
Engineered and mixed by Nick Jett
Mastering by Will Putney
Additional Engineering by Ryan Marr

Terror is Nick, Martin, Scott, Jordan & Chris

Additional live guitars on this recording by Todd Jones
“The Rebirth of Hardcore Pride” Artwork by Chase Mason
Cover art & label art by Rico Pakun
Handwritten song titles by Tyler Mullen
Layout & design by Martin Stewart

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6. Overcome | 2:32 картинка, оставленная пользователем mediafire ||| bandcamp | 128kbps

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01. Lowest Of The Low
02. Life And Death
03. Out Of My Face
04. Keep Your Distance
05. Less Than Zero
06. Overcome
07. Better Off Without You
08. Crushed By The Truth
09. Not This Time
10. One With The Underdogs
11. Keep Your Mouth Shut
12. Push It Away

о да
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Никогда не был их фанатом, а тут прям бодренько зашли новые темы thumb.gif
@xbroodax читай выше моего поста, там нету новых тем
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Никогда не был их фанатом, а тут прям бодренько зашли новые темы thumb.gif
Сразу видно, что не фанат) "Новые темы" biggrin.gif
ну так не фанат, да) Сингл сначала услышал с альбома в Спотифае и подумал, что неплохо, потом только вот выше указали, что это не новьё совсем. Надо бы старые темы переслушать

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