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Thank You - Golden Worry EP - 2011
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Artist: Thank You
Title: Golden Worry EP
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: FhG
Size: 67,77 mb
Play Time: 00:30:30 min

01. 1-2-3 Bad
02. Birth Reunion
03. Pathetic Magic
04. Continental Divide
05. Strange All
06. Can't Can

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Thank You
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Thank You

Если ещё немного приглядется, сравнить ссылки на майспейс, зайти на него, послушать, то окажется, что это совсем разные группы.
Будьте впредь внимательнее, плиииз.

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cовсем не дурно. схоже как мне показалось с fang island , Pterodactyl и что радует особо, так это присутствие духа карт и атласов. thumb.gif

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Sounds From Outside My Window
Thank You - Terrible Two EP - 2008
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Artist: Thank You
Title: Terrible Two EP
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: LAME 3.95
Size: 79,59 mb
Play Time: 00:35:24 min

01. Empty Legs
02. Embryo Imbroglio
03. Self with Yourself
04. Pregnant Friends
05. Terrible Two

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Self with Yourself вобще класс smile.gif
Sounds From Outside My Window

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Artist : Thank You
Album : Golden Worry
Label : Thrill Jockey
Cat. No. : THRILL243
Genre : Indie
Quality : 320kbps/44.1khz/Joint Stereo
Source : WEB MP3
Size : 70.66 MB

Track List:

01. 1-2-3 Bad 3:50
02. Birth Reunion 5:59
03. Pathetic Magic 4:26
04. Continental Divide 4:57
05. Strange All 5:19
06. Can't/ Can 5:55

Release Notes:

Thank You could only come from one city, at one moment in time.
Like Pere Ubu?s Cleveland and Joy Division?s Manchester,
post-industrial Baltimore serves as simultaneous playground,
obstacle course, and muse to this show-stealing art-rock trio.
Jeffrey McGrath (everything), Michael Bouyoucas (everything), and
Emmanuel Nicolaidis (everything) are veterans of a cold era when
the Baltimore music scene barely exceeded the carrying capacity
of a warehouse elevator. Things change, and the band?s urgent
collision of rhythm, melody, and noise has placed them at the
creative center of today?s Baltimore renaissance, sharing stages
and tours with such acts as Beach House (Sub Pop), Lungfish
(Dischord), Celebration (4AD), Dan Deacon (Carpark), Zomes (Holy
Mountain), Jason Urick, and Future Islands (both Thrill Jockey).

Launched in 2006 with original drummer Elke Wardlaw (who now
resides in Berlin), Thank You carved out a new sound drawing
inspiration from the innovative post-punk of This Heat and Swell
Maps and the polyrhythmic attack of The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans.
Their live shows have become the stuff of (living) legend, a
tension-and-release pile-on that drops jaws and leaves organs
vibrating their recordings, crafted with collaborators such as
J. Robbins (Jawbox, Yeasayer, Ponytail, and Mary Timony) and
Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, TV on
the Radio), all vital documents of the recent future as performed
by six arms and three sets of teeth.

Thank You?s first full-length with new drummer Emmanuel
Nicolaidis follows closely on the heels of 2009?s sold-out 12? EP
Pathetic Magic. A band that once limited its vocals to hums,
grunts, and chants has entered the next phase, delivering a
stellar collection of challenging rock-and-roll songs. But Golden
Worry eschews easy, anthemic sing-alongs, instead dipping into
the vocabularies of Krautrock, post-punk, no-wave, and noise to
produce what is at once Thank You?s most melodic and most
aggressive record.

Here we have guitars, drums, and vocals -- but also ?60s Vox
organs, harmonica, mini-moog, jaw harp, sampler, and Fender Twin
Reverb amps -- all in the service of six hypnotic tracks of
Baltimore-built avant-rock. From the first-jangling, then-jagged
guitars of album-opener ?1-2-3 Bad? to the triumphant swirls and
squeals of ?Continental Divide? and the dexterously deconstructed
instrumental bridge of galvanizing closer ?Can?t/Can,? these
songs are intricate yet immediate stunners. Attacked with the
ecstatic, fierce energy of a Thank You live set ? and then
perfected in the studio with ears attuned to dub, Eno, 20th
Century classical, and Konono No. 1 ? Golden Worry is a new world
in which we listeners can lose ourselves: the sound of Baltimore
at the vanguard as we enter the Two-Thousand Teens.

Recorded by Chris Coady at NYC?s DNA and mixed by Chris Moore in
Baltimore, Golden Worry will be available January 25th on LP, CD,
and MP3.



плохо, что отзывов совсем нету(
скажите, опять поливное дрочево или по панку, как у стива альбини - одно и тоже?
для меня очень важно)

" ...забейте что-либо своими руками - и вам полегчает"
(с) Кровосток
всё ок, неплохие такие карты и атласы, приятно жужжат)

" ...забейте что-либо своими руками - и вам полегчает"
(с) Кровосток
на abe vigoda похожи
Перезалейте, пожалуйста, "Terrible Two"

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Thank You - Terrible Two EP (2008) 320/ 79mb

Thank You Terrible Two.rar
Sounds From Outside My Window

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