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2007 - In the Attic of the Universe (Fall Records)
01. In the Attic
02. Look!
03. On the Roof
04. Shh!
05. The Universe Is Going to Catch You
06. The Carrying Arms
07. In the Snow
08. Stairs to the Attic

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2009 - Hospice (Frenchkiss Records)
01. Prologue
02. Kettering
03. Sylvia
04. Atrophy
05. Bear
06. Thirteen
07. Two
08. Shiva
09. Wake
10. Epilogue

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2011 - Burst Apart (Frenchkiss Records)
01. I Don't Want Love
02. French Exit
03. Parentheses
04. No Widows
05. Rolled Together
06. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
07. Tiptoe
08. Hounds
09. Corsicana
10. Putting the Dog to Sleep

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2014 - Familiars (Transgressive Records)
01. Palace
02. Doppelgänger
03. Hotel
04. Intruders
05. Director
06. Revisited
07. Parade
08. Surrender
09. Refuge

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2011 - (together)
01. Parenthesis (PVT Remix)
02. Tongue Tied
03. French Exit (SNRF Version)
04. I Don’t Want Love (Peter’s Version)
05. VCR (The xx Cover)
06. Hounds (feat. Nicole Atkins)
07. Rolled Together (feat. Neon Indian)
08. Parentheses (feat. Bear In Heaven)

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2012 - Undersea
01. Drift Dive
02. Endless Ladder
03. Crest
04. Zelda

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новый видеоклип на песню "Refuge"

Тут лайв был, если кому интересно (мне не очень, поэтому и аплоад не мой)

In London

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Reupp for "In London" possible? smile.gif
Familiars - невероятный альбом. Сначала ты засыпаешь при прослушивании, еле-еле до конца песню дослушиваешь. Но с каждым прослушиванием что-то меняется и постепенно альбом уносит все больше и больше. И вот уже оторваться не можешь. Уже и не помню когда такой альбом встречался в последний раз.
hi biggrin.gif

With the band touring again and renewed interest I thought now would be the best time to start looking for this

I was wondering if anyone here had Peter Silberman of The Antler's 2005 EP You Crawl To Our Sleep

this was before Uprooted and was only released online in mp3 format. it was available to buy on iTunes. Peter went under the name Peter Sam during this time, he wouldn't change the name to The Antlers until Uprooted came out a year later.

I have a few archived pages from The Antlers old site with download links that no longer work



1. Dear
2. Cyn
3. Build It Up Chrome (https://vocaroo.com/i/s1m1dknzKhrv)
4. Love + Work
5. If You're Waiting...

the third track, Build It Up Chrome, has been found but the remaining four are lost. The version of Dear on Youtube is from the 2007 February Tape EP and is not the original version

if anyone has any information please let me know smile.gif there are a few people on the band's subreddit that are looking for it as well

The Antlers - Green To Gold (2021)

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Source: WEB
Size: 91
Quality: VBR V0, Stereo
Encoder: LAME 3.100

01 Strawflower
02 Wheels Roll Home
03 Solstice
04 Stubborn Man
05 Just One Sec
06 It Is What It Is
07 Volunteer
08 Green To Gold
09 Porchlight
10 Equinox

The Antlers - Green To Gold (2021)

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Исполнитель: The Antlers
Альбом: Green To Gold
Дата выхода: 2021
Формат: FLAC (*tracks)
Размер: 288,1 MB

1 – Strawflower
2 – Wheels Roll Home
3 – Solstice
4 – Stubborn Man
5 – Just One Sec
6 – It Is What It Is
7 – Volunteer
8 – Green To Gold
9 – Porchlight
10 – Equinox

Приятная музыка
Альбом 2014го не переплюнуть, новый альбом скучный.

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