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Artist: The Black Seeds
Album: Into The Dojo
Year: 2006
Genre: Reggae
Bitrate: VBR
Size: 80.8Mb

1 Sometimes Enough
2 The Answer
3 Heavy Mono E
4 Cool Me Down
5 One By One
6 Give And Take
7 Got A Girl
8 Love For Property
9 Good People (Get Together)
10 Way Of The World
11 The Prince
12 Cool Me Down
13 Sometimes Dub

The recording of INTO THE DOJO began in May 2005, when band members Barnaby Weir (lead vocals/guitar), Daniel Weetman (percussion/vocals), Mike Fabulous (guitar), Bret McKenzie (keys), Lee Prebble (sound engineer) and new rhythm section Jarney Murphy (drums) and Tim Jaray (bass) once again converged on The Surgery studio in Newtown, Wellington.
The next 12 months were spent balancing touring duties and side projects with writing and jamming new songs in the studio. The result of this year-long creative process is 13 tracks of The Black Seeds’ most mature and accomplished music to date.
While INTO THE DOJO (named after the band’s practice room at The Surgery which was once a karate dojo) contains the elements that have characterised The Black Seeds’ music in the past, it also shows a great deal of development in the group’s sound. Song-writing responsibilities have been shared throughout the band’s members, while Daniel Weetman and Bret McKenzie have joined Barnaby Weir on vocal duties.

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The Black Seeds - On The Sun (2005)

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01 Tuk Tuk
02 Turn It Around
03 Bring You Up
04 Sort It Out
05 So True
06 Fire
07 Lets Get Down
08 Shazzy Dub
09 You Get Me
10 Senegal Champions Of Africa
11 On The Sun


The Black Seeds - Keep On Pushing (2001)

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1 Dance Dance
2 Keep On Pushing: Workshop Re-Dub
3 Sit There
4 Black Sunrise
5 You Wait
6 In Your Eyes: Fabulous Dub
7 What We Need
8 Little Atoms
9 Hey Son
10 Coming Back Home


even better, 2 more albums, thanks bud, appreciated.
So cool to have all the albums of these reggae-dons !!))) Thanks a lot !!
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The Black Seeds – Solid Ground (2008)
The Black Seeds - Solid Ground (2009)

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ARTiST...... : The Black Seeds
TiTTlE...... : Solid Ground-US Retail
lABEl....... : Easy Star Records
GENRE....... : Reggae
ENCOdER..... : Lame 3.97
QUAlitY..... : VBR 44.1kHz
StORE dATE.. : 00-00-2009
RElEASE dAtE : 12-10-2009
SiZE........ : 101,7 MB
TRACkS...... : 15

01. Come To Me [04:41]
02. Slingshot [05:30]
03. Take Your Chances [04:43]
04. Love Is A Radiation [04:01]
05. Send A Message [06:19]
06. Make A Move [05:23]
07. One Step At A Time [05:19]
08. Bulletproof [04:27]
09. Afro Phone [03:09]
10. Strugglers [03:56]
11. Rotten Apple [05:17]
12. The Bubble [05:14]
13. Year Of The Pig (Bonus Track) [03:41]
14. Strugglers Dub (Bonus Track) [03:55]
15. Make A Move Dub (Bonus Track) [04:44]








Produced by the Black Seeds’ guitarist Mike Fabulous, Solid Ground oozes with the band’s distinctive flavor - from the heavy-hitting, Karma-inspired "Slingshot" and darker reggae/dub-infused tracks like "Send a Message" and "The Bubble," to infectious reggae gems like "Take Your Chances," "Love Is A Radiation" and "Come To Me," and the funk/soul filled "Rotten Apple" and "Afrophone." The North American release adds three bonus tracks including the funky soul instrumental "Year Of The Pig" and a dub version of "Strugglers."

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The Black Seeds Live vol. 1

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The Black Seeds - Specials: Remixes and Versions From Solid Ground (2011)

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Label: Easy Star Records
Format: Mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 1:01:15
Total Size: 148 mb


01.Make A Move (Downtown Brown Remix feat. MC’s Mighty Asterix & Switch)
02.Slingshot (Truth Remix)
03.One Step At A Time (JStar Remix) 04:48 04.Come To Me feat. MC’s Mighty Asterix & Desta
05.Little Sunshine feat. David Levi & Porina ('Love Is A Radiation' Reality Chant version)
06.Strugglers - Flash Harry Dub
07.Send A Message (Acoustic Version)
08.Come To Me (JStar Remix feat. MC Ishu)
09.Rotten Dub (‘Rotten Apple’ D-Duff Remix)
10.Come To Me (International Observer Remix)
11.Take Your Chances (Frost & Wagner Remix)
12.Year Of The Pig
13.Make A Move (Radio Riddler Remix)
14.Rotten Apple (D-Tox Remix)

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On the Sun (2011)
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AAC (.m4a) ~ 263 kbps || 103 mb

01. Tuk Tuk
02. Turn It Around
03. Bring You Up
04. Sort It Out
05. So True
06. Fire
07. Let's Get Down
08. Shazzy Dub
09. You Get Me
10. Senegal Champions of Africa
11. On the Sun

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