Rock/Indie/Pop band from New York, United States

Band Members:
David Baldwin - Guitars, Vocals
Emile Mosseri - Bass, Vocals
Erick Eiser - Keyboards, Guitar
Jamie Alegre - Drums

Please, add here all their stuff!

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With one hand deep in roots rock and roll and live performances that lift you up and leave you ragged, The Dig are building a reputation as one of the best young bands in New York. The songs on their new EP, Good Luck and Games, produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, The Ramones) have energy and intelligence matched only by their heartfelt swagger. See them now so you can say you saw them then." - The Onion

"I have no witty observations or creative writing pull quotes to give you. They are just a damn good band." -Music Snobbery

"This is the catchiest, most intriguing power pop band to emerge out of the no-name pile in some time. Brooklyn’s The Dig has one self-released EP and a growing live following. Even so, they’ll most likely be news to you, the way they were news to me. That’s good news, though, The Dig is fairly crackling with potential.

Pop Matters

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The Dig - Electric Toys [2010 / 320 / 105 Mb]

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01. Carry Me Home
02. Two Sisters in Love
03. You're Already Gone
04. She's Going to Kill That Boy
05. Penitentiary
06. Sick Sad Morning
07. He's a Woman
08. Look Inside
09. For All Your Sins
10. Shadow
11. I Just Wanna Talk to You
12. Feel Like Somebody Else




хороший альбом. thumb.gif
на майспейсе вместо the dig врубается невнятная рэпчина
даже не знаю, зашёл на спейс, ни какой рэпчины, всё норм huh.gif

кстати альбом отличный, хоть ни чего нового, но музыка задевает своей мелодичностью
Ну нормально так. Поставил играть через вдруг час заметил что что-то играет. smile.gif
The_Dig-Electric_Toys-2010 |320 kbps|

"Плыву не так быстро, как ветер дует, а так, как парус поставлю"
прекрасный альбом.
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классная группа, есть что-то ТАКОЕ в них cool.gif
приятный альбом, чем-то цепляет
очень нравится,прям по душе так!))
Could someone please re-up biggrin.gif
The Dig - Midnight Flowers - 2012
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Artist: The Dig
Title: Midnight Flowers
Quality: VBR VO
Encoder: LAME 3.99
Size: 81,79 mb
Play Time: 00:42:55 min

01. Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground
02. Black Water
03. I Already Forgot Everything You Said
04. All Tied Up
05. Hole In My Heart
06. Animal Screams
07. Break The Silence
08. Police Car
09. Clouds and The White Noise
10. Glass Horse

Zippyshare / Multi / iFolder
Tired Hearts (EP) (2013)
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AAC (.m4a) ~ 277 kbps || 37 mb

01. Angeline
02. How Can You Trust a Feeling
03. Permanent Night
04. Over You Again
05. Without Your Love

[] || []

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