The Fyreworks

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The FYREWORKS - Fyreworks 1998

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Track listing :

1. Master Humphries Clock 9:54
2. The War Years 3:44
3. Stowaway 6:10
4. Balloon 4:22
5. The Consequences Of Indecision 1:54
6. Broken Skies 15:23
7. The Display 7:22

-------------------------------------- Total time 48:49

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There are a few bands out there that can still amazingly capture the essence of the 70’s progressive movement with the outmost accuracy and add it the 90’s modern feeling of the so called Neo-Progressive Or New-Wave prog. The first release by The Fyreworks is quite an impressive demonstration of my prior sentence.
The band shows to have been studying well their masters and have successfully put out a work that pays them homage and still maintain a contemporary sound and a singular mixing of many historic bands. The Fyreworks is an album to grow on you as you keep listening to it. It’s one of those experiences where you discover new particularities and reminiscent sounds at each listen.
Some of the bands I would mention as a source of inspiration to this English quintet would be: Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gnidrolog, Jethro Tull, Yes, Camel and, more recent, Marillion or Arena.
The mentor of the band is no other than Rob Reed also with Cyan. He is the main responsible for the idealistic set of this album and accomplishes, in my opinion, a way better result than with his Cyan project.
All members of the band show a very nice interplay and fantastic individual performances. Danny Chang, Andy Edwards, Tim Robinson and Doug Sinclair are also joined by guest musicians that add a few more instruments like Cello, Flute, Violin and Saxophone. These invited instrumentalists are responsible for true magical moments on the album and are able to wider even more the concept of The Fyreworks musicality.
Master Humphries Clock starts in a Tullish way but has also clear Genesian sounds to it.
The War Years is more melancholic. There is the predominance of acoustic guitar and piano accompanied by a grieving vocal work by Andy.
Stowaway again opens with an instrumental section with flute as highlight. This is a track that explores the same paths and time signatures has the first. The mid section is plain brilliant.
Balloon beginning may well remind you of Gnidrolog for the saxophone and even Van Der Graaf for the violin, but it evolves to a more Tullish structure after the flute makes its entrance. This is really one of the best tracks in the album.
The Consequences of Indecision is a Rick Wakeman’s alike piano piece. Also it has a kind of classic-jazzy feeling to it.
Broken Skies is the opus track in the album with its over 15 minutes. The music is obligatory showing the variety of sounds and influences that one may find throughout the album and it adds some more elements, like the folksy violin part.
The Display closes the album with another outstanding display of the cohesive and successful use of several instruments.
This is clearly one of my newest fine discoveries, though the album was released in 1997. And I can only expect for a quick return.
For fans of the 70’s prog this can be a swell surprise. Fans of Neo-Prog will have the opportunity to discover some retro yet modern sounds. Fans of both 70’s and contemporary prog will love it for sure!

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