The Greg Foat Group – Cityscapes / Landscapes (2016)

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The Greg Foat Group follows its string of albums for Jazzman, from Dark Is the Sun (2011) to Dancers at the Edge of Time (2015), with Cityscapes / Landscapes. These pieces, which Greg Foat composed around 2002 (at the age of 23) when he was living in Stockholm, Sweden (Cityscapes), and the Isle of Wight, England (Landscapes), represent a musical journey from urban to rural environments, and manage to sound vitally contemporary.
On Cityscapes opener “Ingen Reklam (Tack),” electric piano, bass, and drums lay down an insistent groove that’s joined by a scintillating brass section à la Elton Dean-era Soft Machine, with a coruscating guitar solo from Andreas Hedström. “Pluribus” is essential funk but with added oomph and a tricky time signature. Trevor Walker, who…
…plays trumpet and flugelhorn, has been an essential, constant presence alongside Foat since the inception of the group; he’s the first to solo, eloquently, on this grooving number. “View from the Hill” is a serene piano solo, affording a very brief, quiet interlude. “Solaris (Parts 1 & 2)” features a gorgeous, memorable melody, and, once again, Walker solos first, before Foat follows on piano; the piece concludes by returning to the head arrangement and a fadeout ending.

Landscapes opener “Dawn” begins with a lone arco bass, wave-like piano, a hovering seagull cry from a flute, and occasional splashing cymbals. The flute on “Paper Kites” is reminiscent of the doyen of that instrument, the late, great Harold McNair. “Landscapes” begins as a slow, pastoral track with the melody gently evinced by Walker. Halfway through the number the tempo and volume pick up, transforming the piece into a real toe-tapper, with more deft soloing from trumpet and flute, all underpinned by solid piano, bass, and drums. The final number, “Dusk,” is something of a brief reprise of the opener, with an underlying arco bass and mellifluous piano closing this perfectly balanced set.


1. Ingen Reklam (Tack) (8:59)
2. Pluribus (4:40)
3. View from the Hill (1:10)
4. Solaris, Pts. 1 & 2 (7:06)
5. Dawn (2:39)
6. Paper Kites (4:04)
7. Landscapes (7:01)
8. Dusk (1:51)

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Greg Foat’s 9th album 'The Mage' joins the dots between the past and future of British jazz. Enlisting the talents of jazz/library/soundtrack legends Duncan Lamont, Art Themen, Ray Russell and Clark Tracey to collaborate with their modern contemporaries Greg Foat, Moses Boyd and Heliocentric's drummer Malcolm Catto to create something undeniably British but outward looking and global.

A long time personal ambition for Greg was to work with Trinidadian songstress Kathy Garcia, on 'The Mage', this wish is granted as she joins him to re-imagine the deep Xian masterpiece ‘Of my Hands', 45 years after recording it as a young girl.

Greg’s compositions and arrangements showcase the old and new, downtempo folkscapes, free jazz with notes of hip-hop and soul from the young team flavouring the mix. Featuring Simon Ljungman and Friends as a male choir, Greg's EMS Synthi AKS experiments (made famous by Dr Who) the album is a testament to the versatility and pure musicality of all those involved and Greg Foat’s ability to bring artists together to record beautiful, timeless music.

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Greg Foat - The Mage (2019)

1. Of My Hands (7:04)
2. Endless Love (2:21)
3. Drifting (7:39)
4. The Magic Radish (5:35)
5. The High Priestess (7:44)
6. Incantation (1:16)
7. The Mage (5:58)

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2011 Dark Is The Sun (Flac):
2012 Girl & Robot With Flowers (Flac):
2014 Live at the Playboy Club, London (Mp3 320):
2015 The Dancers at the Edge of Time (Flac):
2016 Cityscapes Landscapes (Flac):
2019 The Mage (Flac):

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Anyone have Symphonie Pacifique?
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Artist......: Greg Foat
Album.......: Symphonie Pacifique
Label.......: Strut
Genre.......: Jazz
Catnr.......: STRUT212CD
Source......: CD 2020-07-01 2020-07-03
Quality.....: 244kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo


1. Prelude 0:28
2. Symphonie Pacifique 4:55
3. Undulation 1:09
4. Anticipation 5:02
5. Mu 0:23
6. Yonaguni 4:06
7. Island Life 6:11
8. Nikinakinu 5:21
9. Man vs. Machine 3:24
10. Before the Storm 1:29
11. After the Storm 8:34
12. Meditation on a Pedal Steel 1:46
13. Lament for Lamont 4:53
14. Pointe-Venus 7:19
15. Mother's Love 5:35
16. Epilogue: Three Tenors 2:22
Runtime 62:57
Size 116.36
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