The Spores


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Artist: The Spores
Album: Doom Pop
Label: SideCho Records
Playtime: 46:36 min
Genre: Electronica
Rip date: 2008-06-23
Street date: 2008-00-00
Size: 62.64 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 176 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

Release Notes
They made their mark with their eccentric electro-pop and mind-twisting live
shows that included a cast of puppets that wouldnt be out of place in a Meet
the Feebles remake. Now, THE SPORES are back with Doom Pop, an album that
harnesses years of professional experiences and the energy that, until now,
could only be experienced at one of their performances.

THE SPORES burst on the scene in early 2005, captivating both music fans and
Los Angeles-based peers alike. THE SPORES s single "(Dont) Kill Yourself"
received heavy airplay from LAs Indie 103.1 and KROQ stations, and they
built a reputation as a "bands band." This should come as no surprise as
Molly McGuires (lead vocals, bass, keys) rock pedigree includes session work
for Frank Black, Peaches, and Queens Of The Stone Age, and Greg "Stunbunny"
Biribauer (guitars, loops, keys) has engineered for bands like At the
Drive-In, Queens of the Stone Age, Archers Of Loaf, Sublime and many more.
Now with the help of DJ and respected remix artist, Chris "Cpen" Penny in the
studio, and Eric Micheal Pearson on drums, THE SPORES are prepared to spread
their infectious sound even further.

THE SPORES s first album Imagine the Future was spawned when Toronto natives
McGuire and Biribauer began creating off-kilter arrangements in a home
recording studio. The two took the fruits of their mad scientist aural
experiments and turned them into a fantastically warped live show, complete
with puppet alter-egos. Now, with thousands of tour miles and hundreds of
shows under their collective belt, THE SPORES have captured the unique energy
and demented frenzy of their live performances in a new album, Doom Pop.
Biribauer describes the album as "an amalgamation of everything that has ever
made our hearts pump, our booties swing, or the hair on the back of our necks
stand on end... and the dream of living up to those standards."The year and
a half of nearly non-stop touring had a deep impact on the band and the new
album as well. ?Some of the incredible shows we played, from Prague to
Portland, had tangible resonance on how Doom Pop sounds," said Biribauer, "We
still do all that trippy shit we've always done, but there is now a wider
emotional palette of live experience behind the sound."

From the driving beats and robotic beep bloop of "Faster Master," to the
dancy, multi-layered cacophony of "Ghost Town,"DOOMPOP is an audio snapshot
of THE SPORES" passion for combining pop sensibilities with a performance art
aesthetic. Doom Pop isnt just THE SPORES" new album, but the bands name for
a style of music making that combines catchy melodies with artistic ambition,
depicting the truths around them with a sense of style and merit. The band
cites their heroes David Bowie, Bauhaus, and Johnny Cash as among the list of
artists who embodied the spirit of DOOM POP. For THE SPORES, art and music
are deeply intertwined.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Blood Red Rose 2 ( 3:01)
02. Ghost Town ( 3:26)
03. Do The Void ( 3:22)
04. Faster Master ( 3:01)
05. The Spinning Wheel ( 4:34)
06. That's My Name ( 5:00)
07. Private Jet ( 3:10)
08. Won't Save You ( 3:27)
09. Secret Weapon ( 3:09)
10. Shadyglade ( 3:29)
11. Jewel Of The South ( 3:06)
12. Blood Red Rose 1 ( 7:51)


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