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The Velvet Underground - Squeeze (1973)
Bitrate: 224 kbs
Format: mp3

"Little Jack" (3:25)
"Crash" (1:21)
"Caroline" (2:34)
"Mean Old Man" (2:52)
"Dopey Joe" (3:06)
"Wordless" (3:00)
"She'll Make You Cry" (2:43)
"Friends" (2:37)
"Send No Letter" (3:11)
"Jack and Jane" (2:53)
"Louise" (5:43)

Pass: hdgdtefdr$%^###&*jhndg

not tested

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Одно из самых странных событий недели – появление на интернет-аукционе eBay старой виниловой пластинки со скромной надписью «Velvet Underground. 4-25-66. Att N. Dolph». Оказалось, что за этой надписью скрывается самый настоящий раритет: ранее считавшаяся утерянной та самая легендарная первая копия альбома «The Velvet Underground & Nico», которую Энди Уорхол отправил на лейбл Columbia как рекламу своих в будущем знаменитых протеже. После бурных торгов пластинка была в конце концов куплена за 155 тыс. долларов, а вся эта история вызвала определённый всплеск интереса к Velvet Underground и их наследию среди блогов: Moistworks предлагает читателями разнообразные раритеты от VU и рассуждает об их роли в истории рок-музыки, rbally знакомит с бутлегом Лу Рида 1973 года записи, ну а Taste попросту выкладывает целиком ту раритетную запись, из-за которой разгорелся весь сыр-бор.


кто-нибудь успел скачать? если да то выложите.

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The Velvet Underground - Squeeze (1973)
Pass: hdgdtefdr$%^###&*jhndg

I've tested it. It seems to be OK) Thanks.
I'm a girl.
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The tracks:
1. "White Light/White Heat" (Lou Reed) - 2:47
2. "The Gift" (Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale, Maureen Tucker) - 8:19
3. "Lady Godiva's Operation" (Reed) - 4:56
4. "Here She Comes Now" (Reed, Morrison, Cale, Tucker) - 2:04
5. "I Heard Her Call My Name" (Reed) - 4:38
6. "Sister Ray" (Reed, Morrison, Cale, Tucker) - 17:27

Залейте плз,,:::или хоть Here She Comes Now

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!!!Please help!!!
If anyone can find this one
I can`t find it anywhere
Links above don`t work

The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

Если кто может найти этот альбом
Я не могу нигде его найти
Ссылки в топике не работают
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Chaoss +1
Очень хотелось бы найти сольные записи Nico, буду рада если кто-нибудь зальет их.
I would really appreciate if someone uploaded the solo works of Nico as well.

Here's Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

1. Sunday Morning
2. I'm Waiting For The Man
3. Nico - Femme Fatale
4. Venus in Furs
5. Run Run Run
6. Nico - All Tomorrow's Parties
7. Heroin
8. There She Goes Again
9. Nico - I'll Be Your Mirror
10. The Black Angel's Death Song
11. European Sun
12. Nico - Little Sister
13. Nico - Winter Song
14. Nico - It Was A Pleasure Then
15. Nico - Chelsea Girls
16. Nico - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

bitrate 224kbps
link will be availaable in 30minutes

okay, here's the link:

Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

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password: see above

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the fact that no one understands you
does not make you an artist
«The Velvet Underground» — сборник «The Best Of The Velvet Underground» (1989)

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Еще один сборник хитов, еще одной известной американской рок-группы 1960-х/1970-х годов — «The Velvet Underground». Пластинка была выпущена в 1989 году. Качаем отсюда (256-320 кбит/сек).
1969-го года альбом не могли бы кто-нибудь залить, пожалуйсто

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You may have heard of the Velvet Underground & Nico acetate that was sold recently on eBay (the auction ended last night). The final & winning bid? $155,401.00. Wow...I hope the seller can get paid, and that we somehow actually get to hear this one day. From the auction description, here's the story of how this ultra-rare gem found it's way to eBay:

In September of 2002 Warren Hill of Montreal Canada was perusing a box of records at a Chelsea, New York street sale when he happened upon a nice Leadbelly 10" on Folkways, a water damaged copy of the first Modern Lovers LP on Beserkely, and a brittle 12" piece of acetone-covered aluminum with the words "Velvet Underground. 4-25-66. Att N. Dolph" written on the label. He purchased the three records for 75 cents each.

As I have a small knowledge of records and am an old friend of Warren's, I got a call from him the next day in which he described the acetate. Because of the date and the unique type of pressing, we both agreed that it was probably an in-studio acetate made during the recording of the first Velvet Underground LP back in 1966 (I had heard that they occasionally would have
a vinyl cutting lathe in the studio to cut records of the day's recordings for the artists and/or producers to take home for review). Warren didn't want to play the mysterious platter due to the fragile nature of acetates, and the cheap nature of his record needle, so we agreed that the next time he was visiting me in Portland we would check it out together. If it turned out to be what we thought it was, maybe we could sell it at Mississippi Records, the small neighborhood record store in Portland that I work at. Sight unseen and sound unheard, I assumed that it was likely an acetate pressing of the recording which would be eventually be released as
the group's first album, "The Velvet Underground & Nico". статья полностью >>>

Оригинальная версия MP3/256kbps:

1.European Son - completely different version,. Guitar solo is much bluesier. Less noisy and experimental. Longer by 2 minutes or so.
2.Black Angel’s Death Song - Same take as released version. Different mix.
3.All Tomorrow’s Parties - Same take as released version. Different mix.
4. I’ll Be Your Mirror- Same take as released version. Radically different mix. No echo on Nico's vocals. Background vocals on end of song are more subdued.
5.Heroin - Completely different take than released version. Guitar line is different. Vocal inflections different, and a few different lyrics. Drumming is more primitive & off kilter. There is a tambourine dragging throughout the song.
6.Femme Fatale - Same take as released version. Radically different mix. Percussion more prominent. Alternate take on background vocals. Much more "poppy".
7.Venus In Furs - Different take than released version. Vocal inflections completely different. Instrumentation more based around Cales' violin than the guitar as in the released version.
8.I’m Waiting For My Man- Different take than released version. Guitar line is completely different. Vocal inflections different, and a few different lyrics. No drums, just tambourine. Bluesy guitar solo.
9.Run Run Run - Same take as released version. Different mix.
отреставрированная версия MP3/192kbps:
Size: 69,5MB

Охереть! Это че исходник первого альбома что-ли? Круууута! Даже качать страшно, вдруг не скачнет flowers.gif
the velvet underground - the best of the velvet underground (words and music of lou reed)

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картинка, оставленная пользователем

1 I'm Waiting For The Man (4:47)
2 Femme Fatale (2:38)
3 Run Run Run (4:21)
4 Heroin (7:11)
5 All Tomorrow's Parties (5:59)
6 I'll Be Your Mirror (2:10)
7 White Light / White Heat (2:48)
8 Stephanie Says (2:50)
9 What Goes On (4:53)
10 Beginning To See The Light (4:40)
11 Pale Blue Eyes (5:41)
12 I Can't Stand It (3:24)
13 Lisa Says (2:57)
14 Sweet Jane (3:16)
15 Rock And Roll (4:37)

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dmitry 333

Сцылка здохла..

Залейте кто-нить, плз.
_а из печени школьного учителя он сделал специальную колбаску, которая могла вызывать оргазм у неживой материи

-=HacK The MatteR=-

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