The Wild Magnolias

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Hands down, New Orleans is the world's most musical metropolis. What's more, the Big Easy can also tout itself as the most exotic, exuberant city on the planet. These sensual delights converge and compliment each other in the rich tradition of the Mardi Gras Indians. Between their irresistible folk-routed music and their stunning, ornate costumes, the Indians unleash a sensory barrage that epitomizes New Orleans’ “always for pleasure” aesthetic. And among New Orleans’ many tribes, none exceeded the talent, renown and flamboyance of the Wild Magnolias.

The Wild Magnolias - They Call Us Wild [2007]

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CD 1

01. Handa Wanda
02. Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right)
03. Two-Way-Pak-E-Way
04. Corey Died on the Battlefield
05. (Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul
06. Oh! When The Saints
07. Meet The Boys (On The Battlefront)
08. Ho Na Nae
09. (My Big Chief Has A) Golden Crown
10. Shoo Fly (Don't Bother Me)
11. Iko Iko
12. Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) (Single Edit)

CD 2

01. They Call Us Wild
02. New Suit
03. Ah Anka Ting Tang Boo Shanka Boo
04. Fire Water
05. Injuns, Here We Come
06. New Kinda Groove
07. Jumalaka Boom Boom
08. We're Gonna Party
09. Ho Na Nae



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The Wild Magnolias (1974)

Handa Wanda
Smoke My Peace Pipe
Two Way Pak E Way
Corey Died On The Battlefield
Soul, Soul, Soul

This debut marked a milestone for New Orleans music as it was one of the first major label record for a Mardi Gras Indian tribe; this was soon to be followed by another great tribe band, the Wild Tchoupitoulas. Not to be confused with Native American tribes, the Mardi Gras Indians are part of an African-American gang-land tradition going back decades that started out as brawls and developed into more civilized costume and song contest. Beginning as a practice group formed by leaders Big Chief Theodore "Bo" Dollis and Joseph "Monk" Boudreaux of the Golden Eagles tribe, the Wild Magnolias caught the eye of local promoters and were recorded in 1973 with the New Orleans Project featuring keyboardist Willie Tee and fiery guitarist Snooks Eaglin. Dollis and Boudreaux lead the group through gospel-ish call-and-response chants that become funky mantras as Tee and Eaglin kick up driving grooves to go along with it. Along with inspired originals like Handa Wanda and Two Way Pak E Way, they cover traditional numbers that go way, way back like Oh When The Saints and Shoo Fly. The Wild Magnolias is an exciting non-stop dance fest and an excellent introduction for any interested in the music of the Big Easy.

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They Call Us Wild (1975)

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