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2002 - Theory of a Deadman
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CBR 320kbps, 84 Mb

1. Invisible Man
2. Nothing Could Come Between Us
3. Make Up Your Mind
4. Point To Prove
5. Leg To Stand On
6. What You Deserve
7. The Last Song
8. Say I'm Sorry
9. Any Other Way
10. Confession

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2005 - Gasoline
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CBR 320kbps + VBR Bonuses, 122 Mb

1. Hating Hollywood
2. No Way Out
3. No Surprise
4. Quiver
5. Santa Monica
6. Better Off
7. Say Goodbye
8. Hello Lonely (Walk Away From This)
9. Me & My Girl
10. Since You've Been Gone
11. Hell Just Ain't The Same
12. Save The Best For Last
13. In The Middle
2006 - Special Edition Bonuses:
14. Fake (Bonus Track)
15. Lynchburg Lemonade (Southern Days)
16. Got Me Wrong (Alice in Chains cover)

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2008 - Scars & Souvenirs
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VBR, 127Mb

01. So Happy (feat. Brent Smith) 04:12
02. By The Way (feat. Chris Daughtry and Robin Diaz) 03:35
03. Got It Made 03:15
04. Not Meant To Be 03:34
05. Crutch 03:17
06. All Or Nothing 03:31
07. Heaven (Little By Little) 04:20
08. Bad Girlfriend 03:26
09. Hate My Life 03:11
10. Little Smirk 03:32
11. End Of The Summer 03:30
12. Wait For Me 04:03
13. Sacrifice 02:56
2009 - Special Edition Bonuses:
14. Great Pretender (Bonus Track) 03:40
15. Shadow (Bonus Track) 03:49
16. So Happy (Acoustic) 04:11
17. By The Way (Acoustic) 03:33
18. Not Meant To Be (Acoustic) 03:30
19. Got Me Wrong (Alice in Chains cover) 04:30
20. Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers cover) 03:09
21. What's Your Name? (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) 03:41

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Above This
Deadly Game
No Chance In Hell

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Official Website / myspace.com / Wiki

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Theory of a Deadman | Theory EPK
Watch Theory of a Deadman get their photoshoot on for Scars and Souvenirs in this video EPK. Get an introduction to the band and hear what they have to say about their previous albums, current album, and hopes for future touring.

Itunes Bonus Tracks as promised.........
Great Pretender
So Happy (Acoustic)
А можно все бонусы в одном архиве на ифолдере? cool.gif
Вот бонусы все вместе на ипапке:
to }I{3]-[3I{,
спс чувак thumb.gif
Thanks man, but can you zip 'em up into one file? smile.gif Thanks.
может кто найдем ссылку на новый альбом в 320, буду очень признателен =)
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сеня офф дата выхода, мож кто и рипанет в 320 cool.gif
Here is a link from }I{3]-[3I{
I meant as a rapidshare link.

Rapidshare Link - Bonus Tracks Scars And Souvenirs


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thank ya kindly!
Always a pleasure tongue.gif
отличный альбом!

сча послушаем бонусы.......... wink.gif
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