This Silence Powerful began as a solo project in 2004 when Alex Hay ditched his drum kit and picked up the guitar while attending college in Arizona. Over the next several years he began hatching song ideas and piecing riffs together while simultaneously scrawling out lyrics to accompany the music. After a year of writing, Hay met up with long time friend and drummer Marc Davis who had coincidently taken over his drumming duties in the metal band Conscender. After hearing some rough demos, Davis agreed to work on the project, but they would have some communication and space barriers to overcome. The two relied heavily on e-mail to share song ideas and lyrics. During intermittent periods of jamming during school breaks, Hay and Davis developed their material and were able to acquire another guitarist in the form of Daniel Peterson, another friend and member of Conscender. The summer of 2006 finally allowed the three ample rehearsal time to work through the material and write 11 tracks for an album. The group headed to Sacramento’s Pus Cavern recording studio and tracked the entire CD over an 8 day period. ”The Mirror Within” encompasses a variety of rock styles as apparent from the straightforward modern groove of “In Degrees” to the intensely progressive feel of the album closer “Waste.” While the band explores many paths and feels throughout, they cling to an original blend of dynamics, driving rhythm, and interwoven melody.

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Band Members:
Alex Hay - Vocals, Guitar, Bass;
Daniel Peterson - Guitar, Vocals;
Marc Davis - Drums;
Homer - Bass;
Nick Bonauro - Keys, vocals, guitars

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This Silence Powerful-The Mirror Within-2007-KzT
ARTiST : This Silence Powerful
ALBUM : The Mirror Within
LABEL : Independent
GENRE : Hard Rock

RELEASE : 2008-02-25
STREET : 2007-00-00

ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 201kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 61.17 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:41:40


Track Name Time

1. Panacea 3:54
2. How To Be Transparent 4:29
3. As You Imagined 1:07
4. Hours Of Mishade 4:04
5. Just Below 4:13
6. A Paradise Lost 4:09
7. The Vacant 1:07
8. Palindrome 5:20
9. The Mirror Within 2:27
10. In Degrees 4:48
11. Waste 6:02


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Айс, а хотя бы какие-то свои комменты ?
во время ночной прослушки понравилось)
очень крутое smile.gif
стоит скачать.
За 8 дней альбом записали)))

Сейчас закачаем и заценим. Голос приятный. С виду ничего.

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Strange, for some reason, I can't use the "thank you" icon. blink.gif
I Don't Speak Russian So Translate Pls.
Nothing special with this band sad.gif
You can't change the world, but you sure can make a dent.
Pretty nice stuff if you ask me, i like it a lot! thumb.gif
приятный альбом thumb.gif Без жести, такой меланхоличный альт-метал. Немного есть сходства с Tool, немного с Etched in Red.
Thanks bro. Good work.
понравился альбошка. все как надо, все на месте.
"We laugh until we cry,
We run until we fight,
We fail until we try,
We fall until we fly." - O.A.T.H. - Vice Versa
Хорошая работа, есть прогрессив местами, как раз для ночной прослушки..
меланхоличный альт-метал

Тоже самое хотел сказать букву в букву)))

Че-то не понравилась группа. Чуть не заснул по ходу прослушки. Честно говоря,надоели уже просто серенькие одинаковые альт.металл группы. А ничего нового хорошего,к сожалению,не появляется.
Thanks for the share.

I can't, for the life of me, download from this ifolder site. can't find the freaking link to download...

The others work fine though! so thanks!
...and all that could have been.

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