Throwing Bricks

5-piece metal band from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, THROWING BRICKS started out as a vicious hardcore unit, but in recent years has grown to be a lot more than that. Mixing their punk beginnings with slow and crushing sludge riffs and dashes of black metal and screamo, the project has evolved into the heavy yet energetic juggernaut it is today.


Jesse Stey – Guitar
Jordi van Putten – Bass
Bart van der Blom – Drums
Marius Prins – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Niels Koster – Vocals

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Demo (2013)
2. Gone
3. Walk, Don't Run
4. Conductor
5. Hypnagogia
6. Duct Tape

Self-released first Demo.
All tracks written by Throwing Bricks.
Recorded at Duct Tape Studio.

Collected (2015)
1. Born In Shit
2. War Boken
3. Submersion
4. Blind
5. Brick After Brick
6. Cervus
7. 2001
8. This Time It's Real
9. Boktor
10. Die In Shit

‘Collected’ is a representation of what we were up to for the last two years. The title says it all: you should not listen to this release as an album, EP or mixtape but more like a collage of stuff we have been experimenting with.

As a band we evolve constantly, the use of beatdown, black metal and clean vocals on this release could be temporary, but we simply don’t know that yet. Fact is, we had fun recording ‘Collected’ all by ourselves in our practice room, so don’t expect a polished pop album (although we love those too!)
We hope you enjoy listening to these ten songs, and that this release will help us create a more focused sound in the near future.

Self-Distancing (2016)
1. Total Freedom
2. No/More Intimacy
3. Scaphism
4. Slowdive's Dagger
5. Today I Lost My Reflection

'Self-Distancing' is the third release under the Throwing Bricks banner and our most complete work to date. We did some stuff on here like we never did before, merging even more Black Metal and Sludge in our sound and writing our longest songs ever. This is also our first recording without a permanent bass player and with Jesse on guitar.

Recorded in July 2016 at Duct Tape Studio, Rotterdam, The Netherlands by Niek Driesschen. Recordings were made with the complete band in one room at the same time to capture the live energy. Only the bass, backing vocals and guitar solos were done separately afterwards.

Music by Throwing Bricks, lyrics by Niels Koster
Bass recordings by Marius Prins
Artwork by Mark Dumanon

'Slowdive’s Dagger' was indeed inspired by the song ‘Dagger’ of British Shoegaze band Slowdive, both lyrically and musically.

Throwing Bricks is:
Marius Prins - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Bart van der Blom - Drums
Jesse Stey - Guitars
Niels Koster - Vocals
Throwing Bricks - What Will Be Lost (2020) 320kbps
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. What Will Be Lost, Won't Happen Again (5:27)
2. The Day He Died (6:33)
3. Constant Failure (4:03)
4. Ceremony (6:00)
5. Patterns Rise (4:02)
6. Glass Queen (2:32)
7. Galling (6:29)
8. Ready to Fall (4:29)
Live stream Recording of the July 26th show @ dB's

New Single Irreparable Crack
'Irreparable Crack' was inspired by the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. This bell contains a crack that people tried to fix a couple of times, but it kept breaking. We use this irreparable crack as a metaphor for being emotionally scarred, it doesn't matter how much you try to fix it for yourself, the scar will stay.

We wrote this song and its lyrics years ago and decided to record it in the same session as our debut record. Additional vocals on the back end of the song are done by our good friend Jeroen van Koesveld. 'Irreparable Crack' wasn't included on the initial release of 'What Will Be Lost' because the vibe and sound differ a lot from the other material. However, it's a great song to add as a separate digital single and a bonus track.

released November 27, 2020

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