dvd works fine, inside all the split archives is another big one, extract that one as well and you get the dvd filestructure...

awesome dvd btw, would appreciate a rip of the second one
Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends DVDRip

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doownloading it thankkkss!!!
thanks StrmLnd! I have this but the dvd is messed up and I could never rip it correctly.
Has anyone found a DVD-Rip of Fucked Up Friends 2? I have the audio but I really want to see the video.
Tobacco - 2010 - Sweatmother [Single]


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Artist: Tobacco
Title: Maniac Meat
Label: Anticon
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: 209kbit av
Time: 00:42:19
Size: 66.97 mb
Rip Date: 2010-04-24
Str Date: 2010-05-25

01. Constellation Dirtbike Head 2:55
02. Fresh Hex (Feat. Beck) 1:35
03. Mexican Icecream 2:21
04. Lick The Witch 2:45
05. Sweatmother 2:12
06. Motorlicker 2:01
07. Unholy Demon Rhythms 2:29
08. Heavy Makeup 4:45
09. Grape Aerosmith (Feat. Beck) 1:51
10. New Juices From The Hot Tub Freaks 2:06
11. Six Royal Vipers 2:26
12. Overheater 1:43
13. Creepy Phone Calls 4:08
14. TV All Greasy 3:21
15. Stretch Your Face 2:45
16. Nuclear Waste Aerobics 2:56

Maniac Meat is the sophomore effort from Tobacco, the solo project of
Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tom Fec. Once again, the bass and
drums are the only live instruments here, with the rest of the audio
space being taken up by layers of samples. Particularly notable are the
two guest spots by Beck, who Fec was able to contact through the label
head at Anticon Records. Beck contributed vocals to the tracks Fresh
Hex and Grape Aerosmith

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Мертвые с косами стоят и тишина-а-а-а... ohmy.gif
Альбом удивил. По ощущениям из тегов наименее всего подходит хип хоп, хотя с Rythmic Noise тоже погорячились, а наиболее Psychedelic в полном смысле этого слова. Раньше его не слушал хотя на харде ранние вещи давно лежат.
Теперь возьмусь переслушивать.
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новый альбом прекрасен, очень прекрасен
Дааа, крутейший альбом! thumb.gif
Скучный и однообразный
офигенная штука,хорошо на главной висело так бы никогда не послушал
супер мега прекрасен wink.gif

SUPERB!!!!! thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif

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