Big ups to all for the todd! LOVE IT!
а есть кого-нибуть Todd Edwards - Full On Volume 2 и 3 в МП3?
ну у меня только flac biggrin.gif sorry


Jump to my beat (todd edwards Remix) - Wildchild
Did you know that if you can't find something that you can actually search for it!!!
давай ФЛАК!
ominae спасибо !!! классно играет, вышел на него случайно, послушав Monz, нигде, кроме как здесь не нашел...буду слушать thumb.gif
Todd Edwards - I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)
On this remix, London's Joy Orbison quiets things down and spaces them out, filling the gaps with sweet blips and chirps. When the vocals finally appear, they perfectly blend with the relaxed vibe, highlighting Edwards' lyrical depth. The song keeps its chilled out pace, building just enough and then taking the listener back down.
Todd Edwards - I Might Be (WEB),2010

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out of print remixes for free download!!!!
Could someone please re-up Full On Volume 2?

And also if anyone has Volume 1?
REQ: Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
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artist: Todd Edwards
title: Far Away
country: USA
label: i! Records
genre: Electronic / Funk
year: 2006
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 35mb (rar)
length: 15:21 min
type: 3 tracks + Cover

1. Far Away (Radio Edit)
2. Far Away (Extended Vocal Mix)
3. Far Away (Extended Instrumental Mix)


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