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Closing Time (1973)
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1. Ol' '55
2. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
3. Virginia Avenue
4. Old Shoes
5. Midnight Lullaby
6. Martha
7. Rosie
8. Lonely
9. Ice Cream Man
10. Little Trip To Heaven
11. Grapefruit Moon
12. Closing Time

The Heart Of Saturday Night (1974)
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1. New Coat Of Paint
2. San Diego Serenade
3. Semi Suite
4. Shiver Me Timbers
5. Diamonds On My Windshield
6. (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
7. Fumblin' With The Blues
8. Please Call Me Baby
9. Depot Depot
10. Drunk On The Moon
11. The Ghosts Of Saturday Night

Nighthawks At The Diner (1975)
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1. Opening Intro
2. Emotional Weather Report
3. Intro
4. On A Foggy Night
5. Intro
6. Eggs And Sausage
7. Intro
8. Better Off Without A Wife
9. Nighthawk Postcards
10. Intro
11. Warm Beer And Cold Women
12. Intro
13. Putnam County
14. Spare Parts 1
15. Nobody
16. Intro
17. Big Joe And Phantom 309
18. Spare Parts 2 And Closing

Small Change (1976)
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1. Tom Traubert's Blues
2. Step Right Up
3. Jitterbug Boy
4. I Wish I Was In New Orleans
5. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
6. Invitation To The Blues
7. Pasties And A G-String
8. Bad Liver And A Broken Heart
9. The One That Got Away
10. Small Change
11. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work

Foreign Affairs (1977)
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1. Cinny's Waltz
2. Muriel
3. I Never Talk To Strangers
4. Medley: Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come
5. A Sight For Sore Eyes
6. Potter's Field
7. Burma-Shave
8. Barber Shop
9. Foreign Affair

Blue Valentine (1978)
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1. Red Shoes By The Drugstore
2. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
3. Romeo Is Bleeding
4. $29.00
5. Wrong Side Of The Road
6. Whislin Past The Graveyard
7. Kentucky Anvenue
8. A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun
9. Blue Valentine

Heartattack & Vine (1980)
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1. Heartattack And Vine
2. In Shades
3. Saving All My Love For You
4. Downtown
5. Jersey Girl
6. 'Til The Money Runs Out
7. On The Nickel
8. Mr. Siegal
9. Ruby's Arms

Swordfishtrombones (1983)
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1. Underground
2. Shore Leave
3. Dave The Butcher
4. Johnsburg, Illinois
5. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six
6. Town With No Cheer
7. In The Neighborhood
8. Just Another Sucker In The Vine
9. Frank's Wild Years
10. Swordfishtrombones
11. Down, Down, Down
12. Soldier's Things
13. Gin Soaked Boy
14. Trouble's Braids
15. Rainbirds

Rain Dogs (1985)
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1. Singapore
2. Clap Hands
3. Cemetery Polka
4. Jockey Full of Bourbon
5. Tango Till They're Sore
6. Big Black Mariah
7. Diamonds & Gold
8. Hang Down Your Head
9. Time
10. Rain Dogs
11. Midtown
12. 9th & Hennepin
13. Gun Street Girl
14. Union Square
15. Blind Love
16. Walking Spanish
17. Downtown Train
18. Bride of Rain Dog

Frank's Wild Years (1987)
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1. Hang On St. Christopher
2. Straight To The Top (Rhumba)
3. Blow Wind Blow
4. Temptation
5. Innocent When You Dream
6. I'll Be Gone
7. Yesterday Is Here
8. Please Wake Me Up
9. Frank's Theme
10. More Than Rain
11. Way Down In The Hole
12. Straight To The Top (Vegas)
13. I'll Take New York
14. Telephone Call From Istanbul
15. Cold Cold Ground
16. Train Song
17. Innocent When You Dream ('78)

Big Time (Live) (1988)
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1. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
2. Red Shoes
3. Underground
4. Cold Cold Ground
5. Straight To The Top
6. Yesterday Is Here
7. Way Down In The Hole
8. Falling Down
9. Strange Weather
10. Big Black Mariah
11. Rain Dogs
12. Train Song
13. Johnsburg, Illinois
14. Ruby's Arms
15. Telephone Call From Istanbul
16. Clap Hands
17. Gun Street Girl
18. Time

Bone Machine (1992)
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1. Earth Died Screaming
2. Dirt In The Ground
3. Such A Scream
4. All Stripped Down
5. Who Are You
6. The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
7. Jesus Gonna Be Here
8. A Little Rain
9. In The Colosseum
10. Goin' Out West
11. Murder In The Red Barn
12. Black Wings
13. Whistle Down The Wind
14. I Don't Wanna Grow Up
15. Let Me Get Up On It
16. That Feel

The Black Rider (1993)
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1. Lucky Day (overture)
2. The Black Rider
3. November
4. Just The Right Bullets
5. Black Box Theme
6. 'T 'Aint No Sin
7. Flash Pan Hunter (intro)
8. That's The Way
9. The Briar And The Rose
10. Russian Dance
11. Gospel Train (orchestra)
12. I'll Shoot The Moon
13. Flash Pan Hunter
14. Crossroads
15. Gospel Train
16. Interlude
17. Oily Night
18. Lucky Day
19. The Last Rose Of Summer
20. Carnival

Mule Variations (1999)
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1. Big In Japan
2. Lowside Of The Road
3. Hold On
4. Get Behind The Mule
5. House Where Nobody Lives
6. Cold Water
7. Pony
8. What's He Building?
9. Black Market Baby
10. Eyeball Kid
11. Picture In A Frame
12. Chocolate Jesus
13. Georgia Lee
14. Filipino Box Spring Hog
15. Take It With Me
16. Come On Up To The House

Alice (2002)
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1. Alice
2. Everything You Can Think
3. Flower's Grave
4. No One Knows I'm Gone
5. Kommienezuspadt
6. Poor Edward
7. Table Top Joe
8. Lost In The Harbour
9. We're All Mad Here
10. Watch Her Disappear
11. Reeperbahn
12. I'm Still Here
13. Fish & Bird
14. Barcarolle
15. Fawn

Blood Money (2002)
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1. Misery Is The River Of The World
2. Everything Goes To Hell
3. Coney Island Baby
4. All The World Is Green
5. God's Away On Business
6. Another Man's Vine
7. Knife Chase
8. Lullaby
9. Starving In The Belly Of A Whale
10. The Part You Throw Away
11. Woe
12. Calliope
13. A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Real Gone (2004)
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1. Top Of The Hill
2. Hoist That Rag
3. Sins Of My Father
4. Shake It
5. Don't Go Into That Barn
6. How's It Gonna End
7. Metropolitan Glide
8. Dead And Lovely
9. Circus
10. Trampled Rose
11. Green Grass
12. Baby Gonna Leave Me
13. Clang Boom Steam
14. Make It Rain
15. Day After Tomorrow
16. Chick A Boom

Orphans (2006)
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I. Brawlers

1. Lie To Me
2. Lowdown
3. 2:19
4. Fish in the Jailhouse
5. Bottom Of The World
6. Lucinda
7. Ain't Goin' Down To The Well
8. Lord I've Been Changed
9. Puttin' On The Dog
10. Road To Peace
11. All The Time
12. The Return Of Jackie And Judy
13. Walk Away
14. Sea Of Love
15. Buzz Fledderjohn
16. Rains On Me

II. Bawlers

1. Bend Down The Branches
2. You Can Never Hold Back Spring
3. Long Way Home
4. Widow's Grove
5. Little Drop Of Poison
6. Shiny Things
7. World Keeps Turning
8. Tell It to Me
9. Never Let Go
10. Fannin Street
11. Little Man
12. It's Over
13. If I Have To Go
14. Goodnight Irene
15. The Fall Of Troy
16. Take Care Of All My Children
17. Down There By The Train
18. Danny Says
19. Jayne's Blue Wish
20. Young At Heart

III. Bastards

1. What Keeps Mankind Alive
2. Children's Story
3. Heigh Ho
4. Army Ants
5. Books Of Moses
6. Bone Chain
7. Two Sisters
8. First Kiss
9. Dog Door
10. Redrum
11. Nirvana
12. Home I'll Never Be
13. Poor Little Lamb
14. Altar Boy
15. The Pontiac
16. Spidey's Wild Ride
17. King Kong
18. On the Road
19. Dog Treat
20. Missing My Son


from vinyl edition

1. Crazy 'Bout My Baby
2. Diamond In Your Mind
3. Cannon Song
4. Pray
5. No One Can Forgive Me
6. Mathie Grove

Glitter & Doom (Live) (2009)
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1. Lucinda / Ain't Goin Down
2. Singapore
3. Get Behind The Mule
4. Fannin Street
5. Dirt In The Ground
6. Such A Scream
7. Live Circus
8. Goin' Out West
9. Falling Down
10. The Part You Throw Away
11. Trampled Rose
12. Metropolitan Glide
13. I'll Shoot The Moon
14. Green Grass
15. Make It Rain
16. Story
17. Lucky Day


1. Tom's Tales

Bad As Me (2011)
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1. Chicago
2. Raised Right Men
3. Talking at the Same Time
4. Get Lost
5. Face to the Highway
6. Pay Me
7. Back in the Crowd
8. Bad as Me
9. Kiss Me
10. Satisfied
11. Last Leaf
12. Hell Broke Luce
13. New Year's Eve


1. She Stole The Blush
2. Tell Me
3. After You Die

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Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits (2010)

1. Corinne Died On The Battlefield
2. Tootie Ma Was A Big Fine Thing


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друзья, а нет ли у кого сборника "the early years"?

Ещё раз можно, пожалуйста? Оба, I и II тома.
По крайней мере, все не так грустно, как с Томом Уэйтсом, который говорил, что никогда не приедет в Восточную Европу, и за все время дал только один концерт в Праге.

Зарецкий: Том Уэйтс — это, кстати, мечта.

Саморуков: Мы вели переговоры, это было смешно. Лет семь назад оказалось, что в Москве живет фотограф, американец, близкий друг семьи Тома Уэйтса. И с ним знакома наша знакомая. Она говорит: «Ребята, он может поговорить с Томом, помочь сделать концерт». Мы дико обрадовались. Поехали с Митей к нему в гости — он жил тогда на «Белорусской».

Он открывает дверь и говорит: «Отлично, ребята, заходите, сейчас обсудим. Кстати! Я тут гоню самогон и делаю „Маргариту“ — попробуете?» Мы начали это пить. Действие самогона сразу дало о себе знать. Рассказали, кто мы, как мы любим Тома Уэйтса… Разговор отлично складывался, но чем закончился — мы уже не помним, потому что мы оттуда уползали. С тех пор подобные ситуации у нас называются «забукировать Тома Уэйтса».

Естественно, ничего не получилось. Насколько я знаю — не ручаюсь, что это правда, — Том Уэйтс хочет выступить в Большом театре. И чтобы на афише концерта не было ни одного рекламного логотипа. И ожидания по гонорару — от миллиона долларов. Скажем так, это большое наслаждение — так попасть на концерт Тома Уэйтса, — но мы это себе позволить не можем.

Зарецкий: А кроме того — когда было обсуждение возможного выступления других артистов с симфонической программой в Большом театре, Большой сказал категорически, что они только за классическую музыку.

интервью с основателями промоутерской компании Pop Farm
великолепная песня, душевное исполнение, спасибо старому, порадовал
MOJO - September 2019
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English | 134 pages | True PDF | 85.6 MB
Album Review: ‘Come On Up to the House: Women Sing Waits’
Hearing Waits' songs performed by Aimee Mann, Rosanne Cash and the rest of the female artists here casts new light on their brilliance.
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Скрытый текст / Hidden text

дяде 70

ещё один кавер-бэнд с женским вокалом, скоро альбом

24 февраля на официальном сайте в новостях было:
“Good News! Tom is currently in the studio working on his next album. Stay tuned.”
потом исчезло

надеюсь, старик порадует ещё одним альбомом
Tom Waits - Storytellers (2020)
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FLAC (tracks), Lossless | 1:59:39 | 596 Mb
Blues, Jazz, Rock
[05:43] 01. Tom Waits - Tango 'Till They're Sore
[04:59] 02. Tom Waits - Hang Down Your Head
[06:08] 03. Tom Waits - Ol' 55
[05:38] 04. Tom Waits - Strange Weather
[09:06] 05. Tom Waits - Hold On
[04:52] 06. Tom Waits - Picture In A Frame
[06:35] 07. Tom Waits - I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
[06:45] 08. Tom Waits - House Where Nobody Lives
[08:15] 09. Tom Waits - Get Behind The Mule
[06:38] 10. Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus

[06:58] 01. Tom Waits - What's He Building'
[04:52] 02. Tom Waits - A Little Rain
[05:28] 03. Tom Waits - Downtown Train
[04:55] 04. Tom Waits - Black Wings
[07:31] 05. Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here
[08:17] 06. Tom Waits - Jersey Girl
[07:20] 07. Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus (Take Two)
[04:26] 08. Tom Waits - Tango 'Till They're Sore (Take Two)
[05:03] 09. Tom Waits - Hang Down Your Head (Take Two)

71 год старому thumb.gif

From Nishinari Osaka Japan Weird Wild Obscure Spooky exotica burlesque toy junk Muzak Trash One Man Band music made with broken cassette desks and fucked up record players feat members of (Acid Mother Temple)

Welcome to wild wild weird world of DEGURUTIENI and his ONE MAN BAND. Spooky exotica burlesque toy junk Muzak Trash made with broken cassette desks and fucked up record players feat members of Acid Mother Temple in some songs. this is a compilation with older songs (self released and on tiny labels) and new ones that never got released before.. i thought its about time that the world learns about DEGURUTIENI (i had weeks until i was able to spell his name correctly hahaha) he is touring trough the whole world constantly (pre Covid-19) performs in regular concert halls as well in theatres, Art-galleries, or even on the street you see him once you never forget him and you leave with a big smile on your face and a question mark in your brain.
Alco Degurutieni was born in the Nishinari Ghetto’s of Osaka in the end 60’s (Alco Degurutieni: that time in the 1970s was a rough time for everybody once a month riots in the streets red lights of prostitution parlours and yakuza “mafia” were familiar to us every day. These memories of youthful chaos have been a catalyst for my Peter Pan Syndrome since then) Degurutieni creates harmony through juxtaposition, extracting melody from chaos and decadence from junk.


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Degurutieni - Dark Mondo (2021)

01. Parnas in the Late Night
02. Acme in the Afternoon
03. Can't delete Nightmares
04. Shanghai
05. Blur Blur Blur
06. Midnight Express
07. 13th Floor City
08. Dreaming party
09. Nikolaschka
10. Chap Chime
11. Morfo
12. Never Been
13. New Killing License

очень крутая томуэйтсовщина
Degurutieni - Dark Mondo (2021)

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Цитата: @EmoFreddy
Degurutieni - Dark Mondo (2021)

Очень хороший альбом. раза три переслушал.

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