Rene Hell - Porcelain Opera

Label: Type
Format: CD
Released: May 2010
Catalogue Number: Type077CD

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“Porcelain Opera” by Rene Hell
A surreal electronic explosion of abstract sonics and cracked experimentations.

Rene Hell is the latest and possibly greatest moniker of US noisenik Jeff Witscher. Over the last handful of years Witscher has made a name (and possibly a cult?) for himself under a plethora of different pseudonyms exploring various disparate styles. He has been known as Impregnable, Secret Abuse, Marble Sky and as part of Roman Torment and Deep Jew among others, and now he’s settled on Rene Hell. With this project we find him focused on synthesized kosmiche sounds – but unlike many of his contemporaries (Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never etc), instead of delving into nostalgia there is something decidedly modern about Witscher’s compositions. The bubbling, effervescent synthesizer sequences and percussive patterns seem to twist and turn over each other with a near-techno precision, and at times you might be forgiven for thinking that ‘Porcelain Opera’ had more in common with Basic Channel than Cluster.

‘Porcelain Opera’ is an album made by a consummate music obsessive, and Witscher is just as obsessive about his composition as he is his influences. The album’s tracks seep into each other like viscous lava, decomposing and reforming as the track markers fade and re-appear. This is pure electronic music – songs created with analogue circuits and half-baked patch cables, dusty cassette tapes and greased-up potentiometers. And despite his noise roots, there is something distinctly sparkling about this collection of tracks. ‘Prize Mischief Hold’ fizzes and cascades from the speakers like a box of illicit Chinese fireworks, and the album’s glorious centrepiece ‘L.Minx’ thunders through an electrical storm to reveal glorious, warming harmony.

Electronic music has been much maligned in recent years and its contemporary rediscovery seems almost too rooted in kitsch to be taken seriously, but Jeff Witscher’s synthesizer gospels are more than just a flash in the pan. This is analogue exploration at its best, and once it digs its rusty talons into you, it refuses to let go.

Boomkat :

The newest addition to the Type roster is one Rene Hell, a cult underground noisenik better known as Jeff Witscher. His numerous releases and pseudonyms for labels including Arbor, Not Not Fun and Chronditic Sound (among a tonne of others) have given space for his untamed imagination to roam various disparate styles and ideas. For Rene Hell Witscher sort of places himself alongside Emeralds or Oneohtrix Point Never with alter-dimensional synth trips referencing classic kosmiche, but with the lustre of nostalgia picked away to reveal a decidedly modern grasp of electronic psychedelia. Much like his peers, he manages to envelope his archaic source sounds with a forward thinking sensibility that's conscious of developments which occurred between the early 70s and the early 10s, allowing him to avoid the pitfalls of kitsch, but play around with more honest cliche. Hell maps out a patch that focusses and aligns the visions of Cluster into Basic Channel while adding his own special enzymes to catalyse unpredictable psilocybic changes, a controlled but near-random factor liable to spew out tape chewed voices and dart off into tangential black holes or bloom into star burst harmonics like a box of illicit Chinese fireworks. Eschewing the constrictions of software programming, Hell's intuitive hardware approach enhances these possibilities, take the album centre piece 'L.Minx' as the prime example, where the central synthline shudders and spasms in an electrical storm of distorted, blackened blows, before diverging and converging within the stereo field to defuse and reconnect your cerebral hemispheres with devilishly studied efficiency. A noisenik's sense of freedom gives him license to create textures and tones which would likely be frowned upon in the original Kosmiche scene, but here on 'Razor. P+' they mark the track with a modernist aesthetic that puts history to good use and thrills us in the process. Witscher's synth gospels are more than just a flash in the pan and proves that there's still much terrain to be covered in the recently remembered lands of pure analogue synth music. Very highly recommended.
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On - Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not

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Released: 26-07-2010
Label: Type Records
Cat.#: Type062
Genre: Dark Ambient / Noise
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 115mb

01. The Inconsolable Polymath 5:31
02. Blank Space 6:11
03. Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not 13:02
04. A Tardy Admission That The Crisis Is Serious 4:20
05. The Sound Of White 19:19


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Altar Eagle
Mechanical Gardens (Limited Vinyl Edition)
Label: Type

Format: LP
Released: Aug 2010
Catalogue Number: TYPE073

This excellent debut-proper from hotly tipped duo Altar Eagle finds itself nestled somewhere between the icy drum machine pop of Cold Cave, the Kosmische refractions of Emeralds and the classic layered shoegaze of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine.Eden Hemming and Brad Rose have previously made music together as Corsican Paintbrush before changing their name and style on a pair of sought-after cassettes absorbing darkwave pop genius and the 1st wave techno moods of Juan Atkins. With a heavy heart and distorted touch they've drafted a deeply affected sound where vocals are typically half-heard and happy to be so, while an ongoing mastery of their analogue synths lends a flush of wide-eyed man/machine pop potential. Harks to early Factory and 4AD releases with reverbed shivers of Vinny Riley-ish guitar and drowned vocals.

altar eagle
Mechanical Gardens (Limited Vinyl Edition)
Label: Type

altar eagle
Mechanical Gardens (Limited Vinyl Edition)
Label: Type


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Chestnut Thornback Tar (Limited Vinyl Edition)

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1 Sentimental Journey 7
2 Lament For Klaus Kinski
3 Life As A Secret Agent Is Over
4 Burp Boogie, Burp Boogie
5 In The Days Of The Burning Guitar
6 It Is The Nobel Prize I Want. It's Worth $400.000
7 We Need A Painting, Not A Frame
8 Yellow Mountain Fur Peak

released on vinyl - feb. 2011

previously released on Pica Disk (norway) may 2010

Rene Hell - The Terminal Symphony (2011)

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Artist: Rene Hell
Title Of Album: The Terminal Symphony‎
Year Of Release: 11.04.2011
Genre: Ambient, Psychedelic, Electronic
Label: Type Records
Catalog #: TYPE085
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 09
Time: 38:22 min
Size: 81,5 MB

Over the last 2 years Rene Hell has emerged as one of the most distinctive characters from a wave of neo-Kosmische and synth noise operators. Since his debut album for Type, 'Porcelain Opera', his restless talent has been diverted into cassettes for Night People and Agents Of Chaos, a brilliant 7" track for Kraak and sterling collaborations with Daren Ho's Driphouse as Cuticle and Mandelbrot & Skyy, all displaying an artist confidently in his creative stride. 'The Terminal Symphony' is a bold evolution of his sound, reframing analogue synth and drum machine experiments with a more concise, obsessively structured and complex form of minimalism, making each sound count rather than allowing them to become lost in the glut of meandering, often flabby drone compositions that bulk out the genre. It's an efficient aesthetic in the lineage of the original North Rhine sound of E.M.A.K, Kraftwerk, Conny Plank and co, also sharing much in common with Emeralds' most recent move towards brief, song-like structuring, but still with that demented twinge of wickedly jarring harmonies and a taste for visceral synth textures and noise. This is all heard in the malleable chrome shapes of opener 'Chamber Forte', through the glassy geometrics of 'Cello Suite No.3' or the ecstatic modern classicism of 'Juliard Op', but when the intensity subsides the subtleties of closers 'Detuned Clarinet' and 'Adagio For String Portrait' beautifully contrast with melancholy and understated, but arresting, finesse. RIYL Emeralds, Radio People, E.M.A.K. or AFX - Highly Recommended.


1 Chamber Force
10 Adagio For String Portrait
2 Quiet Detail Muse
3 Cello Suite No 3
4 E S Des Grauens In Fifths
5 Baroque Ensemble Coda
6 Lighthouse Marvel
7 Juliard Op 66
8 Oxford Meter End
9 Detuned Clarinet


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*AR – Wolf Notes

Genre: Classical, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Modern Classical, Drone, Ambient
Year: 2011

Quality : 320 kbps
Size : 101.58 MB

Tracklist :

1- Inception 6:00
2- Rise 12:00
3- Decline 12:13
4- Rest 5:31
5- Return 8:48


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