Drift, Ep 1, Pt. 4 Universe of Can When Back

Drift Episode 1

DRIFT EPISODE 1 out now!
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Includes full longer versions tracks featured in the videos.

Episode 2 coming in January 2019!

Drift Episode 1 EP

1 Intro (Brilliant Yes That Would Be) 0:29
02 Universe Of Can When Back 6:04
03 Dexters Chalk 5:01
04 Another Silent Way 5:27
05 Low Between Zebras 2:57
06 A Very Silent Way 10:31

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24 Bit Hi-Res


Could someone please help me and upload this elsewhere like Zippyshare or Mega or Uploadboy??? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Could someone please help me and upload this elsewhere like Zippyshare or Mega or Uploadboy??? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Somebody! Please!


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cheers @adobemozgoeb and @nicolash1973 much appreciated!

Just a heads up, a friend of mine checked and discovered these hi-res files are actually MQA. I read that high resolution audiophile listeners don't like MQA and avoid it. It's compressed a lot more than your usual hi-res files. MQA is meant for streaming, which means more compression for a smaller size because it will use less bandwidth. You can compare it to watching a 4K movie on Netflix/Amazon/etc versus watching the actual 4K Blu-ray. The 4K stream is highly compressed versus the full on uncompressed Blu-ray disc. The 4K stream may look pretty good, but the actual disc looks much better. I guess that's the best comparison. Just wanted to give you all the heads up. Sadly, the Muse - Simulation Theory Super Deluxe hi-res copy I've seen going around is also MQA while I found the Deluxe Edition as true hi-res.
Приятный релиз. Теперь треба послушать коллабораторов Phase и The Necks.
Мирный атом - в каждый дом!
don't worry - just don't care!)))))
"DRIFT Episode 2 starts in mid-January… In the meantime.. this week here’s a little Christmas something… this is what happens when The Misterons grab some tinsel antlers and mix up a couple of The World Of Underworld playlists" Rick Smith

The Misterons WOUW Mix 13-12-18
Sven Väth - Harlequin (the Beauty and the Beast) (Underworld remix)
Underworld - Cowgirl (Winjer remix by Underworld)
Underworld - Little Speaker
Saint Etienne - Cool Kids of Death (Underworld version)
Underworld - Confusion The Waitress
Front 242 - Happiness (Underworld dance remix)
Dreadzone - Zion Youth (Underworld remix)

Кто умеет скачивать с spotify? )))

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The Misterons WOUW Mix 13-12-18 уже появился
здесь: https://www.mixesdb.com/w/2018-12-13_-_Unde...Mix_(Promo_Mix)
здесь: https://www.mixcloud.com/MixesArchives/2018...erons-wouw-mix/

Открытого скачивания пока не нашел(((

4 микса с https://underworldlive.com/playlists/ spotify почему-то выкачать не дает, сорри...((( Выдает ошибку - возможно связано с регионом (с VPN и без него).

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Romford 1998 live rehearsal

Recently unearthed, this recording made in late 98 is part of a number of rehearsals before the release and touring of the album Beaucoup Fish.

Including some tracks from the album, older material and a number of improv’s that went onto become a huge part of the Underworld live experience in 1999.

– Rick

confusion the waitress
cups (pens git section)
something like a mama
KOS fades out

Does anyone have them(lossless ver.)?
If you can, could anyone upload them please??

Long Slow Slippy
Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Sharpside Remix)

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