Until We Get Caught

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Upon walking into the studio, they see the fresh equipment with all of its gadgets and gizmos. They see the bright lights shining down from the ceiling and the amps stacked up high, and realize what they have strived to accomplish for so long is now actually occurring. This no longer a dream to the guys of Until We Get Caught, but is now a thrilling reality, and these guys are loving every minute of it.

Composed of 4 small town guys with big city dreams, Until We Get Caught is sure to pull at your heartstrings until they snap. Built up with heart, strength and a great ability to collaborate, Until We Get Caught has created a barrier so strong that nothing can tear it down.

Cousin’s Zach and Jason created the foundation for Until We Get Caught, by creating music in their spare time. Laying down the concrete was Bassist Shane Barnes, who joined the duo after the departure of former bassist Mikey Cazmir with no prior experience with the bass. He made a sacrifice for the band to learn how to play bass, with great confidence that the band would be going somewhere soon. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jesse Barnes set it in stone when joining the band. Jesse worked with a few side projects, but felt a bond with the trio, which eventually blossomed into the creation of the melodic EP, “The Only Way Out“.

The boys released their debut acoustic EP march 31st with an impressive crowd that fell in love with the band as it performed a 7 song set, celebrating their first show. “It was shocking, but very exciting as well“, agree drummer Zach Goodman and Bassist Mikey Antosiak. The boys were 10 CD‘s away from selling out their first night. “It’s our ideal acoustic EP. Since we started producing the songs in October of 2006, we hoped this EP would show people how individual our music is. Even if we see a somewhat different path with the full band, it’s a taste of what to expect from UWGC”. Says guitarist Jason Thursby.

With lyrics truly conceived from the heart, songwriter Jesse Barnes writes with metaphors, creating a picturesque illusion of what is actually being said in the songs. " I like writing about my personal experiences, and I'm influenced by the various things that occur in life. With that being said, I try to write my lyrics so that they not only relate to my life, but to other's lives as well." Says singer/guitarist Jesse Barnes. These lyrics are like a roller coaster of emotion, with ups and downs that are sure to make your heart skip a beat.

The forecast shows that Until We Get Caught is sure to see bright skies in the future. Hard work pays off, and these boys have done tough labor to get where they are today.

Written by Brittany Barnes


Until We Get Caught - Bring On The Storm [EP]

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01. Call Off Your Boys
02. A Million Miles Away
03. These Nights
04. Consider This Perfect
05. Brighter Than The City
06. Lights Out

Мне группа очень даже понравилась thumb.gif
22/05/04... I Want to Return to That Day.
Группа на пятерочку просто, даже с плюсом, альбом отличный, особенно вставляет Call Off Your Boys <3
Любовь? Нет, не мясо..но что-то такое кровавое..

hellotherelittleone [EP]
their first The Only Way Out [EP]

re-up Bring On The Storm [EP] please

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"Там больше гномов, там меньше гномов. Там ровно столько же гномов"
Until We Get Caught - Lost Years [EP] (2018)
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mp3, 320kbps

1. The Ride (03:26)
2. Good Life (feat. Oshie Bichar) (03:06)
3. Stranger Tides (04:05)
4. State Lines (02:37)
5. Mess (03:01)

Until We Get Caught - Surface (EP) (2020)
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Время: 0:16:56
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 39.18 Мб

01. Ghost (3:45)
02. Fading Out (feat. Kellin Quinn) (3:17)
03. The Surface (3:30)
04. Burn For Me (3:35)
05. One Of Us (2:49)
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"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".

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