Релиз альбома 23его февраля, ура!
Уже можно делать предзаказ. Издаваться они будут на Metropolis Records, что довольно неожиданно, т.к. я всегда считал этот лэйбл американской обителью индастриала.
Видимо ребята понравились не на шутку, ежели за них там взялись).
Желающие могут оценить звучание по паре треков, которые выйдут на будущем альбоме.
Download tracks:
Anthem for a Doomed Youth
Modern Lust


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~ Anthem for a Doomed Youth (Single) ~

Track Listing:
1. Anthem for a Doomed Youth - Album Version
2. Modern Lust - Album Version
3. Anthem for a Doomed Youth - Cheap Speed Remix, Remixed by Mucho Electro
4. Anthem for a Doomed Youth - No Wave in Hell Remix, Remixed by Mucho Electro
5. Anthem for a Doomed Youth - Gomorrah Remix, Remixed by Anastasia Dimou (Cruel Black Dove)


ARTiST....[ Veil Veil Vanish
TiTLE.....[ Anthem For A Doomed Youth
GENRE.....[ Alternative
LABEL.....[ Metropolis
KHZ.......[ 44,1
MODE......[ avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER...[ Lame 3.97
REL.DATE..[ 01.08.2010


01│ Anthem For A Doomed Youth (Album Version) │ 04:02
02│ Modern Lust (Album Version) │ 03:37
03│ Anthem For A Doomed Youth (Cheap Speed Remix) │ 04:05
04│ Anthem For A Doomed Youth (No Wave In Hell Remix) │ 04:20
05│ Anthem For A Doomed Youth (Gomorrah Remix) │ 03:21

TOTAL PLAYTiME (MiN):│ 19:25

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Great post! Thanks! thumb.gif
Группа нравится просто безумно.
Ребята, поделитесь же уже новым альбомчиком!!! Слюньки текут! :-)
Their myspace already has the full album for streaming....

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Artist: Veil Veil Vanish
Title: Change In The Neon Light
Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Indie
Str.date: 2010-02-23
Rip.date: 2010-02-23
Source: CD
Encoder: EAC
Quality: avg. 227kbps/4410kHz/Joint Stereo
Size: 66.21MB
Tracks : 9

Track List:

01. Change In The Neon Light 5:27
02. Anthem For A Doomed Youth 4:01
03. Exile City 3:45
04. Modern Lust 3:36
05. Pharmaceutical Party Platform 3:21
06. Secondhand Daylight 4:01
07. This Is Violet 4:34
08. Detachment 4:46
09. The Wilderness 5:17
38:48 min

Release Notes:

Normally hearing things like, being the darkest gem in the
treasure chest of San Franciscos indie scene and having an
album with the word Neon Light in it would have me reaching for
the silence of ear plugs; but I figured I would reach out and
find out a little more about this Metropolis Records-backed five
piece from California with the completely inauspicious name, Veil
Veil Vanish. Lucky for unsuspecting listeners, Change In The
Neon Light combines just the right amount of gothic influenced
post-punk and shoegaze indie to make a musical elixir that isnt
to watered down and passive, as well as not being a sludgey,
depression fest.

You have to let this record settle in its seat before you start
making judgments, because when Veil Veil Vanish gets comfortable,
that is when a sort of magic happens. Ok, so it doesnt have
explosive energy or mind bending lyrics, but they do manage to
pull off a quirky and honest effort. Most of the record lays its
foundation in an echoed and reverbed wall of sound, that
amplifies everything from Kevin Tecons vocals, to the
punk-inspired guitars of Cameron Ray, as well as the 80s
keyboards and effects from Justin Anastasi. It almost feels as if
this album would feel right at home in a John Hughes movie, or at
least certain montage sequences in The Breakfast Club.

I will comment that the ethereal atmosphere is uncommonly thick
and if you are looking for instrumentation that isnt effected by
some form of resonance you will be sadly let down, as I witnessed
in the albums trance-like closer, Wilderness. Guitar focused
songs, such as on Pharmaceutical Party Platform, where the
often monotone vocals take a back seat to active fretwork, is a
shiny element of Change In The Neon Light, even if the
aforementioned vox and frivolous song titles might irritate a
bit. It all feels a little bit over dramatic. Dont get me wrong,
its not something as ridiculous as Miss Derringer, but they both
strive for an older time period. Whether it be the 80s in terms
of their music, or the 30s when it comes to their album art.

That being said, Veil Veil Vanishs 38 minute, 9 track, ethereal
indie full-length, happens to be both classy and musically
appealing. It can drown it self a little with tons of effects and
phase pedals, but with a remarkable wall of sound, hints of
addictive, stripped-down post-punk, and experimental guitars,
they manage to make a believer out of me. So if atmosphere is one
of your most important prerequisites before you listen to a new
band, then Change In The Neon Light will be making a home in
your collection very soon.







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"Плыву не так быстро, как ветер дует, а так, как парус поставлю"
ура! очень ожидаемый релиз, епиху до дир заслушал. наконец-то)
круто! круто! круто! super.gif
Альбом замечательный!!!

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