Anyone got Vibronics - Highstep Dub/Warriors Rock? (I no its not out digitally, just requesting to see if any one has it)
Thank you ra_ven, but these are not real 320 MP3s, if you look at the spek, they peak at about 15-16 kHz.
And it's not because of the mastering, because i bought one of the tracks from eMusic, coded in VBR, and the peaks are higher, at about 18 kHz.
Can anyone upload a proper 320 MP3 version, or FLAC?

sorry, not my rip.
What about SCOPS from 29 - 43 ???

Anyone can help
SCOOPS Scoops Scoops

thanks in advance


ok .
Manutension Vs Reel Kila & Vibronics Nou pani combine
Dis one is a Killer

Manutension Vs Reel Kila & Vibronics Nou pani combine
any funky soul has this banger???
thx smile.gif
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Professa Natti, Sally Hossack, Ras Tweed & Vibronics ‎- R.A.S.T.A.F.A.R.I. [Scoops, SCOOP043, 2012]
1 Professa Natti – R.A.S.T.A.F.A.R.I.
2 Sally Hossack – Mystic Air
3 Ras Tweed – I Am What I Am
4 Vibronics – FLC Dub
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Gentleman's Dub Club - High Grade The Remixes [Ranking Records, RANEP006, 2012]
1 High Grade (Original Mix)
2 High Grade (Ruckspin Remix)
3 High Grade (Tymer Remix)
4 High Grade (Vibronics Vocal Mix)
5 High Grade (Vibronics Dub 1)
6 High Grade (Vibronics Dub 2)
7 High Grade (Vibronics Dub 3)
320 smoke.gif
Mr. dubby man..................
thx so much bro! biggrin.gif

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Brain Damage Meets Vibronics - Empire Soldiers (Jarring Effects, FX112, 2013)
01. Gallipoli
02. Sufferation feat. M. Parvez
03. Kings Engine feat. Madu Messenger
04. Youts To War feat. M. Parvez
05. Letter Home feat. Madu Messenger
06. Do U Remember? feat. Sir Jean
07. Neuve Chapelle
08. Muchât feat. Mohammed El Amraoui
09. Siege Of Kut
10. Flanders
11. Letter Dub
12. Sufferation Dub
13. Dub Engine
14. Siege Of Dub
15. Youts To Dub
16. Do U Dub?
17. Neuve Chapelle Dub
Vibronics meets Brain Damage - Dubplate Vol. 1
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Vibronics Meets The Disciples - rewind & remix vol 3
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Get Here
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Vibronics / The Disciples / Alpha & Omega / Twilight Circus / The Bush Chemists - Rewind & Remix (2007)
Format:CD, Compilation
Style:Dub, Reggae
  01. Daddy Teacha - Standing Firm
  02. Vibronics - Standing Firm Dub
  03. Tena Stelin - Hold On To Jah
  04. Alpha & Omega - Hold On To Jah Dub
  05. Singer Blue - If A No Jah
  06. Vibronics - If A No Jah Dub
  07. Madu - Stand Up
  08. Bush Chemists - Stand Up Dub
  09. Prince Alla - One Bright Day
  10. Vibronics - One Bright Day Dub
  11. Boney L - Jah Music
  12. Disciples - Jah Music Dub
  13. Big Youth - Daniel In The Lions Den
  14. Vibronics - Daniel In The Lions Den Dub
  15. Boney L - Jah Light Jah Love
  16. Twilight Circus - Jah Light Jah Love Dub


Could somebody please re upload if they have this?

Thanks in advance.
its just reup by kirikiri, u can find it 2 post before this...

enjoy thumb.gif
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