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Студийные альбомы

1994 - Weezer (320 кбит/сек)

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01. My Name Is Jonas 3:24
02. No One Else 3:05
03. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here 4:18
04. Buddy Holly 2:39
05. Undone-The Sweater Song 5:05
06. Surf Wax America 3:06
07. Say It Ain't So 4:18
08. In The Garage 3:56
09. Holiday 3:24
10. Only In Dreams 7:59

01. Mykel And Carli (B-Side) 2:53
02. Susanne (B-Side) 2:47
03. My Evaline (B-Side) 0:44
04. Jamie (Originally Appeared On DGC Rarities) 4:19
05. My Name Is Jonas (Live B-Side) 3:39
06. Surf Wax America (Live B-Side) 4:01
07. Jamie (Live Acoustic B-Side) 4:03
08. No One Else (Live Acoustic B-Side) 3:26
09. Undone-The Sweater Song (Previously Unreleased Kitchen Tapes) 5:33
10. Paperface (Previously Unreleased Kitchen Tapes) 3:01
11. Only In Dreams (Previously Unreleased Kitchen Tapes) 5:47
12. Lullaby For Wayne (Previously Unreleased Pre-Production Recording) 3:36
13. I Swear It's True (Previously Unreleased Pre-Production Recording) 2:57
14. Say It Ain't So (Original Album Mix) 4:16

1996 - Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition) (2CD) (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Tired of Sex 03:02
02. Getchoo 02:53
03. No Other One 03:02
04. Why Bother? 02:08
05. Across The Sea 04:33
06. The Good Life 04:17
07. El Scorcho 04:04
08. Pink Triangle 03:59
09. Falling For You 03:48
10. Butterfly 02:53


11. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
12. Devotion
13. The Good Life (Radio Remix)
14. Waiting On You
15. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
16. The Good Life (Live And Acoustic)
17. Pink Triangle (Radio Remix)
18. I Swear It's True
19. Pink Triangle (Live And Acoustic)


01. You Won't Get With Me Tonight
02. The Good Life (Live At Y100 Sonic Session)
03. El Scorcho (Live At Y100 Sonic Session)
04. Pink Triangle (Live At Y100 Sonic Session)
05. Why Bother? (Live At Reading Festival 1996)
06. El Scorcho (Live At Reading Festival 1996)
07. Pink Triangle (Live At Reading Festival 1996)
08. The Good Life (Live At X96)
09. El Scorcho (Live And Acoustic)
10. Across The Sea Piano Noodles
11. Butterfly (Alternate Take)
12. Long Time Sunshine
13. Getting Up And Leaving
14. Tired Of Sex (Tracking Rough)
15. Getchoo (Tracking Rough)
16. Tragic Girl (Previously Unreleased)

2001 - Weezer (The Green Album) (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Don't Let Go 03:00
02. Photograph 02:19
03. Hash Pipe 03:07
04. Island In The Sun 03:20
05. Crab 02:35
06. Knock-Down Drag-Out 02:08
07. Smile 02:39
08. Simple Pages 02:57
09. Glorious Day 02:41
10. O Girlfriend 03:50

2002 - Maladroit (320 кбит/сек)

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01. American Gigolo 02:42
02. Dope Nose 02:17
03. Keep Fishin' 02:52
04. Take Control 03:05
05. Death And Destruction 02:39
06. Slob 03:09
07. Burndt Jamb 02:39
08. Space Rock 01:53
09. Slave 02:53
10. Fall Together 02:01
11. Possibilities 02:00
12. Love Explosion 02:35
13. December 03:00

2005 - Make Believe (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Beverly Hills 3:16
02. Perfect Situation 4:15
03. This Is Such A Pity 3:24
04. Hold Me 4:22
05. Peace 3:53
06. We Are All On Drugs 3:35
07. The Damage In Your Heart 4:03
08. Pardon Me 4:16
09. My Best Friend 2:47
10. The Other Way 3:17
11. Freak Me Out 3:26
12. Haunt You Every Day 4:37

2008 - Weezer (Red Album) (320 кбит/сек)

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01 - Troublemaker 2:44
02 - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) 5:52
03 - Pork and Beans 3:09
04 - Heart Songs 4:05
05 - Everybody Get Dangerous 4:02
06 - Dreamin' 5:11
07 - Thought I Knew 3:01
08 - Cold Dark World 3:51
09 - Automatic 3:07
10 - The Angel and the One 6:46
11 - Miss Sweeney 4:02
12 - Pig 4:02
13 - The Spider 4:42
14 - King 5:11
15 - The Weight 4:31
16 - Life Is What You Make It 3:33
17 - Meri Kuri 5:25
18 - It's Easy 3:10
19 - I Can Love 3:49

2009 - Raditude (320 кбит/сек)

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Disc 1:
01. (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To 3:28
02. I'm Your Daddy 3:08
03. That Girl Got Hot 3:14
04. Can't Stop Partying 4:22
05. Put Me Back Together 3:15
06. Trippin' Down The Freeway 3:40
07. Love Is The Answer 3:43
08. Let It All Hang Out 3:17
09. In The Mall 2:39
10. I Don't Want To Let You Go 3:48
11. Turn Me Round 3:09
12. I Woke Up In Love This Morning 3:03

Disc 2 :
01. Get Me Some 3:36
02. Run Over By A Truck 3:33
03. The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World 4:00
04. The Underdogs 4:40

2010 - Hurley (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Memories (3:14)
02. Ruling Me (3:29)
03. Trainwrecks (3:21)
04. Unspoken (3:01)
05. Where's My Sex? (3:28)
06. Run Away (2:55)
07. Hang On (3:33)
08. Smart Girls (3:11)
09. Brave New World (3:57)
10. Time Flies (3:46)
11. All My Friends Are Insects (1:53)
12. Viva La Vida (4:06)
13. I Want to Be Something (2:55)
14. Represent (Rocked Out Mix) (4:12)
15. Unspoken (Sam Farrar Remix)
16. Memories (Instrumental)

2010 - Death to False Metal (V2)

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01. Tuning Up the Radio
02. I Don’t Want Your Loving
03. Blowin’ My Stack
04. Losing My Mind
05. Everyone
06. I’m a Robot
07. Trampoline
08. Odd Couple
09. Autopilot
10. Unbreak My Heart
11. Mykel and Carli
12. Outta Here
13. Yellow Camaro


2002 - Keep Fishin' (128-192 кбит/сек)

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7'' Vinyl Single (UK only)
01. Keep Fishin' (Radio Version)
02. Photograph (Live)
International CD Maxi (UK Maxi Single #1)
01. Keep Fishin' (Radio Version)
02. Photograph (Live)
03. Death and Destruction (Live)
International CD Maxi (UK Maxi Single #2)
01. Keep Fishin' (Radio Version)
02. Slob (Live)
03. Knock-Down Drag-Out (Live)
International CD Single
01. Keep Fishin' (Radio Version)
02. Photograph (Live)

2008 - Pork and Beans (192-320 кбит/сек)

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01 - Pork and Beans
02 - Are 'Friends' Electric
03 - Oddfellows Local 151
04 - Pork and Beans (Naked Version)
05 - Automatic (La Riots Remix GT5P Intro)

EP сборники

1997 - The Good Life (VBR)

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01 - The Good Life
02 - Waiting on You
03 - I Just Threw Out the Love of My Drea
04 - The Good Life [Live]
05 - Pink Triangle [Live]

2005 - Winter Weezerland (128 кбит/сек)

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01 - Christmas Song (promo CD)
01 - Christmas Song (KROQ CD) (Версия 2000 года)
02 - Christmas Celebration

2008 - Christmas with Weezer (VBR)

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01 - We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1:26
02 - O Come All Ye Faithful 2:04
03 - O Holy Night 4:04
04 - The First Noel 2:22
05 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 1:32
06 - Silent Night 2:22
07 - Christmas Celebration 2:22
08 - The Christmas Song 3:08

Демо альбомы

1995 - Songs from the Black Hole (192 кбит/сек)

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01 Countdown
02 Blast Off!
03 Who You Callin' Bitch
04 Oh Jonas (Maria's Theme)
05 I Do
06 Come to My Pod
07 Oh No, This Is Not for Me
08 Tired of Sex
09 She's Had a Girl
10 Dude, We're Finally Landing (Go
11 I Don't Want Your Lovin'
12 Getchoo
13 I Just Threw Out the Love of My
14 Superfriend
15 Superfriend (Reprise)
16 O Lisa
17 You Won't Get Me Tonight
18 Why Bother
19 Waiting on You
20 No Other One
21 Devotion
22 Purification of Water
23 Longtime Sunshine
24 Longtime Sunshine (Reprise)

2000 - The Purple Album (192kbps)

01 Sweet Adeline (My Evaline)
02 Mykel & Carli
03 Suzanne
04 Jamie
05 You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
06 Devotion
07 Waiting On You
08 I Just Threw Out The Love of My D
09 Velouria
10 Christmas Song

2002 - The Black Album (192kbps)

01 Modern Dukes
02 Untenable
03 367
04 Prodigy Lover
05 Mansion of Cardboard
06 Private Message
07 Reason To Worry
08 Fontana
09 Booby Trap
10 Little Songs
11 Running Man

2003 - The Grey Album (192 кбит/сек)

01 How Long
02 High Up Above
03 Sandwich Time
04 Porcupine
05 Dont Pick On Me
06 Serendipity
07 Your Room
08 Change The World
09 Mr Taxman
10 Saturday Night
11 Broken Arrow
12 Aint Got Much Time
13 Zep Jamb
14 We Go Together
15 Seafaring Jamb
16 Alcapulco (Alternate Version)

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Rivers Cuomo


2007 - Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Ooh (0:47)
02. The World We Love So Much (3:39)
03. Lemonade (2:31)
04. The Bomb (1:18)
05. Buddy Holly (3:01)
06. Chess (2:26)
07. Longtime Sunshine (3:15)
08. Blast Off! (1:57)
09. Who You Callin' Bitch? (0:46)
10. Wanda (You're My Only Love) (3:38)
11. Dude, We're Finally Landing (0:56)
12. Superfriend (3:30)
13. Lover In The Snow (3:16)
14. Crazy One (3:14)
15. This Is The Way (4:17)
16. Little Diane (2:41)
17. I Wish You Had An Axe Guitar (0:36)
18. I Was Made For You (4:02)

2008 - Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (320kbps)

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01. Victory On The Hill (0:50)
02. I Want To Take You Home Tonight (3:56)
03. The Purification Of Water (3:56)
04. I Was Scared (2:54)
05. Harvard Blues (0:31)
06. My Brain Is Working Overtime (3:27)
07. I Don't Want To Let You Go (3:46)
08. Oh Jonas (0:26)
09. Please Remember (0:37)
10. Come To My Pod (1:32)
11. Don't Worry Baby (2:59)
12. The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World (2:46)
13. Can't Stop Partying (2:19)
14. Paper Face (3:21)
15. Walt Disney (2:51)
16. I Admire You So Much (0:47)
17. My Day Is Coming (4:23)
18. Cold And Damp (3:37)
19. I'll Think About You (3:01)

2009 - Not Alone - Rivers Cuomo and Friends. Live at Fingerprints (Live EP) (320kbps)

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01. Can't Stop Partying (3:06)
02. El Scorcho (4:15)
03. Devotion (3:05)
04. Buddy Holly (4:26)
05. Butterfly (2:43)
06. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) / Undone (The Sweater Song) (8:02)
07. Fresh Air with Terry Gross: Interview with Rivers Cuomo (41:49)

2009 - Not Alone - Rivers Cuomo and Friends. Live at Fingerprints (DVD Edition) (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Introduction / Song Selection (8:47)
02. Blast Off! (5:07)
03. Across the Sea (6:46)
04. Buddy Holly (5:28)
05. Butterfly (4:54)
06. Can't Stop Partying (6:05)
07. Devotion (3:09)
08. El Scorcho (4:09)
09. Getting Up and Leaving (4:30)
10. Lover In the Snow (4:20)
11. Susanne (3:24)
12. Waiting On You (3:32)
13. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) / Undone (The Sweater Song) (12:11)
14. I Was Scared (2:51)
15. Paper Face (3:15)


The Relationship


2010 - The Relationship (320 кбит/сек)

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01. Something More
02. Please Help Me
03. Thought I Knew
04. Mother Night
05. You Rock My Heart
06. Ugly Things
07. Happiness
08. Patterns Of Love
09. Will I Ever See Her Again?
10. Are You Gonna Be There For Me?
11. Master Plan

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Ах да, забыл. В августе дело было

Quick update on Van Weezer, it is now coming in May 2021 right before the @HellaMegaTour. If you pre-ordered a bundle from our webstore, the merch will begin shipping early next week.


We're saddened to hear of Eddie Van Halen's untimely passing today. Given the news today, we want to dedicate our album Van Weezer to Eddie as a thank you for all the incredible music that soundtracked our youth and inspired the record. RIP EVH.
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Weezer, Mark Knopfler, Leon Bridges Donate Instruments to Auction to Save Live Music

Weezer, Mark Knopfler, and Leon Bridges are among the artists who have donated instruments to a new auction benefiting efforts to help the struggling live music industry.

The auction was organized by the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO), which comprises over 1,000 independent talent agencies, management firms, live touring entities, and more. Per a release, the sale will raise funds for their “continued efforts to ensure that the live touring industry has a united voice both in Washington, D.C., and in a rapidly changing economy.” The auction marks NITO’s first fundraising initiative, and it launches Thursday, December 3rd, and wraps on December 13th.

Other artists to donate guitars or stringed instruments (some of which are signed) to the sale include Fall Out Boy, Jack Johnson, Nick Lowe, Steve Martin, J Mascis, John Mellencamp, Thurston Moore, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Nathaniel Rateliff, Joe Satriani, Los Straitjackets, Lars Ulrich, Steve Vai, Kurt Vile, and the War on Drugs. The full catalog is available to peruse on the auction’s website.

NITO, like the National Independent Venue Association, has been part of the lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C., advocating for the passage of relief bills like the RESTART Act and Save Our Stages, which would help the independent venues and businesses hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These good people are an essential part of our local and international community,” Satriani said in a statement supporting the auction. “Without them, the live music scene will collapse. The current pandemic is mercilessly putting our collective health and livelihoods in great jeopardy. NITO can make our voices heard in Congress and Washington.”

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Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Launches Web Store With Unreleased Demos

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo has launched a new online market where he’s selling thousands of demo recordings made over the past couple of decades.

Cuomo launched the site Tuesday, December 8th, writing on Twitter that he created the marketplace as part of a final project for a web programming class.

There are nine Alone demo collections that cover different eras — ranging from Cuomo’s pre-Weezer days through the demos for Weezer’s 2016 self-titled album, known as “the White Album” — as well as a “best of” collection. Because the collections are tied to Dropbox folders, Cuomo will be able to keep adding material he finds and fans will be able to re-download them without making another purchase. Each set is available for $9.

Audio previews for each of the collections are available, and by hovering the mouse pointer over the name of each Alone installment, a text box will appear with short liner notes and a tracklist. Cuomo’s liner notes offer a succinct window into where he was at the time when he recorded each of the demo sets: For Alone VI: The Black Room, he writes about struggling to regain his confidence after Pinkerton’s initially negative reception; for Alone VII: The Green Years, he namechecks Nietzsche as a main influence; and for Alone X: The Red-Raditude-Hurley Years, he writes about finding joy in marriage, the birth of his daughter, and musical experimentation and collaboration.

Despite the uniform price point, the collections range significantly in length, from just under an hour-and-a-half (Alone VII: The Green Years) to a whopping 38 hours and 25 minutes for Alone XI: The EWBAITE [Everything Will Be Alright in the End] Years. On a FAQ-type page, Cuomo shared a few caveats about the recordings, saying some may have chunks of silence or super low sound quality, or at times offer little more than some “rambling, talking, making sounds” or “just a drum beat.” He also noted, some might be “wildly inappropriate.”

To that end, Cuomo asked fans to help out with a bit of quality control, writing, “Also, please let me know if there’s anything I wouldn’t want public in all the voice notes. I never thought I would be releasing those. I don’t know what’s in them.”

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could someone re-up the black album in 320? recall hearing a few songs and they didn't do much for me, but i rly liked the white album – much more than most ppl, i imagine – and am morbidly curious about the black album as a whole. as an old =w=eez head, thx, in advance!
Новый альбом уже 29.01, и первый сингл уже 21 числа.
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Ага, то есть Ван Визер, анонсированный 2 года назад, будет в мае, а ОК выйдет раньше него. Вот это ход
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@FreakII, ну это ж Визер) они и альбом каверов на Зиверт могут нежданчиком выпустить через месяц, и психоделического фолка альбом))
Лучшее новое радио - http://go.myrh.ru/ ;)
Although OK Human’s title is a nod to Radiohead’s OK Computer, the music on OK Human is more inspired by the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds: During his Covid-19 quarantine this summer, the ever-prolific Cuomo went to work at his piano on a collection of new songs that he eventually brought to the studio, where he was joined by Weezer and a masked 39-piece orchestra.

Other musical touchstones for OK Human include Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson, Randy Newman’s self-titled debut, the Carpenters’ records and Francoise Hardy’s Message Personnel, the band said of their upcoming LP. The album is available to preorder now through their official webstore.

1. “All My Favorite Songs”
2. “Aloo Gobi”
3. “Grapes of Wrath”
4. “Numbers”
5. “Playing My Piano”
6. “Mirror Image”
7. “Screens”
8. “Bird With a Broken Wing”
9. “Dead Roses”
10. “Everything Happens For a Reason”
11. “Here Comes the Rain”
12. “La Brea Tar Pits”
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Weezer - Ok Human (2021)
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Bitrate: 320 Kbps
01. All My Favorite Songs
02. Aloo Gobi
03. Grapes of Wrath
04. Numbers
05. Playing My Piano
06. Mirror Image
07. Screens
08. Bird with a Broken Wing
09. Dead Roses
10. Everything Happens for a Reason
11. Here Comes the Rain
12. La Brea Tar Pits

Это сообщение отредактировал xxl23 - 28.01.21 в 14:24
Weezer - OK Human (2021)
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Время: 0:30:27
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 69.74 Мб

01. All My Favorite Songs (3:22)
02. Aloo Gobi (3:03)
03. Grapes Of Wrath (2:50)
04. Numbers (3:20)
05. Playing My Piano (2:36)
06. Mirror Image (1:17)
07. Screens (2:11)
08. Bird With A Broken Wing (3:51)
09. Dead Roses (2:17)
10. Everything Happens For A Reason (0:23)
11. Here Comes The Rain (2:27)
12. La Brea Tar Pits (2:50)
Weezer Drop the Ironic Facade (Almost) on ‘OK Human’

Rivers Cuomo has always been an onion of irony — layer upon layer of smirking innuendo, gentle obfuscation, smarty-pants witticism, each shielding a sensitive heart. That emotional sleight of hand is what made Weezer’s “Sweater Song” and its ham-fisted metaphor of a cardigan unraveling until Cuomo, the group’s frontman and chief songwriter, is writhing on the floor in Superman skivvies, at once funny, corny, and even a little moving, and it’s what set them apart from the trenchant gloom of grunge. It’s the quality that confused fans initially with Pinkerton and it’s what won them back repeatedly with “Island in the Sun,” “Beverly Hills,” and “Africa,” each time Weezer seemed to lose their grip on the pop-rock moment. (Their knack for freaking catchy melodies didn’t hurt either.)

So what would happen if Cuomo poured his heart out unfiltered for once? Since there’s no true antonym for irony (and Cuomo would never allow himself to drop the seventh veil), Weezer’s 14th LP, OK Human, is likely as close as he’ll get.

For the album, the title of which conspicuously winks at Radiohead’s OK Computer, Cuomo & Co. traded loud guitars for flowery string arrangements. The approach is a not-so-subtle nod at chamber-pop benchmarks like Pet Sounds and Let It Be but without the confessional diary entries of the former or the sentimentality of the latter. Instead, Cuomo tempers his natural sense of humor to the mood of the music and the world in front of him.

Since Cuomo completed the album after Covid-19 sent the planet into lockdown, the songs seem to address the times with lyrics about avoiding crowded movie theaters (“Aloo Gobi”), devouring audiobooks (“Grapes of Wrath”), despairing at his kids’ obsessions with iPads and iPhones (“Screens”), and avoiding Zoom interviews (“Playing My Piano”). As always, his smart vocal melodies (the strongest thread connecting him to Brian Wilson) deliver many of the songs from lyrical ruin like, “My umbrella makes me look just like the Morton girl,” which he sings on the upbeat “Here Comes the Rain.” His knack for hummable refrains also elevates mediocre lyrics like, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” in the outro of the record’s best song, opener “All My Favorite Songs.”

But all too often, Cuomo’s habit of describing how he feels, instead of fusing his emotions directly to the songs (as lyricist Tony Asher did with Brian Wilson), gets in the way of OK Human becoming a breakthrough. All the Beatles-esque string glissandi and two-stepping horns on “Grapes of Wrath,” a song ostensibly about making the best of isolation by binging Audible, loses its humanity under the weight of a line like, “Frodo jonesing for the ring.” Long gone are Cuomo’s days of pining for emo girls — he’s likely a pretty satisfied family man at age 50 — so it’s impossible to approximate the mid-20s longing of a Pet Sounds. Only “Numbers,” and its lyrics pledging support for people feeling bullied and inadequate, finds the right balance between sensitivity and Disney cartoon strings to feel sentimental but not schmaltzy. (The other aspect keeping the album from greatness is Pat Wilson’s drumming, which cuts through so many great string arrangements, not that it’s really his fault. Practically any percussion would crash through dozens of orchestra members.)

Then again, sentimentality has never been the point with Weezer. The band had originally intended to put out Van Weezer, their tongue-in-cheek tribute to Eighties hard rock, last year, but delayed it when the pandemic hit, prompting Cuomo to finish up OK Human instead; Van Weezer is now slated to come out in a few months. But it’s Weezer’s attempt at pathos (or bathos in Cuomo’s case) that makes OK Human feel, well, more human. If Cuomo could ever let his guard down fully, without feeling self-conscious, he probably has a great album inside of him.

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Сожги себя, пока жизнь этого не сделала...
Цитата: @Judge4Noone
Какое-то элтонджонство весь альбом dry.gif
А это плохо?

Мне лично показалось, что альбом написан под влиянием Битлов и Бич Бойз.
В целом достаточно неплохо.
Не фанат Визера, но этот альбом, что называется - зашел)
Nothing Has Changed
Цитата: @Larry15
А это плохо?

Имеет право на существование, но как по мне, оч уныло по большей части.

я просто надеюсь, что Van Weezer будет повеселее
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Сожги себя, пока жизнь этого не сделала...

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