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Treddin' on thin ice
Da 2nd phaze
Playtime is over
Tunnel vision 1-6
Grime wave
Umbrella vol.1

дальше вы не пройдёте пока не получите бумаги
Нежданный обзор от Anthony Fantano
reup on godfather
J Beatz - Spontaneous / Subwoofer

Wiley - Godfather
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01. Wiley - Birds n Bars / Bring Them All
02. Wiley - Holy Grime (feat. Devlin)
03. Wiley - Name Brand (feat. JME, Frisco & J2K)
04. Wiley - Speakerbox
05. Wiley - Back With a Banger
06. Wiley - Joe Bloggs (feat. Newham Generals & President T)
07. Wiley - Pattern Up Properly (feat. Flowdan & Jamakabi)
08. Wiley - Can't Go Wrong
09. Wiley - Bang (feat. Ghetts)
10. Wiley - U Were Always, Pt.2 (feat. Skepta & Belly)
11. Wiley - On This (feat. Chip, Ice Kid & Little D)
12. Wiley - Bait Face (feat. Scratchy)
13. Wiley - My Direction (feat. Lethal Bizzle)
14. Wiley - Like It or Not (feat. Breeze)
15. Wiley - Lucid
16. Wiley - Laptop (feat. Manga)
17. Wiley - P Money Remix (feat. P Money)

Always 320 CBR mp3s (unless stated otherwise)
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о да
"крестный отец" чистая энергия в квадрате, втыкаешь в уши и идешь на работу-учёбу-беспорядки-войну;
не зря старик так долго его мусолил thumb.gif
о да

Это сообщение отредактировал RISEEEEEEE - 12.03.17 в 17:01
thumb.gif это как дэт метал - ничего не понятно, но очень круто
Cops in latex gloves trying to search my skull
Flowdan. Original Raggamuffin ft. Wiley. 2017 (320)
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Cat No: PU001
Release date: 28 July 2017
Label: Pitched Up
Genre: GRIME / FWD
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Wiley has announced a brand new album, ‘Godfather II’, and shared the first track from the project – listen to ‘I Call The Shots’, which features JME, below.

News of the follow-up to the Bow MC’s eleventh studio album ‘Godfather’ – which was released back in January and featured the likes of Skepta, Devlin and Lethal Bizzle – has come as something of a surprise, given that Wiley had appeared to signal that ‘Godfather’ would be his final album.

However, the MC has now announced the release of ‘Godfather II’, which is due out on February 16, 2018. Accompanying the announcement today (November 3) is the release of the new track ‘I Call The Shots’, which features JME – who also appeared on the ‘Godfather’ track ‘Name Brand’.
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R.I.P. DJ Rashad
"Teklife Till Tha Nextlife"

any1 got a pdf of wileys book?
13 апреля уже хаха
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